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Forty-five Dragons (2)

At the entrance of the courtyard, Fuliu, who was only of Rank 2 strength, was entirely oblivious that Mister Long’s spiritual consciousness had already spread behind her, and was staring at her coldly and murderously.

She scoffed with merriment, “Madam, you can’t do this.

How can you eat such expensive food The sovereign is still so badly injured, what wastefulness.”

“I’m just making some mortal food,” said Mu Wanwan coldly.

Hearing Fuliu mention Mister Long, the smile on Mu Wanwan’s lips disappeared.

“Hah.” Fuliu pursed her lips and chuckled.

The disdain in her eyes was about to overflow.

She could only find some sense of presence here at Mu Wanwan’s abode.

Even though Fuliu seemed to be very powerful over here at Mu Wanwan’s quarters, the fact was that in the entire dragon manor, she was nothing at all.

When Mu Wanwan had just married the dragon, Ao Qin would come over from time to time to check on her, so she hadn’t dared to be too rude to Mu Wanwan.

After all, it would be bad if Mu Wanwan complained about her to Lord Ao Qin.

It was also like this with Bai Shuiyao last time.

But during this period, Lord Ao Qin hardly asked anything about the affairs of this place, and her sense of presence with Lord Ao Qin had weakened, causing her status in front of the other head servants to become lower and lower.

Originally, everyone looked at ability and power, but she was not strong.

After having everyone be courteous to her, then suddenly returning to being ignored and mistreated, Fuliu was very unhappy.

As she was unhappy, she didn’t want Mu Wanwan to be happy either.

Based on the rules, she was here to deliver the monthly stipend.

Fuliu’s eyes flickered.

“Madam, don’t be so cold.

I’ve come to give you your monthly stipend.

When she heard ‘monthly stipend’, Mu Wanwan’s anger quelled.

Counting the days, it was indeed time for the next monthly stipend.

She smiled at Fuliu.

“Many thanks.”

Fuliu was very pleased.

She took out a small cloth bag from her pocket that looked very heavy and reached out to hand it to Mu Wanwan.

Mu Wanwan also reached out for it.

But the next moment, Fuliu’s hand turned, and the small cloth bag fell to the ground.

As she didn’t tie the bag tightly, all the silver and copper coins inside crashed on Mu Wanwan’s feet and scattered all over the ground.

Mu Wanwan looked up at Fuliu at once and saw that her eyes were bright with laughter.

“Ah, Madam, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.”

Even Hong Ye, who didn’t want to help at first, also felt that Fuliu had gone too far when she stood watching.

She knew that Madam’s monthly stipend was one mid-grade spirit stone, three low-grade spirit stones, and some coins.

She thought Fuliu would keep some low-grade spirit stones for herself at most, and didn’t think she would go so far.

“Madam, I’ll help you pick them up.” Although she felt that Fuliu’s actions were inappropriate, Hong Ye didn’t help to speak up for Mu Wanwan, and just bent down to help her pick the coins up.

Mu Wanwan clenched her fists.

As she gazed at both the spilled coins and Fuliu’s expression, Mu Wanwan really wanted to hit Fuliu.

But she still had a dragon and a feathery chirp, so she couldn’t afford to be impulsive.

“Thank you,” she forced out.

“You can go now.”

She really wanted to beat this hateful servant up and smash the money in her face.

Unfortunately, she couldn’t.

Mister Long’s spiritual consciousness gently surrounded his wife and gently touched her cheek as if to comfort her.

His wife couldn’t do anything to Fuliu, but he could.

“But Madam, you’ve not picked up the money yet...”

Midway through her sentence, Fuliu suddenly felt dizzy, as if something was choking her throat.

The second half of her sentence, “What if you say you didn’t receive it”, was stuck in her throat, and she knelt uncontrollably on the ground.

Entirely conscious of what she was doing, under Mu Wanwan and Hong Ye’s somewhat surprised looks, she picked up all the coins that have scattered everywhere, then took out two med-grade spirit stones from her pocket and handed everything to Mu Wanwan along with the small cloth bag.

“Sister Fuliu” Hong Ye was shocked to the core.

Before she could react, she saw Fuliu, who had just handed over the spirit stones, bow to Mu Wanwan.

“All this is Madam’s monthly stipend,” the voice floated out without Fuliu’s control.

Fuliu was sick to death as she watched her own hand slap herself uncontrollably several times.

“I’ll be taking my leave.”

Hong Ye was entirely dumbfounded.

She looked at Mu Wanwan at a loss and only made a small sound to her, then hurried away with Fuliu.

Mu Wanwan looked at Fuliu stroll off with stiff limbs, then at the spirit stones in her hand, and felt rather dazed.

Why did Fuliu suddenly change Was she being controlled by some evil spell


Why would she suddenly be struck by an evil spell Was someone protecting her

Was it Mister Long

No, that can’t be.

Mister Long was still in a coma.

According to the original plot, he couldn’t do anything now.

The image of Mengmeng fiercely pecking out the plant from her neck the last time suddenly flashed in her mind.

Mu Wanwan suddenly had a realisation—could it be that Mengmeng was not an ordinary tit, but a secret boss

Could it control human movements

Her mind was a little muddled, but Mu Wanwan couldn’t keep from laughing out loud.

No matter who it was, there was no ill will towards her.


It felt really great!

Seeing Fuliu give herself a few loud slaps, the slap marks all over her face, and how the corners of her mouth were bleeding, Mu Wanwan felt very refreshed.

The author has something to say.

Mu Wanwan, “Mengmeng, thank you.

You must be the one who helped me hit her back.”

Feather ball, “Chirp chirp!”

Mister Long, “”


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