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Chapter 24: Level 3 Land! Seven-Color Symbiotic Triangular Plum! 1

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In the next three days, Qin Lin completed the procedures related to the court. However, the other relevant departments still needed three days to review and approve the documents.

He was already fast. He had heard that it was common for some French auction houses to review and approve it for months or more than half a year.

Over the past three days, other than harvesting 116,076 yuan, with the game in his mind, along with the game coins he had earned from fishing and planting the okra in the new six slots, he had finally upgraded the level 3 slot.

Qin Lin immediately controlled his game character to go to the seed shop in Ore Town.

As the level 3 land upgraded, the level 3 seeds that could be bought also lit up.

After a rough look, there were seeds such as multi-core four-edged beans, yellow heart gourds, green-skinned kiwis, and milk strawberries…

These were all light luxury goods among vegetables and fruits in the market. The plants outside often cost hundreds of kilograms.

There was also a seed that surprised Qin Lin. There was a star in front of this seed, which was especially eye-catching.

When one paid attention to the stars symbol, there was a note that represented a mysterious treasure. It was very rare, and it was a level 3 seed randomly refreshed in the shop.

[Seed of seedless watermelon (Quality 2)]

[A seed that has been specially cultivated. The watermelon planted tastes delicious. There is no planting season restriction, and the growth cycle is extremely short.]

This seed had a Quality 2 This was the first time he saw it. The watermelons planted should all be Quality 2. Furthermore, there was no planting season restriction and the cycle was extremely short. This was awesome.

The moment he saw this seed, many thoughts surfaced in Qin Lins mind.

This thing was amazing.

Other than that, level 3 land could also plant some higher-level ornamental plants.

When he saw a seven-colored flower bud, he immediately thought of Zhao Moqings words: Triangle Plum Blossoms Sea.

Qin Lin immediately took out his phone and searched online. He realized that this multi-colored flower was a high-level seedling.

Multi-colored symbiosis was to graft the colors of the multi-colored plum tree together, allowing a flower of several colors to grow. It was very beautiful and very ornamental.

Naturally, the more colors there were, the more valuable they were.

On the Internet, after a three-colored symbiotic ornamental seedling was cultivated, each one was no less than 3,000 yuan. A five-colored symbiotic seedling could even reach 5,000 yuan.

In the game, there was seven-colored symbiosis, but it was very rare. This was because three-colored and five-colored symbiosis were easy to nurture, but seven-colored symbiosis was very difficult.

Qin Lin was planning to surprise Zhao Moqing with a triangular sea of plum blossoms. Wasnt this a coincidence

Furthermore, buying this villa was indeed a very good plan.

The ordinary triangular sea of plum blossoms could attract many people. He had seven colors and was even a game product with attribute bonuses. Was he afraid that no one would come

There was no triangular sea of plum blossoms in the vicinity of Youcheng County and Sand City.

If he could use this kind of game to create a triangular sea of plum blossoms in the villa, it would definitely be a big highlight and a selling point.

Furthermore, the temperature in the south was relatively high. The triangular plum blossom period would only start in mid-November, and it would still take two months.

When the time came, the triangular plum blossom viewing ticket would be charged 50 yuan.

With 100 people every day, there were 5,000 tickets alone.

200 people meant 10,000 yuan.

If the publicity was good, there would be even more people.

At that time, would the vegetables and fruits he planted in the game still need to be supplied

He could just find a place in the villa to build a natural fruit and vegetable supermarket. The things produced by the game were even more delicious. Wasnt he afraid that no one would buy them Why did he need to let others earn the difference

Wasnt this wonderful

After buying the villa, he naturally wanted to develop his career.

Qin Lin did as he thought and immediately clicked on the colorful ornamental triangular plum plant to buy it.

“Seven-color ornamental triangular plum blossoms (group): a special kind of seedling, after it matures, you can obtain beautiful ornamental triangular plum blossom plants. A group of seedings can randomly obtain 20-30 mature plants.

Maturity: 3 days.”

Qin Lin immediately controlled the game character to plant the group of seedlings he had bought into the Grade 3 land.

In the blink of an eye, another three days passed. Qin Lin finally completed the relevant procedures of Fuhai Villa.

When he changed its name at the Industry and Commerce Bureau and obtained a business license, health permit, and all other relevant documents, he completely heaved a sigh of relief.

From today onwards, Fuhai Villa belonged to him, but he had changed its name to Qinglin Villa.

Spring was dense and secluded. He naturally wanted to fly around and not do anything!

How poetic was that

Of course, this was nonsense. He was just combining his and Zhao Moqings name,

Over the past three days, he had earned 120,146 yuan from sending strawberries and okra to RT-Mart. His savings had reached 353,419 yuan.

After taking all kinds of procedures home, Qin Lin rode the electric scooter out of the county city and headed for Fuhai Villa.

Fuhai Villa was less than 30 minutes away from the county city. It was very close. Furthermore, it was at the intersection of Sand City, the city, and Youcheng County. There were many cars coming and going.

This position was excellent, but the previous person in charge did not know how to operate it.

It had to be known that even a lousy place like East Lake was located in a remote area. It could be done well with fishing and farming.

This place was much better and had better potential. It had been forcefully turned into a place for a few corrupt people to eat.

More importantly, they were still bragging here. They had been recorded and posted online. What era was this

Qin Lin had been to Fuhai Villa once in the past, but this time, his mentality and feeling were always different.

This was already his own industry.

When Qin Lin arrived, he parked the small electric car in the parking lot and chose to walk into the villa to observe carefully.

How big were 500 acres It was probably 47 large football fields.

Of course, he had only spent 1.2 million yuan. There was no need to think about how much these 500 acres had been developed. Most of them were wastelands.

The most important thing was the main building. Other than a decent reception hall and a few dormitories, there were only a few simple construction areas. They were all half open-air private rooms.

These private rooms were provided to tourists. There was also a kitchen and a barbecue table outside the private rooms.

Most tourists who came to this kind of villa to play didnt want to cook themselves

That kind of fun cooking was completely different from cooking at home.

Of course, the villa also had its own kitchen. There were always some people who would not cook or did not want to cook. They could order dishes for the chef.

Not far away, there was a vegetable garden in an area that tourists could pick themselves.

There was also a fish pond that could not be seen.

What made Qin Lin happy was that there were also fun settings like swings and jungle adventures behind. There was also a grass slide project.

These settings did not cost much. The gameplay was simple, but at least the guests could play.

Furthermore, there were some potted plants around these facilities. They were considered dispensable highlights.

Not far from the main building, he saw two tall trees that were dozens of meters tall. The branches had withered, and the atmosphere was heavy.

However, these two withered trees were especially surrounded by stones. There were also traces of fertilizer. They should be trying to live.

There was a sign on it: 500-year-old Ancient Ginkgo.

Was this still two ginkgo trees

It reminded him of the thousand-year-old ginkgo planted by Li Shimin. It was still an Internet-famous celebrity tree.

However, it was obvious that not all ginkgo was as lucky as that one. They had received the best care in a thousand years and were still in their prime.

These two were already about to die.

Not only was birth important, but so were trees!

Other than that, the rest of the villa was a bare wasteland, especially the reservoir. It was probably randomly circled in back then and no one had ever thought to use it.

How should he evaluate it With his vision as a tourism management major, he could only say that he had just passed in a place like Youcheng County. If he was in the vicinity of the city, he would not even have passed.

Simply put, there was nothing eye-catching that could attract customers.

Therefore, if he wanted to develop the villa, he had to come up with an attractive highlight. The triangular sea of plum blossoms had to be carried out.

As Qin Lin was thinking, a notification appeared on the game screen in his mind. It was that the level three seven-colored symbiotic flower stalk had finally formed. Calculating the time, it should take three days for a batch to form. The time was six times that of the strawberries and okra.

Qin Lin controlled the game character to harvest the colorful triangular plum plants.

[Obtained 25 stalks of seven-colored symbiotic ornamental triangular plum!]

This time, the triangles were not stored in the storage room. Instead, they were stored in a yard behind the ranch.

Then, he controlled the game character to buy a new seven-colored symbiotic flower seedling (group) and replant it.

After that, Qin Lin walked to the toilet in the hall and entered a cubicle. Then, he entered the game.

In the game, he went straight to the courtyard where the colorful triangular plum trees were stored.

As soon as he entered the courtyard, his eyes lit up.

At first glance, he saw 25 triangular plums lined up together. The seven colors intertwined, giving him a very beautiful and stunning feeling. It was a very comfortable and pleasing sight. His gaze could not help but be attracted.

This was much more beautiful than the 5,000 five-colored symbiotic triangular plum trees on the Internet.

When he controlled the game character to pick them, he easily brought these triangular plums to the courtyard. However, when he came closer, these triangular plums were actually taller than him. The roots were even wrapped in transplanted soil.

Then, he touched a triangular plum and saw the notification.

[Perpetual flower-type triangular plum plant: Quality 2]

[This is a special species of ornamental triangular plum. Its 2.5 meters tall, 2 meters tall, and 12 centimeters tall. Its very beautiful and has an extremely high ornamental value. Furthermore, its easy to transplant. It blossoms all year.]

[Game product: Gorgeous 2, Viewability 2, Attraction 2, Feeling Good 2, Entering the Mirror 2, Transplantation Life Rate 2!]

Qin Lin was surprised. No wonder it could attract people at a glance.

It actually had so many attributes.

What did it mean to have flowers all year round

The temperature in the south was special. The triangular plum blossom period was about November to June, and the triangular plum blossom period in the north was about the same.

However, there were definitely very few flowers in bloom all year.

Some ornamental triangular plums might be able to last for an entire year, but it was impossible for them to reach a scale.

The sea of flowers made from this seven-colored ornamental triangular plum plant could bloom all year round. Furthermore, the game had additional attributes.

That would be terrifying.

It was also equivalent to collecting money all year long.


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