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HikariRise Of The Weapons Master Chapter 30 Sweet Revenge With A Sweeter Twist

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"This should be the place." Zack muttered as he was now standing in front of an inn called the 'Hunter's boar'.

The place looked like just any ordinary inn but it became the hideout of many thieves later on.

It had tons of people ready to steal or fraud any drunk person inside the inn and it soon grew into a guild when one of the thieves from the inn got his hands on a silver guild token.

From there on, the 'guilds of thieves' rose to the top 50 guilds in the Eizenburgh kingdom.

Though their naming sense sure had been cringy, Zack had to admit that it had been better than Ash's guild of 'Pyramid Mummy' which literally had a pyramid scheme hierarchy.

The white-haired boy then moved inside the inn as complete silence fell over the place.

"Go on with your daily business folks. I am just here to have a small drink," Zack said with a grin as he sat on a stool and looked at the shocked bartender. "One coke please."

The bartender hurriedly bent down and took out a can of cola before passing it to Zack. The teenager opened the can and started drinking from it while eyeing the people in the inn.

All of them got back to their own business when they saw the number one player staring at them.

They had seen him in enough TV ads to know who he was. But what they couldn't understand was the reason for him being in such an inn when he could have literally gone to a five-star hotel.

Whispers could be heard around the entire inn but Zack paid no attention to them. He was grinning internally as he looked at Ash who was seated a few feet over with two lackeys.

Zack knew both of them from his previous life and knew how useful they could be. But now, he had to think of a way to free them.

He stood up from his seat and walked over to where Ash was sitting.

"Hey you, did you clear the challenge" Zack suddenly asked as Ash jumped a few feet from his seat.

He turned to look at the number one player staring down at him as his entire body froze over.

'What could the number one player want from me' Ash thought as he quickly bowed his head down.

"Do you want to sit here, great number player"

Zack wanted to laugh at Ash's behavior but he would have to contain his laughter until he was alone.

For now, he would have his revenge.

"Your name is Ash, right"

"Yes my lord." Ash had turned his full buttery mode on. If the number one player was looking for him, he would have definitely done something good.


"And who are these two"

"Uh... They are my allies. Say hello guys."

The two slaves said hello with small smiles and Zack figured out that they knew that they were slaves.

Though not for a long time.

"I guess that I got the wrong news then."

"What news sir"

"I heard someone telling me that you were a person who had two slaves but I guess they are just your allies. Right" Zack stared at Ash's face as he began to sweat.

The two boys on the other hand looked at Zack as though he was a messiah however they couldn't speak or tell him anything about them being slaves.

"Yes sir, people are just jealous that I have such a good business of selling ingredients that the people here use to make beer," Ash said with a charming smile while wiping the sweat off his forehead with his right hand.

Some people in the bar were watching this while barely controlling their laughter while some were wondering how Ash was able to lie continuously.

A person started filming the entire thing using an in-game camera with hopes of putting it on the forum.

The others were also watching with interested eyes as they wanted to see the result of the talk. They knew that the two boys beside Ash were indeed his slaves.

Though they couldn't blame anyone for selling this info out.

"Yes sir, I would never do such a thing." Ash quickly replied as Zack smiled.

"Then how would you explain the slave symbol visible on their right cheeks. You should have at least gotten that in a better place."

Slave symbol was something that appeared on a slave's body during the time of contract. The owner could choose the place of the spot however, once chosen, it could not be changed.

So people mostly put it in areas where no one could see then but Ash had put it in open sight.

He was trembling badly when he heard Lin Fan speaking about the slave mark. He knew that people from the light side were not allowed to have slaves and if someone found them with slaves, they would be killed on the spot.

And since it was the number one player, there was no way that Ash would survive against him. So he instead decided to take a risk and try to run away.

'Why isn't he doing anything' Ash thought with a surprised look as he had almost reached the door of the inn and Lin Fan hadn't done anything.

Zack, however, was planning something big as he grinned and used his Earthquake skill.

[ 7.3 magnitude ]

Zack had a grin on his face when he saw the magnitude of the earthquake. He summoned his shield and held it over the two boys while shouts rose in the entire inn.

People tried to exit the inn but the fallen debris and the damage dealt from the earthquake started killing all of them.

< -600 >

< -400 >

< -350 >


[ The killed people have been identified as criminals. ]

[ 500 fame in the Eizenburgh kingdom for taking care of the criminals. ]

[ Congratulations! You have freed two slaves by killing their owner. ]

[ You have gained the title: Liberator ]

Zack raised his eyebrows in surprise since he hadn't expected such a thing to happen.

But it was only a bonus since he had managed to obtain his revenge, had prevented the formation of a nefarious guild, and had gotten two very imprinting players for his and WolfHeart's guild.

All in all, it was a very sweet deal.

"Follow me, guys." Zack then said as he walked out of the ruins of the inn alongside the two boys who were still shocked by what had happened.

[ What do you think he wants from us ]

[ Whatever he wants, let's give it to him. He freed us from the control of that bastard. ]

[ He is the number one player too so it's safe to tell him about our abilities since there is a chance that he would favor us.]

[ I think you are right. Let's do that. ]

The duo talked in private using private messages and if they proved that they were worthy, they might join Zack's team thought that was somewhat too far away of a thought.

But what they didn't know was that Zack planned to have them join him from the beginning.

,m While they were thinking of that, a plan was rising in Zack's mind.

A plan to make his future guild rise to become one of the top 10 guilds in Hikari.


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