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God of Tricksters Chapter 30 - Immature

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Chapter 30 - Immature

"Magic Bullet."


Theo's Magic Bullet just created a hole in the toad's body. He had been hunting more than thirteen toads and leveled up two times, but none of them dropped the Poison Sac he wanted until this one.

He placed his hand on its head as a card fell from the disappearing body.

Poison Sac (F)

Giant Toad's Poison Sac.

The explanation was pretty much it from the card, but if he used his Skylink to identify it, he would be able to get detailed explanations about its usage since the people had researched it in the past.

"Finally! It's almost lunch already… To think I have hunted the toads for hours." He let out a long sigh and decided to take a breath, finding a safe spot. He had his lunch to rejuvenate himself to fight for the rest of the day.

After that, he ended up killing a few more monsters and getting a bit lucky as they dropped two skill cards.

Having no use for the current situation, Theo stored them in his bag as he had gathered four F Rank skills in his bag.

To upgrade his clone skill, he needed one more F Rank Skill, albeit it seemed to be not possible today.

It was already past 4 PM and the return journey needed an hour. To avoid getting stuck in the dark, Theo had no choice other than to go home.

But a ridiculous thought appeared in Theo's mind. "I think I can fight one more time. I've never fought two monsters at a time. Should I test it today or just wait No, I shouldn't waste too much time because I will become more hesitant in the future. I will just fight a pair of toads since I have been killing so many of them today to the point I learn their attack patterns. It should be perfect for today's last fight."

This thought came after remembering what happened to the last party he killed. He began wondering whether he had the ability to take on two toads simultaneously since he had leveled up four times today.

"Can I do this" Theo muttered in a low voice while looking at the two toads staring at each other. 'From my perspective, I should be able to do it since it's been a pretty easy fight for the whole day even though all of them came only one at a time.'

He summoned his clone after gaining a bit more confidence but hesitated for one last time when he was about to charge.

'Still, I was once in a party myself. Every single member boosted the whole party's overall strength by a large amount.' He thought for another minute before shaking that thought off.

'I can escape by sacrificing my clone, so it should be fine.' Theo nodded with a solemn expression as he rose from the ground.

He made the first move by sending his clone to the front, becoming their target.

"It's time."


The toads noticed him and turned their giant bodies, facing this person who dared to face them by himself.

Their cheeks bloated a little as they both stretched their tongues to kill him like what Theo witnessed a few hours ago.

Unlike that glasses guy, Theo stomped the ground and leaped to the left while thrusting his spear with a spin. "Pierce."

He struck the tongue instead of avoiding it because the tongue coming from the right would miss him either way.

Still, as he would expect from a tongue that could crash the soil, the moment he took it head-on, his grip almost slipped off his right hand, forcing the position of his hand to move from the center of the handle to three inches away from the blade.

At the same time, the spear's butt struck the ground, becoming his foundation for his "power".

The spear that only managed to graze it finally pierced it.

"!!!" The toad quickly retracted its tongue as if it was scared of that spear and leaped back to gain a distance. Meanwhile, the other one shot out its tongue again to prevent Theo from chasing.

'Despite people saying that monsters have lower level intelligence compared to humans, they are still intelligent enough to help their kin. This is new to me.' Theo realized that fighting a horde would surely invite such a reaction from multiple creatures at once.

Not knowing why, but the story Alea told him lingered in his head. Just thinking about her defeating fifty bats alone already made him respect her a little bit. Of course, it didn't mean he diminished the fact that her blunder almost killed him twice.

Theo took another deep breath and charged toward the other toad.

At the same time, the real Theo sneaked behind the toad. He knew that the mucus behind the toad would just deflect his sword, so he went around and struck him on his belly while the toad's focus remained in his clone.

Due to the continuous fights, he should have used Magic Bullet here to kill one, but he didn't want to rely on it too much in order to conserve mana. After all, the situation was still under his control, so he wanted to see how far he could go without the Magic Bullet.

The toad that escaped earlier watched how Theo struck his teammate and released its wounded tongue.

The tongue missed as Theo jumped up. Once it hit the ground, the toad closed its eyes for a few seconds, feeling the excruciating pain. But his teammate managed to jump back to his side, escaping imminent death.

Theo obviously had no plan to release him after his efforts. The clone marched forward as Theo summoned his Magic Bullet because his plan had failed.

This should kill one of the toads and create an opportunity for both Theo and his clone to kill the other.

To his surprise, the toad that was supposed to die due to this Magic Bullet puffed its cheek like a squirrel and spat out round purple mucus.

It directly hit his Magic Bullet, melted it in an instant and continued flying toward his direction.

Theo gasped and tried to throw himself to the side, albeit barely succeeded.

The small purple ball landed on the ground and dissolved the soil.

Theo sweatdropped. At this moment, he realized that not every plan would go according to his expectation and he should make at least one backup plan, not only at a peaceful time but also in a battle. "One failure will be my demise…I should proceed every step with this thought in mind. To think I was and am still this immature."

He also lost his focus for a second and the second toad hit his clone, obliterating him. The spear dropped to the ground with Theo, who had yet to stabilize his stance. He looked up and saw the left toad's cheek bloated again as it prepared for another attack.

"…" Theo's expression turned grim.


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