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Fear, control or love CHAPTER 7: Aiden's new school

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Aidens new school will be starting next week. It was a typical elite school with socially privileged people from rich and powerful families like the Hunts.

Monday morning, Aiden leaves for school with Dylan in his car. This was a new experience for him, and it was apparent he was very nervous. As soon as Aiden entered the Prestigious school, he knew it was not meant for him. He got out of the car and stared at the grand building and the massive pillars that formed the entrance. He examined the dark, creepy-looking hallways and the antiques displayed authentically.

Aiden and Dylan enter the hallway, and Aiden sees students are laughing and catching up all around. They all screamed of riches. Aiden immediately knew they were all out of his league. He spots a couple of guys at the end of the hallway, walking like they own the World. The guys approach Dylan, and he walks off with them, totally ignoring Aiden.

Aiden knew nobody here apart from Dylan, and he had hoped Dylan would help him on the first day of school. He was overwhelmed looking at the array of students moving about, not even sparing him a glance. That was fine with Aiden as he wanted to be invisible right now.

When Aiden realizes he would have to help himself, he roams around the long corridors looking for the admin office. He could have asked anyone the way to the office, but he was too shy, so he managed to find it after looking around for 15 minutes. He goes to the admin office and collects his schedule, and leaves the office. He checks his schedule and sees his first period was English by Mrs. Garcia.

The next few minutes are spent looking for his class. When he finally found his classroom, Mrs. Garcia was already reading from a book.

Aiden stood nervously at the door when Mrs. Garcia tsks at him disapprovingly, "The first day of school, and you are already late."

Aiden was embarrassed. Mrs. Garcia asks him to introduce himself to the class.

Aiden, who was sweating profusely, whispers, " M-My n-name is Aiden..."

He is interrupted by Mrs. Garcia " Be louder."

Aiden was taken aback by her tone and couldn muster up the courage to say anything else.

Mrs. Garcia was impatient and answered for him. " He is Aiden, and he is the new student Mr. Hunts family recently adopted." She then says to Aiden, " Go and take your seat."

Great! He had successfully managed to piss off his teacher on the first day of his school.

Aiden nods and quickly takes an empty seat at the corner beside the window. He could feel the other students staring at him and murmuring among themselves.

Mrs. Garcia continued her class, and Aiden could hardly concentrate as he was busy fidgeting in his seat, avoiding others gazes.

Once the class was over, Aiden was waiting for the other students to leave. Once everyone left, he checked his schedule and got up to go to his maths class.

Lunch was awkward, to say the least. When Aiden entered the cafeteria, he could immediately spot Dylan. His group was the highlight of the school, so they were easily noticeable. Everyone knew Dylans Dad owned the school, and his friends were mostly either from prosperous business or political families.

As Aiden didn know anyone else, he reluctantly approached Dylan, who was having his lunch.

Dylan looked at Aiden and said to his friends, " Hey, look, this is the boy I told you about. His name is Aiden."

Aiden tried to give a smile when one of Dylans friends asked, " The boy your parents adopted?"

Dylan nodded, and his friends snickered, looking at each other.

Dylans friend Shane sneered at Dylan " You said this guy would do anything you say. Why don you prove it?"

Dylan scoffed and looked at Aiden, " Go and get a coke for me."

Aiden was apprehensive of the sudden change in the joyful atmosphere. He glanced at Dylan and slowly stuttered, "I-I don have any money."

" You don need any money here. Just mention our family name, and we can get whatever we need. My dad owns this school," bragged Dylan.

Aiden nodded and hurriedly rushed towards the counter to get a coke for Dylan. Aiden was back within minutes, and Dylan looked at his friends and smirked in triumph.

Shane looked flustered, and one of Dylans friends exclaimed, " Wow, dude, where did you find this guy?"

" At the Orphanage, " said Dylan casually.

All of his friends looked surprised. They were used to being among the elite group of people, so Dylans family, who was the wealthiest among them, adopting a boy from an Orphanage was shocking.

" Are your parents dead?" one of the girls in the group asked.

Aiden didn want to discuss his personal life with strangers, but he was scared to offend Dylan, so he replied, " N-No."

" Then why were you in an Orphanage?" another asked.

This was the moment Aiden dreaded. He was clearly uncomfortable, but that didn matter to these kids at all. They cared a damn about others feelings. Aiden gazed at Dylan with a pleading look, expecting him to help him out of the situation, but Dylan just sat there unconcerned.

Having no other way out, Aiden replied reluctantly, " T-They were a-arrested."

"What for?" Dylans friends still didn stop even after seeing Aiden squirming in discomfort; rather, they were amused by it.

Aiden avoided looking at Dylans friends thinking they would stop asking him, but they insisted on hearing his reply.

"T-They got arrested for r-robbery," Aiden finally managed to say hesitantly.

They all leered at Aiden as if he was some dirt. He wished the ground to open up and swallow him whole so that he could avoid the condescending looks he was getting from all of them.

The sound of the bell ringing saved Aiden. Dylan and his friends got up from their seats and left for their classes, laughing and bickering about Aidens predicament.

Aiden was hungry when he came to lunch, but the events after that were enough to kill his hunger. So, he rushed out of the cafeteria to avoid getting late for his next class and made a mental note to avoid Dylans friends at any cost.

The rest of the day at school was uneventful, luckily for Aiden. When it was time to go home, he hurriedly ran towards the spot near the school entrance where Dylans driver had dropped him in the morning. He signed a breath of relief when he saw Dylans driver was already waiting for them.

Aiden went and stood near the car. The driver saw him but did not say anything and just casually sat on his seat.

After a few minutes, the driver spotted Dylan approaching and hastily got out of the car and opened the back door for Dylan. Dylan entered the vehicle, and Aiden followed him inside.

The driver sat in the drivers seat and drove towards Hunts mansion.

Once they reached home, both Aiden and Dylan went to their respective rooms.

Aiden was sitting in his room looking at his new books. Though the people at the school made him uncomfortable, he couldn deny the schools facilities and teaching methods were simply outstanding. Out of all the bad things that happened to him, he was still happy to have a good education.

While Aiden was busy doing his assignments, Dylan entered his room and dumped a few books on his desk.

" Complete my assignments and give it back soon," said Dylan.

Aiden stared at the books and saw they were of 7th grade, whereas Aiden was still in his 5th grade. " I-I am s-still in my 5th grade, then how will I-I complete the assignments for 7th g-grade? " Aiden managed to ask.

Dylan gave him a disapproving look. " Didn you say you were good at your studies? Follow me" saying this, Dylan got of the room.

Aiden followed Dylan to his room. Dylan went towards the bookshelves and said to Aiden, " All the books for 7th grade are here. You can refer to them and complete my assignments. If you need anything else, let me know."

Aiden nodded and collected the required books while Dylan sat in front of his computer and started playing a shooting game.

When Aiden was about to leave with the books, Dylan stopped him. " Can you see the condition of the room? Do I need to tell you every day to clean it?"

Aiden was rattled and said, " I-I am sorry. I w-will do it now."

Aiden kept the books on the table, picked up the things, and arranged them in their respective places.

While cleaning the room, he was distracted by the game Dylan was playing. Aiden had never played a computer game before. He wished he could sit with Dylan and play along with him, but it was easier said than done. After a few seconds of staring, he finished cleaning the room and left with the books to work on the assignments.

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