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This was troublesome!

The Spirit King took a deep breath.

He stared fixedly at the burly figure in front of him.

His previous casualness was swept away, and his eyes became extremely solemn.

He growled.

“I killed you once that day.

Today, I can kill you a second time!”

“This time, I will definitely suppress and refine your damaged body.

I want to see if you still have the ability to revive!”

It was as if he was talking to the commander from yesterday.

“Then give it a try!”

The Third Commander shouted angrily.

Countless fist shadows charged towards the Spirit King like Mount Tai.

The Spirit King also responded solemnly.

A heavy Yellow Spring of Hell suddenly appeared, wanting to suppress the Third Commander.

In an instant, an unimaginable violent fluctuation suddenly erupted in the world.

The battle between Greater Gods seemed to be about to destroy the world.

As the battle progressed, the Spirit King was actually firmly suppressed by the Third Commander.

A few large holes were blasted out in the Yellow Spring of Hell!

Behind him, in the City Lord Residence, the Seventh Commander was delighted.

“Third Brother is awesome! Even the Spirit King is not his match!”

Beside him, the Heavenly Tree was still extremely solemn.

Her gentle voice sounded.

“Macken is in danger.”

“Although it seems like he has the upper hand, in reality, its only because the Spirit King has been defending and constantly probing Mackens weaknesses.

When the Spirit King is familiar with Mackens combat style, the situation will directly turn around.”

As expected, as the Heavenly Tree finished speaking, the Spirit King, who had been defending, seemed to have suddenly grasped the loophole in the Third Commanders attack.

He suddenly drew out a Spirit Snake Soft Sword and stabbed it three inches below the Third Commanders armpit.

The Third Commander was shocked.

At this moment, he was exhausted and had yet to recover his strength.

There was no time to defend!


The Third Commanders iron-tower-like body was actually pierced through!

The next moment, the Spirit King did not show mercy after gaining the upper hand.

He took the opportunity to press forward and actually firmly suppressed the Third Commander.

The Heavenly Tree sighed.

“This is the difference in realms.”

“Even if their foundations are similar and the Legion Commanders body is even better, the Third Commanders realm is too different from the Spirit Kings.

Hes still unable to withstand it.”

He shook his head.

The Heavenly Tree knew.

At this moment, they could only hope that Chu Feng could control the will of the Great Emperor.

Otherwise, the Great Emperors City would be in danger.

At the same time, on the other side, Chu Feng once again stepped into the slightly remote study in the backyard of the City Lord Residence.

However, his mood this time was different from the previous leisurely treasure hunt.

Chu Feng had a clear goal and arrived before the Great Emperors portrait.

Beside him, the saber that looked like the Nine Dragons Saber was still hanging.

The brilliance was not obvious.

However, the feeling it gave Chu Feng was not inferior to the Great Emperors portrait at all.

It was definitely a treasure!

Otherwise, it could not have been placed side by side with his portrait by the Netherworld Emperor.

“This thing must be related to the Nine Sabers God Emperor! If theres a chance, I have to get it away!”

Chu Feng curled his lip and thought with ill intentions.

“If we help the Great Emperors City defeat the Spirit King, the Great Emperors City and the Heavenly Tree will definitely express their gratitude!”

It was not too much for him to ask for some worthless items, right

He grinned.

Chu Feng also knew that time was tight and did not dare to continue daydreaming.

He hurriedly looked at the portrait of the Great Emperor on the wall.


When he looked, Chu Feng felt as if his head had been struck by a hammer.

Instantly, blood flowed from his ears and nose.

Because of the Great Emperors Blood Essence, this painting that was originally not worth mentioning instantly became a precious treasure!

With Chu Fengs strength, he could not even look directly at it!

“Damn, Im not even allowed to look.

Then why bother drawing it!”

Chu Feng did not care about anything and started cursing.

Of course, although he was cursing, Chu Feng could only try again and again.

He couldnt possibly be unable to get through the door.

Then it was even more impossible to find the Great Emperors Blood Essence.

As Chu Feng stubbornly charged again and again, finally, he could stare at the portrait for a period of time.

Chu Feng discovered that this portrait seemed to be able to train ones willpower.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt his willpower become even more solid.

Finally, as the scene before him changed, Chu Fengs will finally seeped into the Great Emperors portrait.

All around was an empty void.

It was impossible to tell up, down, left, right.

It was as if it was boundless.

Chu Feng immediately felt overwhelmed.

“How can there be… such a large space here!”

“You want to find a trace of the Blood Essence of the Great Emperor here What a joke!”

Chu Feng felt like crying.

His willpower was limited.

Searching such a large area was no different from finding a needle in a haystack!

Where could he find it!

Not to mention, he had to save as much time as possible.

Otherwise, even if he found the Blood Essence in the end, it would probably be useless.

Once the commanders body was destroyed, even he and the Great Emperors will would not be a match for the Spirit King!

“Dont be anxious, dont be anxious.

There must be a way!”

Chu Feng took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.

Then, he suddenly remembered the Heart of Three Orifices that the Second Commander had once taught him!


The so-called three was only a general description.

It could not only be used on three tasks!

Back then, it was to complement the enhancement of the weapon.

Chu Feng had never been too concerned.

Now, it seemed to be useful!

As long as his willpower split enough, he could instantly explore a large enough area!

The efficiency would increase by more than ten or a hundred times!

He did as he said!

Chu Feng hurriedly recalled the various essentials taught by the Second Commander.

He quickly began to try.

He was fully focused.

Soon, he began to get used to it!

Not long after, he could already multitask!

Even Chu Feng could not help but admire himself… He was really an extraordinary cultivation genius!

It seemed like the Second Commander had said that it was extremely difficult to get started.

He had cultivated for several years before making some progress…

However… was it difficult Where was the difficulty

At that moment, Chu Feng only wanted to pull the Second Commander over and spat on him.

You little trash!

After secretly mocking the Second Commander, Chu Feng did not delay any longer and quickly dispersed his willpower.

Strands of willpower as thin as hair swept in all directions like a tide with Chu Feng as the center.

Controlling the power of will alone was much simpler than amplifying a weapon.

Even if he was multitasking, Chu Feng did not feel the slightest strain.

At this rate, it would not take long for him to discover something.

Sure enough, it was as Chu Feng had anticipated.

Not long after, Chu Feng suddenly raised his eyebrows.

In his senses.

His power of will seemed to have touched something.

It was like a small fiery red sun hanging in the empty space.

Chu Fengs eyes immediately lit up.

“Haha! Found it, its you!”

“The Netherworld Emperor is narcissistic!”

“This is going to be a bargain for me!”

Chu Feng was unable to contain the excitement in his heart.

That was the Blood Essence of the Great Emperor!

Although there was pitifully little of it, to Chu Feng, it was still a treasure that could rebuild him!

If not for the fact that the Netherworld Emperor was too narcissistic, how could Chu Feng have had a chance with such a treasure!

At that moment…

The corners of Chu Fengs mouth were about to reach the back of his head.

“Now, youre mine!”

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