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Eclipse Want And Obssed Two ; 'Kiss On The Cheek'

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Consciousness disappeared when the blow hit the back of the neck, a large man lying on the cold fleet. The perpetrator took the mans body to a corner to take his work clothes. He wanted to disguise himself as an ordinary employee. He was a member of Mr. Yos group, Gabriel Anze. Gabriel walked towards the central control building and showed respect to the other workers face-to-face.

First, Gabriel had to do was act like an ordinary worker, helping the other teammates move the goods to the warehouse. Then he would reduce the sound of his footsteps and hide his presence. The flash of light suddenly dimmed, leaving darkness all over the harbor. The computer screen showing data recognition on the various passengers instantly darkened and reflected the shadows of other workers. It was Gabriels doing. He turned off the electric power which made central processing experience problems.

They took advantage of the darkness, and the officers did the introduction manually by looking at the identity card. Of course, such things had been prepared perfectly. The identity on the card can be modified easily, and Gabriel awaits the arrival of his partner.

"You did well, Gabriel."

The next day, Araldo heard from his colleague that there was a problem from the west port. The sudden power outage makes data recognition wholly hampered.

"So, do we have the task of finding the root of the problem?"

"No, I just wanted to talk about that."

"Don you have any casual-sounding chatter at all, Julian?"

Julian Kenzo, his partner, shrugged nonchalantly. "Just adjusting the situation," he said, which again received a question sentence from Araldo.

"People know about it?"

"Yes, but social media is still under control."

Araldo folded his arms behind his head, making him a pillow on the backrest. Delo hit Araldos shoulder using his wooden stick, and a scream of pain resounded, making his eyes turn to him. The sigh then ignored became a routine activity in the city division room which always heard small fights between the division head and members. More precisely, it looked like a grandfathers quarrel with his grandson.

The sound of the door creaking was heard, footsteps being the next sound. Alemana entered a dark room where the incandescent light only focused on a certain point. Alemana was silent, seeing Eilas madness with the victims who became the subject of her research in identifying other cases. She sat in an empty chair near the vessel with a rancid smell. Alemana looked around at the stack of papers neatly lying on the table.

"Eila, you

e wasting paper again."

Eila stopped her activities for a moment. She spread her arms which Alemana could clearly see because the center of light was where Eila was.

"My hands are dirty just to touch a hologram which is quite sensitive."

Alemana ignored Eila and looked bored at the rooms darkness, "I am waiting for the results soon."

Eila chuckled, hearing Alemanas cold tone. The reply that came out of her mouth stopped Alemanas steps.

"You look like our Boss, Alemana. Was it because your influence in the organization changed your personality?"

Alemana smiled broadly, "Theres nothing wrong with replacing Uncle Williams place."

Eila gasped at that before she had time to say another sentence. The door had been closed, obliterating Alemanas presence. Alemana changed her face when she saw Iva. She greeted Iva in a cheerful tone. Iva spontaneously stopped her steps waiting for Alemana to come quickly to her.

"Is there any work, Miss?"

"Thats how it is, even though Im a wife but also part of the organization."

The smiles seemed to stick completely. They even showed that curve to Theo, who bowed his head politely. Alemana felt her black mane slightly pull towards the back. She glared at Theo, standing in the same place with his right hand tucked away in his trouser pocket. Iva observed Theos behavior which brought his hand closer to his face. Iva, more precisely, saw Theo put a long mane on his lips. Theo kept a piece of Alemanas hair in his trouser pocket.

Alemana waved her hand when she parted from Iva. She had a schedule to attend lectures that day, so she obliged herself to come just to show her whereabouts.

"Has the morning schedule always been humanitys natural enemy?"

Alemana leaned her body on the car seat, leaving her feet outside with the car door open. She checked incoming messages only to find that Eila had sent her the results. Alemana thought about what to do next made her feel tired.

Alemana continued her steps toward the classroom. She didn notice someone putting a handkerchief in her black blazer pocket as she crossed the corridor. Learning begins when the class supervisor enters the room, some colleges follow the explanation, and the rest stay silent and reflect without understanding the knowledge.

Two hours passed, and Alemana immediately stepped back into the basement. When her hand tried to take the car keys in her pocket, she just realized the handkerchief. Frowning in confusion, Alemana tried to remember who, when, and where she got the square object. Alemana took out a lighter, a small flame almost hitting the end of the cloth if someones palm had not extinguished it. The heat spread, but he seemed used to what he was doing. Alemana glanced at the young man behind her, "You, huh?"

Alemana suddenly slapped the young mans cheek and then aimed her punch right at the diaphragm when she felt a rubbery object touch the surface of her skin. She showed his middle finger while showing her annoyed expression.

"Your lips are so disrespectful to touch my precious skin!"

Alemana echoing exclamation made the young man chuckle softly, "Sorry, maybe I did it on purpose?" he said in a tone that implied a lie. He was Leo.

Alemana hid her firearm behind a gesture to avoid capturing the image footage on the camera that was monitoring the state of the basement area. Alemana released the bullet without making a sound, dampening it with special equipment. The bullet hit Leos earlobe, "Seems like being yourself is so much fun, being able to go free despite doing such troublesome things."

"Oh, you remember me? Its lovely, My Dear," he said, which made a confused frown appear spontaneously.

"Just because your hair grows out doesn mean your appearance changes completely."

"You like it? My hair, does it look handsome?" he asked, which made Alemana choose to leave Leo without saying any answer for him. Leo watched Alemanas car slowly move away from his range of vision, "Actually, I have done sabotaged the camera."

Throughout Alemanas drive, one hand rubbed her faces rough skin as her brain replayed the memories between her and Leo. She repeatedly took a deep breath, venting her unrelenting annoyance. Even Alemana hit the car direction controller, her lips mumbled curses while occasionally ruffling her mane. Alemana stopped the car after being in the basement area of ​​the Phi building.

She didn get out of the car right away. Still, instead, she repeatedly wiped the entire surface of her face again with indeterminate motions resulting in slightly elongated fingernails hurting her skin. Her appearance was very messy. Alemana stopped her behavior when she heard a knock on the car window. There stood Theo, who looked at her confused, "You just got out of the psychiatric house, didn you?"

Theo gently rubbed the bridge of his nose, which was hit by the car door. Alemana opened it suddenly, so Theo got a painful stimulus because he had no time to dodge it.

"What is it?"

"You suck."

Alemana tells about Leo with an implied tone of annoyance in every beat of his voice. Alemana felt Theos breath hit the surface of her face. The distance between the two was too intimate, so Theo could kiss Alemanas soft cheek with only a tiny push. Alemana looked at him without any expression. She was waiting for Theos next sentence or reaction.

"Can I do that too?"

Alemana smirked, "Does this little brother want to enjoy the euphoria of the world? You want to do it with me?"

Alemanas hand moved mischievously, touching every curve of Theos face, sending another stimulus that increased a desire in Theo. Alemana brought her face closer, their lips almost touching before Alemana pulled herself away from their position. Alemana chuckled softly, seeing Theos annoyed face, "You really want it?"

Theo was silent while Alemana shrugged her shoulders, Alemanas index finger touching her cheek as if signaling to Theo that she had allowed it. Alemana received a soft kiss that felt different from Leos. She rubbed the young mans mane. Theo looked tenderly at the girl.

"What a cute little brother. Its a shame that your lover will be the second person."

Theo didn understand why the girl had a very low sensitivity to other peoples feelings. He brought his face close to the intersection of Alemanas neck, inhaling the scent of her body that seduced him. Alemana could feel a ticklish sensation, mainly when Theo spoke so that his breath brushed the skin of her neck. She bit her lower lip to suppress the strange sound that was about to come out.

"Hey, mimosa pudica is so sensitive. Why don you, a human being, have it? You lost to a small plant."

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