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Yun Feng only smiled lightly with endless ridicule in her black eyes.

In front of Yao Guang, even the leader of the Ling family, Ling Tiansu, who had an abnormal understanding of the ability to control space, was nothing!

Ling Tiansu was extremely shocked.

What was that voice just then There was a smile at the corners of Yun Fengs mouth and Yao Guangs voice came again in her mind.

“Kid, let me out!”

Yun Feng immediately gave it a thought.

Yao Guang had already been taken out of the Dragon Palace by Yun Feng! Looking at Yao Guang who suddenly appeared in front of Yun Feng, Ling Tiansu was completely dumbfounded! Yao Guang still looked exhausted, but there was a kind of fierceness flashing in his gray eyes!

“This… This is…” Ling Tiansu looked at Yao Guang dumbfoundedly and his pupils shrank tightly.

Yun Feng couldnt help but feel suspicious when she saw his surprised expression.

Yao Guang floated in the air and looked at Ling Tiansu from above.

He sized him up with his gray eyes and then said in disdain, “Youre the leader of the Ling family”

Yun Feng was stunned.

The space around her had already been sealed by Ling Tiansu just then.

Apart from Ling Tiansu and Yun Feng, nobody else could see Yao Guang at all.

Hearing Yao Guangs question, Ling Tiansu immediately trembled.

To Yun Fengs surprise, Ling Tiansu knelt on one knee!

“Ling Tiansu is here to greet Lord Yao Guang!”

“Humph! You still remember my name” Yao Guang snorted weirdly.

Ling Tiansu looked extremely nervous.

He looked like a completely different person in front of Yun Feng just then! He was the high and mighty Master of the Ling family just then, and now, he was Ling Tiansu who knelt on his knees!

“Senior Yao Guang” Yun Feng looked at Yao Guang in confusion.

Was Senior Yao Guang related to the Ling family In terms of the control of the power of space, the Ling family indeed had something in common with Yao Guang.

Yao Guangs ability to control space was indeed rare, and the members of the Ling family had an abnormal ability to sense space.

It was reasonable that Yao Guang was related to the Ling family.

“Lord Yao Guang, are you being restrained by Yun Feng” Ling Tiansu was already gnashing his teeth when he said this.

He looked at Yun Feng with a gaze that wanted to kill her immediately! Yun Feng was helpless.

Restricting Yao Guang She didnt have such an ability.

“I expected the Ling family to fall to this point.” Yao Guangs disdainful words made Ling Tiansu blush.

“Why do you say that, Lord Yao Guang If you need it, Ill definitely help you get out of your misery!”

“Shut up!” Yao Guang roared furiously.

“Its not your place to save me!”

Ling Tiansu immediately fell silent and only whispered fiercely, “Yun Feng, the Ling family wont let you go!”

Yao Guang narrowed his gray eyes and his black robe trembled.

The pressure around Ling Tiansu suddenly increased.

Yun Feng only saw that Ling Tiansus face instantly turned pale and beads of sweat rolled down his face.

His cheeks moved a few times.

It seemed that he had to grit his teeth to hold on and not fall on the ground.

“If anything happens to this girl, I wont let the Ling family go! Do you hear me” Yao Guangs fierce voice came.

Ling Tiansu looked at Yao Guang in confusion.

Yao Guangs gray eyes glittered.

Yun Feng only heard a voice in her mind.

“Kid, dont think that Im being nice to you.

I just dont want to owe you a favor.”

Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth helplessly.

“Yes, whatever you say, Senior Yao Guang.”

Yao Guang grunted and glanced at Ling Tiansu again.

Ling Tiansu was obviously shocked by how protective Yao Guang was.

What was wrong with Lord Yao Guang Why was he protecting Yun Feng desperately Was she coercing him

“Ling Tiansu, did you hear that” asked Yao Guang.

Ling Tiansu tried his best to suppress the anger and confusion in his mind.

“Yes, I understand.

Ill follow Lord Yao Guangs instructions.”

“Kid, Im going back.

Once Im done resting, Ill leave.” After saying that, Yao Guang returned to the Dragon Palace in a blink.

Ling Tiansu only saw Yao Guang enter Yun Fengs body and was immediately shocked!

“Yun Feng! What did you do to Lord Yao Guang”

Yun Feng raised her brows.

“Master Ling, didnt you hear what Senior Yao Guang said”

Ling Tiansus face froze and he immediately said fiercely, “Dont think that I wont dare to touch you just because Lord Yao Guang is protecting you!”

Yun Feng sneered.

“Master Ling, I have no grudge against the Ling family.

As for the relationship between Senior Yao Guang and you, I dont know anything.

Why are you targeting me”

Ling Tiansus face twitched hard.

“I dont need to explain to you! Lord Yao Guang is a very important ancestor of the Ling family.

If hes injured at all, the Ling family will chase you to the end!”

Yun Feng chuckled.

“Then I dont have to talk nonsense with you!” Yun Feng waved her hand abruptly and her mental strength turned into a sharp sword, directly cutting through the space that Ling Tiansu sealed! The sealed space was broken through by Yun Feng and everyone outside was shocked!

Yun Feng and Ling Tiansu appeared in front of everyone again.

The three Hall Masters and Ling looked at the two of them in confusion, especially Ling Tiansu.

His expression was very complicated.

Yun Feng chuckled.

“Master Ling, do you have any other questions”

Ling Tiansus face twitched again and he gritted his teeth.


The three Hall Masters were greatly shocked when they saw this scene.

Just then, Ling Tiansu still stubbornly asked Yun Feng to hand over the ring, but now, he became a bit subdued! What exactly did these two people go through just then

“Theres really nothing I can do about the space beast,” said Yun Feng casually.

Ling Tiansus throat moved, but he didnt say anything.

The three Hall Masters immediately became suspicious again.

Ling walked forward and said, “Miss Yun, just leave the rest to the Summoning Union.

Its not a bad thing that the beast disappeared.”

Yun Feng nodded and left the room under Lings lead.

Ling Tiansu looked at Yun Fengs back for a while, as if he was extremely unwilling.

At this moment, Yun Feng turned around.

“Master Ling, do you have anything else to say”

The corners of Ling Tiansus eyes twitched a few times fiercely and a strong nasal sound came from his nose.

He immediately stepped forward and chased after Yun Feng.

Ling Tiansu followed Yun Feng and left, leaving the three Hall Masters there.

The three of them only felt doubtful when they saw Ling Tiansus behavior that was like a different person.


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