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Chapter 15: Adopting the Black Dog! Manager Chen Is Going All Out! 1

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Anxiety, uneasiness, and fear… The black dog dodged in a sorry state, its eyes filled with helplessness.

Suddenly, it discovered a familiar smell. When it saw Qin Lin return, its eyes seemed to have a hint of color.

It barked at Qin Lin and rushed toward him anxiously.

This also gave the city enforcement officers a chance. They wrapped a net around the black dogs head and pulled the rope, binding its neck tightly.

“Woof!” The black dogs eyes revealed fear as it barked at Qin Lin in panic. There was anticipation and desire in its eyes.

A city enforcement officer came forward with a cage. The few of them worked together to lock the black dog in.

The black dog continued to bark at Qin Lin. It only let out a disappointed whimper when the cage door closed. Its entire body seemed to have lost its strength as it drooped its head and lay down.

It seemed to have given up. Its eyes seemed to have lost their color, but there was a hint of anticipation in the corner of its eyes as it inadvertently stared in Qin Lins direction.

Qin Lin accurately felt its gaze. That gaze made him sigh helplessly and walk toward the city enforcement officers.

He had been used to seeing this black dog every day recently. Furthermore, it was not like he could not raise a dog now.

The black dog seemed to have noticed Qin Lins actions and suddenly stood up again. Anticipation returned to its eyes.

Qin Lin walked to the city enforcement officer in the lead. “Captain Liu, this black dog is fated with me. Can you let it go Ill adopt it.”

As he spoke, he secretly stuffed the Chinese cigarette that Manager Chen had given him into the city enforcement car.

“Its Boss Qin!” Captain Liu often came to the market to do things. He probably knew all the shop owners here.

Looking at the Chinese cigarette, he said to Qin Lin calmly, “Boss Qin, since youve said so, were not heartless. However, if you want to adopt it, you should bring it for a vaccine and a checkup. At the same time, you can get a dog certificate. Theyre very strict now, so dont make things difficult for us.”

Qin Lin nodded and promised, “Dont worry, Captain Liu. Ill bring it to get a vaccine later and get the dog certificate done as soon as possible!”

Captain Liu then nodded at the other city enforcement officers. Actually, he could also see that this dog was a little different, so he treated it as a favor.

When Qin Lin and a city enforcement officer arrived at the cage, the black dog seemed to have realized something. It whined at him and spun anxiously in the cage.

The moment the cage opened, it rushed out as quickly as possible and arrived at Qin Lins feet. It rubbed its head against his leg crazily.

Qin Lin felt the black dogs emotions and squatted down to pat its head to comfort it.

“Woof!” The black dogs barking became high and excited.

Captain Liu quickly left with his men. When Qin Lin saw that he was free, he planned to bring the black dog for a vaccine and drive away the insects. Adopting a stray dog was the prerequisite, and it had to be done.

There was a pet shop not far from the market. Qin Lin called out to the black dog, and it followed closely.

When he arrived at the pet shop, the boss was a slovenly man with a stubble. He was carefully grooming a pet dog.

This scene was a little funny.

A man who did not care much about his image had cleaned up a dog beautifully.

“We have a guest!” The man saw Qin Lin and greeted him.

Qin Lin smiled and said, “Boss, help me check this dog and clean it up. Give it a vaccine and drive away the bugs.”

When the man saw the black dog, he was immediately interested. “This is a stray dog, right”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “It has been staying here for a while. Im going to adopt it!”

The man was a little surprised. “Brother, youre very lucky. The stray dog choosing its master means that it has intelligence, and it also means that you give it a strong sense of security. It also wants a warm home. Obviously, you didnt disappoint it…”

As soon as the man spoke, he seemed to be unable to stop talking. However, his hands did not stop. He pulled the black dog in to check. Then, he took a shower, expelled insects, and shot the vaccine skillfully.

This process took more than an hour. The black dog, who had taken a shower, had completely changed. It was full of energy. Its fur was no longer gray and sticky. It had become lustrous and was quite good-looking.

The boss said in surprise, “Brother, this is a princess. It has already been sterilized. It should have been a pet in the past, but for some reason, it was abandoned.”

“The breed is a black wolfhound. Its also the smartest and most loyal dog. Treat it well. It wont let you down.”

“Its not easy for a stray dog to choose another master. When you accept it, youll be the only one in its entire world.”

“A woman will leave you and hurt you. It wont. Besides, its easy to satisfy. As long as you pour your feelings into it, it wont leave you. It wont be as difficult to fill as a woman…”

“…” Qin Lin opened his mouth. In the beginning, he still felt that the boss was talking about a dog. Later on, he felt that the boss was not only talking about a dog, but he was also a man with a story.

As the boss spoke, he sighed silently and said to Qin Lin, “200 yuan for a shower, 50 yuan for an insect repellent, 100 yuan for a vaccine, and 50 yuan for a checkup. A total of 400 yuan!”

When Qin Lin heard this price, he could not help but sigh. It was f*cking expensive.

Perhaps he understood why this boss would use so much effort to tidy up the dog so nicely. It was all money.

The boss asked, “Do you want another dog leash Its strict now. Its best to bring a dog leash with you when you go out! Also, bring two bags of dog food back.”

Qin Lin nodded and said, “Then give me another dog leash and two packets of dog food.”

The boss took out a dog chain and two packets of dog food from the counter and handed them to Qin Lin. He said, “50 yuan for the dog chains, 300 yuan for the dog food, its a total of 750 yuan.”

Qin Lin now knew why there were so many stray dogs in Youcheng County. He had spent 750 yuan just like that.

The average salary in Youcheng County was only 3,000 to 4,000 yuan. It would definitely be a lot of pressure to raise a pet. Therefore, he could not raise a dog on a whim, or it would harm others and himself.

After paying, Qin Lin picked up the dog leash and wanted to put it on for the black dog. Unexpectedly, the black dog took the initiative to lean its head in front of him and was extremely cooperative.

When the boss saw this, he sighed with emotion. “This dog is really smart. With some training, it might even become an internet celebrity. Unfortunately, it chose you as its master.”

When the black dog walked out of the pet shop, it was clearly more energetic and valiant because it knew that it had a home again.

Next, Qin Lin led the black dog to the district committee. To get a dog certificate, the district committee had to sign it and keep a record. In addition, he had to get his own ID information. Finally, he had to go to the police station to register his dog.

Since he had decided to adopt the black dog, no matter if it was for himself or the dog, he had to do it.

However, these were also very cumbersome and troublesome. In the evening, the strawberries and okra in the game were ripe again.

He could only continue with the certificate tomorrow. Then, he returned to the shop and picked the strawberries and okra in the game first. He obtained 5 catties of Quality 2 okra.

After planting the new seed, he placed the black dog in the shop and went to the warehouse to move everything out of the game.

After sending this batch to the RT-Mart, there were a total of 610 catties of strawberries and 3,110 catties of okra today.

This time, Manager Chen came down personally again.

“President Qin, are you done” Manager Chen asked with a smile. He took the initiative to take the list and sign it for him, appearing very enthusiastic.

Qin Lin naturally knew the other partys motive. He smiled and went to the back of the three-wheeler to take out a bag and handed it to Manager Chen. “Manager Chen, there are five catties of specially cultivated okra here. I spent a lot of effort to get some from another person.”

He did not take out all the 10 catties of Quality 2 gumbo. The more anxious Manager Chen was, the more he wanted to keep him in suspense.

Manager Chen took the five catties of Quality 2 gumbo with a happy expression. He pulled Qin Lin to the side and whispered, “President Qin, Ive troubled you this time. Can you put in more effort in the future As long as you can help me get some every day, Ill give it to you according to the invoice price.”

This meant that he did not want the commission anymore.

It seemed like Manager Chen had invested a lot for s*x.

Therefore, when Qin Lin left, he settled a little more and paid by invoice.

Strawberries were priced at 32 yuan, 610 catties at 19,520 yuan, okra at 6.5 yuan, and 3,110 catties at 20,215 yuan. Coupled with Manager Chens 5 catties of Quality 2 gumbo at 2,000 yuan, he earned a total of 39,735 yuan a day. His daily income was almost 40,000 yuan.

His bank balance officially exceeded 300,000 yuan, reaching 318,482 yuan.


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