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A Crossroads

In the fifth city in the South, the inspection team stopped at the estate of Count Gedd.

The problem which occurred in this place, prided for being a breadbasket of the South, was rather serious.

One day, ‘black land’ suddenly appeared, and it was gradually expanding its range.

The problem is that the grass was withering in the place that had turned black.

The bread basket was also unable to escape this ‘black land,’ as a result, the Gedd estate faced the worst famine ever.

How could there be a year of famine on a land blessed by the fairy king No one could believe this, but Count Gedd’s face was miserable as he gave the news.

His face lowered in front of the emperor was noticeably boney.

The emperor tapped his shoulder as he said to him, “let’s find a way together,” but…

The situation he’d listened to was even more serious.

He said that this all happened ahead of the harvest, so the food stocked in the castle ran out.

Come to think of it, Gedd’s people were getting ready to worry about what to eat in the coming days.

As this is what had come to the largest breadbasket in the South, it was obvious that this problem would gradually spread to other regions.

If so, the Gedd’s people won’t be the only ones starving.

“Your Highness, how can you come by so early I guess the situation is worse than I thought.”

Levisia didn’t go to the dining room where dinner was served and returned to the room assigned to her.

There wasn’t enough food for the people here right now, so how about cutting back on eating for a bit

Well, this was a good excuse, and she wasn’t all that hungry.

And she didn’t think she could digest anything if she ate something.

“Even dinner will be very basic.

Count Gedd feels extremely sorry.”

Count Gedd was at a loss because he hadn’t found a solution for more than a month and had appeared poorly to the imperial family, whom he had to treat well.

But the place in the South where the situation happened to be the worst was the Gedd estate.

No matter how much of a Kraiden Levisia was, she wouldn’t scold him over that.

“Tomorrow morning, all the inspectors are going to look at the breadbaskets.”

“Oh, you should go to bed early.”

“I was going to do that.”

“Still, I think it will be better to eat even a simple dinner…”

“No, it will be really good.

Since I’m feeling bloated.”

Sheila seemed worried that Levisia had skipped dinner, but Levisia didn’t have the appetite.

She was ready to go to bed early before Sheila became more concerned.

When she was sitting watching blankly while Sheila was making the bed a random knock at the door broke the silence.

The two women looked at one another with wide eyes.

“Who is it”

“I’ll get it.”

“No, finish what you were doing.”

Levisia stopped Sheila and stood up herself.

And when she grabbed the doorknob and turned it, someone unexpected was standing there.

“Good evening, princess.”

“Prince Siaphyl”

Siaphyl smiled softly at the call of his name.

Seeing that his shiny blonde hair was soggy, he seemed to have just come out of the shower.

“What brings you here”

“Somehow I don’t feel like eating dinner.

But then I was wondering just in case you weren’t there either…”

He fiddled with the ends of his dripping hair as he flashed a bashful smile.

Levisia thought that maybe he’d come here to have a dinner chat or something.

“You don’t seem energetic these days.

If it’s okay with you, can I stay by your side tonight”

This was even more random than his unexpected visit.

And what was even more embarrassing was that he sounded like he was saying he would remain by her because he was worried.

“Huh I won’t be a nuisance.”

Tilting his head, Siaphyl looked up at her and begged for permission.


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