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Chapter 1012: What Does She WantTranslator: Lonelytree

Speaking of his wife, Gong Tianhao said confidently, “You dont have to worry about that.

My YuEr will never believe those rumors.”

Li Yuanhang nodded and said, “Thats good.

Otherwise, Im afraid that your wife will leave you after hearing these rumors.”

Gong Tianhaos face darkened.

He said coldly to Li Yuanhang, “Get lost!”

Seeing that Gong Tianhao was really going to throw a tantrum, Li Yuanhang quickly got lost.

Gong Tianhao held a pen in one hand and tapped the table with the other.

His expression was cold and stern.

He said unhurriedly, “Whether its Weng Jingjing or Li Jingjing, or Zhang Jingjing, they wont have the chance to destroy the relationship between YuEr and me.”

In the following days, Li Yuanhang waited for Weng Jingjing to visit him.

Then, he would tell her to get lost and warn her not to come again in the future.

However, after waiting for five to six days, Weng Jingjing did not come to the company again.

However, in the business world, there was a strong woman with an elegant, smart, and decisive temperament who appeared.

She was Miss Linda.

Miss Lindas resume was also quite beautiful.

She once received a double masters degree from a top university in country M.

After that, she went to country A to develop and became an executive in a very famous big company in the world.

But recently, because of personal reasons, she returned to China to work.

As soon as she entered the current company, she won the most difficult big business in the entire company.

Moreover, in just a few days, she received several big orders.

In order to reward her for her contributions and also to retain this talent, the company gave her houses and cars, and her annual salary was more than ten million.

In just a few days, she had created a legend, which made many elites in the workplace envious.

Linda became someone people worshiped.

Smart, beautiful, noble, and elegant.

What made people admire her the most was that she was smart, capable, and capable, not a pretty face.

After hearing these rumors, Li Yuanhang knitted his brows tightly, his heart full of doubts.

“This Linda… what is Weng Jingjing up to”

In just a few days, her deeds could be spread throughout the entire business and professional world.

He could not believe that no one was behind it.

Li Yuanhang could not help but show some worry on his face.

He now somewhat believed that this Linda was the real Weng Jingjing.

Weng Jingjing, who went to university back then, was a beautiful woman on the surface, but in the dark, she was a woman who refused to admit defeat and would do anything to achieve her goals.

Now that she had returned, she came straight for Gong Tianhao.

She didnt see Gong Tianhao, but not long after, news of her deeds spread.

Li Yuanhang was very sure that this woman, Weng Jingjing, definitely had a goal.

But what was her goal

It seemed that this matter had to be reported to Gong Tianhao so that he could be mentally prepared.

After all, they had seen how Weng Jingjing did things.

In order to achieve her motive, she would do anything!

“Tianhao, what do you think this womans motive is” After reporting the situation to Gong Tianhao, Li Yuanhang asked worriedly.

Gong Tianhaos expression was slightly serious.

He furrowed his brows and knocked on the table with one hand.

Then, he said coldly, “No matter what her motive is, just ignore her.

Do you think I, Gong Tianhao, am afraid of this woman”

Hearing Gong Tianhaos words, Li Yuanhang immediately relaxed and said with a smile, “Thats right.

Why should we be worried She can do whatever she wants.

It seems like I was worried for nothing!”

When Gong Tianhao heard that, he looked at him suspiciously and said, “If Im not worried, what are you worried about”

Li Yuanhang said with a laugh, “Alright, Tianhao, its fine.

Ill go and do my work too!”

As Gong Tianhaos assistant, he had more things to do than Gong Tianhao, his boss.

His boss was lazy.

After Li Yuanhang left, Gong Tianhao thought for a while and made a call.

As soon as the call was connected, he ordered, “Send someone to keep an eye on Linda!”

Although he was not afraid of causing trouble, he did not dare to underestimate a woman.

He had already suffered such a loss once.

He definitely could not suffer it again.

Just as Li Yuanhang had said, this woman, Weng Jingjing, could not be underestimated.

He did not know when she would cause him big trouble.

To be on the safe side, it was better to send someone to keep an eye on her.

If she made any movements, they would know immediately.

A few days later, there were a few more well-known companies in the business world that tried their best to poach Linda.

They all gave her very generous treatment.

However, she rejected all of them because her current company was very nice to her.

Her rejection was praised as being loyal.

The rumors about the high-ranking elite Lady Linda did not seem to have any effect on the imperial palace group, Gong Tianhao or Li Yuanhang.

Even if this Lady Linda were beautiful, capable, and capable, the imperial palace group wouldnt poach her.

Li Yuanhang frowned in his office and asked in confusion, “What is this woman trying to do by making such a big commotion”

The people Gong Tianhao sent to monitor the situation reported that other than working, this Lady Linda only spent her time gathering with her friends or going home to rest.

She didnt seem to be someone who made such a big commotion.

Gong Tianhao just asked people to keep an eye on her.

Gong Tianhao said calmly, “As long as she doesnt mess with me, no matter how big of a fuss she makes, its none of my business.”

Li Yuanhang shook his head disapprovingly and said, “No, Tianhao.

I think her motive for making such a big fuss is very likely to be you.

Its just that we cant figure out her motive for now.”

After saying this, he paused for a moment and said, “I think this woman is undoubtedly Weng Jingjing herself.” She would do anything to achieve her motive.

Just like what Li Yuanhang was worried about.

A few days later, another rumor started in the business world.

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