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Chapter 19: Paying Tax for the First Time in Her Life! He Would Not Believe It Even If He Was Beaten to Death! 1

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At night.

After dinner, Qin Lin played with Wang Cai for a while. After being adopted, the dog was a little clingy and knew how to please others. It would look at them with its watery eyes and gently rub their legs with its head. Anyone would not be able to help but reach out and rub its head.

When he returned to the room, the strawberries and gumbo seedlings in the game were already a little dry and needed to be watered.

Qin Lin controlled his game character to water the strawberries and okra seedlings with a bucket and a shower. Then, he began to chat with Zhao Moqing on WeChat.

Two days passed like this.

Early in the morning, Qin Lin sent the ripe strawberries and okra to the supermarket. When he returned to the shop on the market, he had to busy himself in front of the computer.

This was because it was time for the fruit and vegetable store to report the tax.

Reporting taxes was not the same as paying taxes. Be it a company or an individual operator, they did not have to pay taxes, but they had to report it.

Reporting taxes was to report the operating situation, income expenditure, and so on to the tax bureau. If there was no income or the conditions to pay taxes, there was no need to pay taxes.

Although he had inherited the fruit shop for more than a year, paying taxes was really unfamiliar to Qin Lin.

This was because the fruit shop had some special policies. That was, if the monthly sales did not exceed 100,000 yuan, there was no need to pay value-added tax. With the local support policy, if the sales did not exceed 50,000 yuan, there was no need to pay taxes.

His familys small fruit and vegetable shop could earn less than 10,000 yuan a month after paying rent, utilities, and so on. The profit was about 25%, which was not enough to meet the tax conditions.

In other words, he had not paid a single tax to the country on his salary until now. He had still been enjoying the national medical insurance and various benefits. To a certain extent, he was a group of people who dragged the country down.

He was ashamed!

However, he did not miss out on taxes every month. It was his obligation.

In order to miss the time, the local tax stipulated that the tax would be reported for the next two days.

In the past, if they could not meet the tax conditions, some things would pass after being muddled for a while. No one cared, and that was what everyone did.

Perhaps not this time. He would definitely have to pay taxes.

Otherwise, if his savings soared from more than 4,000 yuan in a short period of time, there would be even more in the future. He would definitely be monitored by the bank. That would be troublesome.

Since he had to pay taxes, he naturally had to calculate them first and organize all the invoices during this period.

His account was really a little troublesome. An individual operator did not need to pay corporate income tax. However, once it exceeded the tax exemption and value-added tax line, he would have to pay an individual operators tax and value-added tax.

It was probably:

Net profit of no more than 30,000 yuan meant 5% tax.

30,000 yuan to 90,000 yuan was 10% 3% VAT.

90,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan was 20% 3% VAT.

Qin Lin did not know how much tax his fruit shop had to pay now.

Although he had earned more than 400,000 yuan from this transaction, taxes would definitely have to be deducted from the markets normal costs. He would not foolishly say that he had no capital.

Of course, even if he reported taxes without any capital, the staff reviewers might treat him as a simple-minded person who knew nothing. They might even patiently teach him to calculate the cost and profits of reporting taxes. Even if he wanted to pay more taxes without any capital, they would not dare to do it for him.

However, no one was so stupid as to report taxes without any capital.

Therefore, he had to tidy up the accounts so that he could declare them.

After an entire day, his neck and shoulders were sore. Qin Lin then used the software on the computer to calculate the bill.

During this period of time, coupled with todays income, he had sold 186,977 watermelons. His bookkeeping profits were 35,265 yuan. He had sold 147,753 strawberries, and his bookkeeping profits were 36,938 yuan. He had sold 135,165 okra, and his bookkeeping profits were 33,791 yuan.

In other words, although he had earned more than 400,000 yuan without any capital, after deducting the normal cost of watermelons, strawberries, and okra, the profit was 105,994 yuan.

In other words, the tax he had to pay was best. Some of the 20% individual income tax that exceeded 90,000 3% value-added tax needed to pay more than 20,000 taxes according to the corresponding formula.

This really matched the saying that the more one earned, the more one paid. It was no wonder that so many people wanted to avoid taxes.

Before this, paying so many taxes at once was really unimaginable to him.

In a place like Youcheng County, there were not many people who could earn 20,000 yuan a month, let alone pay more than 20,000 yuan in taxes.

However, when he thought of the 300,000 plus unpaid profits, he did not care about the 20,000 plus taxes.

After figuring it out, he logged into the tax system like before and began to report taxes online.

After some manipulation, he waited for the review to be accepted.

The next day.

Qin Lin got up and picked the ripe strawberries and okra as usual before planting new seeds.

When he opened the door, Wang Cais cries sounded again before it stuck its head toward him.

Qin Lin smiled and reached out to rub Wang Cais head.

The dog was already waiting for him outside his door habitually as if it was waiting for him to wake up.

After breakfast, when he left, Wang Cai delivered the dog chain to him.

After putting the dog in the shop, he went to the warehouse and sent the ripe strawberries and okra from the morning to the supermarket. After he was done, he returned to the shop and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the news of the successful tax report online. Then, he rode the small electric car to the tax bureau.

After receiving the tax, he could go to the tax bureau to collect the checks and pay taxes. He could naturally pay taxes online, but he had to bring information to apply.

It was his first time paying taxes, so he naturally had to go to the tax bureau.

What Qin Lin did not expect was that as soon as he rode the small electric car to the entrance of the tax bureau and stopped, he saw a familiar Audi stop.

Chen Hao got out of the car with his two colleagues and was stunned to see Qin Lin.

He did not expect to see Zhao Moqings husband when he returned from running errands with his colleague.

After making things awkward in front of this fellow twice, he disliked him the most.

However, Chen Hao looked at his two colleagues beside him and greeted Qin Lin with a smile. “We meet again”

The two colleagues looked at Qin Lin. One of them asked, “Chen Hao, do you know him”

Chen Hao smiled and said, “I guess so. Hes Zhao Moqings husband.”

When he said this, a strange smile appeared on Chen Haos face. This was his goal.

After knowing that he was interested in Zhao Moqing, his colleagues in the bureau had been asking him how his and Zhao Moqings progress was. He did not know how to answer.

He wanted to take this opportunity to let his colleague know that Zhao Moqing had a husband, and he was even riding an electric scooter.

In todays society, those with slightly better family conditions would pay for a car after graduation. They did not have to ride a small electric car.

Furthermore, with a wife like Zhao Moqing, she would be too embarrassed to go out on a small electric car, right

That way, everyones attention would not be on whether he had caught up to Zhao Moqing. They would only feel that Zhao Moqing was a fresh flower stuck in cow dung and had no taste.

The two colleagues beside him would quickly spread this gossip.

Hearing Chen Haos words, the two colleagues beside him clearly looked at Qin Lin strangely. Zhao Moqing was a flower in the bureau, but they did not expect her to be married. It seemed like her husband was indeed not good enough.

Qin Lin naturally recognized Chen Hao. He did not expect him to greet him. He nodded politely. “Hello.”

“Youre picking Mo Qing up again But she wont get off work so soon!” Chen Hao seemed to be reminding her, but he actually wanted to remind his colleagues that Zhao Moqings husband always picked her up in a small electric car.

“I just reported my taxes. Im here to pay them,” Qin Lin was not stupid. He could hear the faint sense of superiority in the other partys voice. He did not want to care about him and said politely before walking in.

Chen Hao and his two colleagues were stunned.

Someone said, “Today is the time for individual fruit and vegetable households to report their taxes, right Zhao Moqings husband is also an individual fruit and vegetable household To be able to reach the tax standards, it seems like his income is not bad.”

The other person said, “At least 10,000 yuan a month. Its also a high income in Youcheng County. Its possible to earn 20,000 yuan a month if your business is good. Its much better than civil servants in small county cities like ours…”

“How is that possible He still wants to ride a small electric car at 20,000 yuan a month” Chen Hao frowned. As he muttered in his heart, he looked at the old electric car.

He refused to believe it.



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