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The next moment, the colored lightning stopped violently in front of Thor.

Then the colored light faded and a figure appeared out of thin air.

As if not adapted to this particular mode of transport, the man who emerged from the colored light nearly fell over as the light faded.

“Jackson! What are you doing here!” Thor shouted with wide eyes when he saw the man suddenly appearing in front of him.

According to Thor’s thoughts, Asgard is now being invaded by the Dark Elves.

Shouldn’t Heimdall have sent Lin Rui back to Earth long ago Why is he even here

“Er… Thor! I’m here to help.” Upon hearing Thor’s cry, Lin Rui, who was a little dizzy just now, quickly responds and looks at him and replies.

Hearing Lin Rui’s words and seeing that he was still dizzy, Thor felt helpless.

“Then don’t be so dazed! Turn around and look at the situation!” Now that Lin Rui has arrived, Thor can only improvise at this critical moment.

Hearing Thor’s reminder, Lin Rui quickly turned to look behind him.

Then, he saw hundreds of Dark Elf warriors charging toward them like crazy.


“Shit!” With a low shout, Lin Rui directly pulled out his Beheading Spirit Sword.

When the earth passed through the dimensional space and entered the place where the gods hid the etheric particles, Lin Rui suffered a loss under Dark Elf because his strength was inexplicably suppressed.

Lin Rui suffered a loss at the hands of Dark Elf when he was on the forbidden ground where the Aether was hidden because his strength had been inexplicably suppressed by a lot.

Now, Lin Rui’s strength has increased, and it is not being suppressed.

So Now Lin Rui will show these Dark Elf what revenge is all about!


“Roar!” The Dark Elf warriors who burst out with more powerful strength seemed to have lost some of their senses as well and they raged with words that Thor and the others couldn’t understand and quickly rushed over.


“I never thought that we would have time to fight together side by side!” Standing beside Lin Rui with clenched fists, Thor said with a serious face.

‘I want to go back to Earth, too! But Heimdall won’t send me back!’ Hearing Thor’s words, Lin Rui thought silently in his heart.

Of course, he would not say this out loud.

“I didn’t expect it either! But are you sure you’re all right” Therefore, Lin Rui asked in a calm tone after glancing at the electric light emanating from Thor.

Although Thor is much stronger than he was before leaving earth, he is still not strong enough in Lin Rui’s opinion.

Moreover, his hammer is still being researched by SHIELD on Earth! Without a weapon, is he going to smash so many enemies with his fist!

“Humph!” Thor snorted proudly after hearing Lin Rui’s questioning.

Although he had not recovered his full power, but using his current power to protect himself is not a problem for Thor.

The current Thor is no longer the prince who used to rely on his strength to show off his power.

He is just an ordinary person, and he will stand up to protect Asgard.

“In that case…” Seeing Thor’s serious look, Lin Rui thought for a while, then stretched out his hand across his waist.


“You still lack a weapon… Pick it up!” The next moment, Lin Rui already had a heavy sledgehammer in his hand, and then he threw it toward Thor.

After exchanging the Life Heart to the system mall, Lin Rui gained a lot of Reward Points.

So, in order to let Thor play a greater role in the fight ahead, Lin Rui directly bought a weapon for him.

Moreover, this hammer also has the thunder attribute.


Catching the hammer thrown by Lin Rui, Thor waved it twice in shock.

“Although it’s not as easy to use as Mjölnir, it’s okay,” Thor said bluntly after feeling the thunder energy inside the hammer in his hand.

“Since you’re so confident, let’s see who kills more enemies!” Seeing that the Dark Elf fighters in front of him were already close at hand, Lin Rui shouted one last time and rushed out.


As soon as Lin Rui’s voice reached Thor’s ears, he turned into a blurred figure and rushed towards the Dark Elves ahead.

After surviving the ordeal, Lin Rui, whose strength has been fully recovered, just needs a fight without holding anything back to test what level his strength has reached.

The invasion of the Asgard by The Dark Elves presents Lin Rui with the opportunity to strike without fear.

“Haha! Die, you ugly bastards!!”



Lin Rui, who had already rushed into Dark Elf’s rank, let out a loud shout, then directly released a big move.

In a burst of Azura light, countless sharp sword energy shot out in all directions with Lin Rui as the center.

He has more internal energy now so Lin Rui can make more powerful skills.

Pū Pū Pū!

For a moment, before the mad Dark Elf warriors knew what was going on, rays of Azura’s sword energy had penetrated their bodies.

Then, with Lin Rui at the center, the Dark Elf warriors surrounding him began to fall down.

One move!

Lin Rui defeated nearly twenty Dark Elf warriors in one move!

Lin Rui’s first real appearance in Asgard was remembered because of his move, and everyone remembered him deeply, remembering this young, very “thin” guy.

“You really surprise me every time!” Thor, who had not yet attacked, muttered helplessly when he saw the result of Lin Rui’s attack.

“I can’t show weakness either!… Soldiers of Asgard! Charge with me!” Thinking of this, Thor raised his hammer and rushed out.

Besides Thor, the Asgardian Soldiers who had already gathered around him followed and rushed out.

As Lin Rui told him just now, it depends on who can deal with more enemies, but there is no rule that says that he cannot find helpers. 

This is Asgard.

As the Crown Prince of Asgard, it is normal for Thor to lead the team by his side.

Pū Pū Pū!

“I know that Thor would cheat! However, I wonder if the leader of the Dark Elf will come over this time” Lin Rui kept thinking about the direction of the plot as he kept swinging his sword to destroy the enemy.


“If Malekith had come then he should be inside those two crashed Spaceships now!” Lin Rui looked at the black Spaceships over the crashed gate as he muttered while killing the enemies.

“I hope Odin’s situation isn’t so bad, at the very least, he should be able to protect his wife!” Lin Rui, who got some information about Odin’s situation from Heimdall thought.


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