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Forty-five Dragons (1)

In the end, Mu Wanwan decided to boil more water and give Mister Long a bath.

The room was big enough to fit the wooden barrel, but getting the barrel out would be tricky.

However, it was still more convenient than carrying Mister Long to the side hall.

Mu Wanwan thought about it and looked at Mister Long’s tail.

She felt that she might not be able to carry him on her back.

Even if she could, Mister Long’s tail would most likely be dragged on the ground.

So, it would be better to bring the water in.

Now that his tail had almost grown back to its original size, it has not bled again for a long time.

Although it was a little skinnier, and the tip of the tail was also gone, there was a thin layer of soft and translucent baby scales.

Above the long dragon tail were some withered yellow scales, and his V-shaped abdominal lines could clearly be seen.

There were some lightly golden scales on his waist, which gave off a very seductive air.

Mu Wanwan was a little embarrassed, but when her gaze landed upon Mister Long’s pure white undergarments and the indescribable object that had been tugged at by the chicks, her shyness instantly disappeared.


She looked at the cute but “dirty” chicks with some distaste, then hurriedly went to the kitchen to boil hot water and prepared the things needed for the bath.

It was her first time giving the dragon a bath.

According to previous experience, Mister Long’s scales would be harder in some places...

After thinking about it, Mu Wanwan took out the brush that she bought previously and didn’t yet have a chance to use.

She was actually feeling a little nervous!

She wasn’t the only one who was nervous— a certain dragon was more nervous than she was.

Just thinking about what might happen next made him feel very ~excited ~.

He even began to think how cute Mengmeng was, to have brought the little chicks to hop around on him.

The dragon did not feel angry at all anymore!

Red-faced, he waited for a while, then sent his spiritual consciousness out.

While looking at Mengmeng get uncomfortable with the stink of chicks and admiring the little chirp’s rare sorry state, he looked forward to the intimate contact he was about to have with his wife.

Mister Long’s mood was extraordinarily good.

Although he felt very shy, this was something that had to be done between husband and wife, right She had already married him, slept in the same bed with him, and they even had a love token (the dragon horn pouch.) If she gave him a bath, it was akin to her agreeing to have () dragon cubs with him!

Mister Long’s heart fluttered.

As much as he despised himself for his shameless act of pretending to be asleep, he secretly looked forward to it.

But soon, his spiritual consciousness detected that a few people were gradually approaching the courtyard.

Mister Long calmed down immediately, and a cold sneer appeared on his lips——

In the past, when he was comatose, he could not do anything about these servants who came to pick on his wife.

Now that he was better, while he still couldn’t deal with Ao Qin and the dragon guards, it was still more than enough to deal with these lowly women who wanted to bully his wife.

There were currently still some spirit stones at home, which was enough to deal with them.

As Mister Long thought darkly about how he would make these servants who had bullied his wife suffer, Mu Wanwan, who was boiling water in the kitchen, felt her heartbeat speed up.

She carried the wooden bucket into the room and had just put down the things for washing when there was a knock on the courtyard door.

Mu Wanwan’s heart leapt, and several bad thoughts flashed through her mind.

She even wondered if Ao Qin had come to give them trouble.

She quickly took a large handkerchief and covered the spirit chicks and Mengmeng, then said in a somewhat trembling voice, “Mengmeng, be quiet.”

The knocking became a bit more impatient, interspersed with Fuliu’s voice, “Madam, it’s me.”

Mu Wanwan let out a sigh of relief.

She called out that she was coming, then very quickly kept the few pots of spiritual plants that she hadn’t had time to take in from the courtyard into her interdimensional pouch.

Even though her interdimensional pouch was of a very low grade and couldn’t store living things, there shouldn’t be any problem with putting the spiritual plants in there for a few hours.

Mu Wanwan closed the door of the room, ran to the courtyard, opened the main door, and saw Fu Liu and Hong Ye standing there.

“What are you doing, Madam What took you so long to open the door”

Fuliu frowned, her face full of displeasure.

Hong Ye stood beside her and winked at Mu Wanwan in a friendly manner.

It didn’t look like they were here to make trouble.

Mu Bending understood the theory of how when one was weaker than their circumstance, it was best to acquiesce.

“I was in the kitchen just now, sorry.”

Fuliu harrumphed.

Looking at the cheap cotton clothes Mu Wanwan was wearing with not a single decorative ornament in her black hair and the cloth shoes covering her feet, she raised an eyebrow.

“What kind of delicious food is Madam cooking Are you cooking the meat of a Grade 3 magic cow or making soup with a Grade 4 spirit pigeon”

Her tone was sarcastic, mocking Mu Wanwan’s poverty.

It was also akin to a knife that stabbed through Mister Long’s heart.

His spiritual consciousness spread out, and he could fully see the once incomparably meek and obedient servant who was always trembling before him had now transformed into someone who was dressed in clothes that were more than ten times better than his wife’s, arrogantly mocking his wife’s food.

The feeling of guilt mixed with regret was like the pain of being pricked by needles.

He was in such deep regret.

Back then, he was only intent on cultivation and never cared about these things.

He was the one who made the mistake, but she was the one who had to pay for it now.

As Mu Wanwan was not in the room, there was no need for Mister Long to pretend.

Sitting up, his slightly downcast eyes and raven-black eyelashes hid the pain in the eyes.

His thin lips were pursed, and the curse lines on his face were more sinister than usual.

“Chirp...” Mengmeng keenly felt the pressure in the room and made a little cry of unease.

The other three chicks were even more scared and had huddled into a ball.

As if being pinched around the necks, they simply could not make any sound at all.

Mister Long picked up the mid-grade spirit stone that had been placed by his pillow with his long arm and his gaze softened for a moment—

This was what she gave him; it was what she had earned for him.



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