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Eclipse Want And Obssed One ; 'Comeback'

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"Spend time with them as long as possible. Even though you are in the same university, it doesn mean that there will be many opportunities to enjoy togetherness in the future. Remember, you

e still a Phi, Theo."

Alemanas index finger pointed right at Theos face, and her chin moved as if pointing at Genandra and Elios. Theo was about to reach out his hand to try to stop Alemanas steps, who now chose to leave him. The movement of his hands changed direction. Theo combed his mane while eyes watched Alemanas tiny back, slowly drifting away from his range of vision. Theo walked back to his original place. Beside him, Genandra woke up, "The girl has left?"

"She has another meeting," Theo replied, "Thank you," he continued. Genandra nodded, and he changed his position to face Theo. His friend seemed to be enveloped in a pink aura. Genandra returned to his previous position to allow Theo time to enjoy it. He is quite a support partner. Realizing that Genandra chose to keep her mouth shut and accompany Elios into dreamland, Theo leaned his back against the tree trunk. He looked at the contrail path against the blue sky.

The shadows on her pair of blinds have no reflection of my life. Wake up, Theo. You are in adulthood.

In an abandoned building, Alemana extends her hand to Hebi, one of her members. Hebi gave her a small plastic bag showing four medicines with a small patch of liquid adhering to the surrounding plastic packaging. They get it from the oral cavity, the classic repository of ending ones life as a form of loyalty.

"Do an examination of the body as a whole. If you find anything, just take it and keep it, then give it to me. Especially the medicine type. Im counting on you guys."

Alemana looked around at the other victims, "I also want members willing to swallow the bitterness of the medicine when caught in a difficult situation, but struggling to escape is a priority over surrender. Im in a dilemma. Hmm, how?"

Getting Alemanas question, they were silent, then the voices of several other colleagues answered her question, "We will try to escape. Captain will be sad if the members are reduced, right? If the situation is complicated, just face it."

"Its a stupid thought, but well try to put it at stake."

"Its been our responsibility from the start."

"After all, Captain is still a woman who will cry if her play equipment is lost or damaged."

She rotated lazily to hear the last sentence, one of the four victims who were allowed to continue his life rebelled. Alemana spontaneously aimed the trigger at him, giving him bleeding right in the stomach area. A groan of pain could be heard filling her ears, "Take him, give him some treatment before I start. He wouldn have amnesia just because of a wound to his stomach. You wouldn excuse that, would you?" said Alemana looking down on the victim, her net glare creating a change of atmosphere.

Alemana walked out of the building area, leaving everything to her members. Alemana caught her breath before boarding the elevator alone. Her forehead fused with the coldness of iron. She wasn used to this situation even though she sometimes did. Alemana walked towards the first room she was about to enter, where the research was a reasonably large laboratory with complete facilities. Alemana approached the person in charge of all activities in the laboratory, Azka Lesivoro. Alemana gave him medicine, asking Azka to examine the contents and other things.

Next, Alemana went to the top floor, William Adhlino Gavins room. On his way, Alemana took an image of the medicine and then sent an electronic message to all members of the City Division on duty. Ask them to find similar objects that are close to the same word. It took a little time. Alemana got a reply from them in the form of a file containing various data with the appropriate value. Alemana read all the data, and her brains nervous system worked hard to store the entire memory. Alemana knocked on Williams door, "Alemana."

Getting permission from a deep voice that greeted her behind the door, Alemana entered. Alemana looked around, "Where is Miss Iva?"

"Relax in our room."

Alemana cleared her throat to neutralize his voice, and her hand gently caressed the tip of her nose. Alemana started the main conversation with William. She handed him a plastic bag containing the remaining three medicines, "My members found this thing. It seems their group got it from another party. Uncle Azka gave an explanation just now I received it. He said that the ingredients in the medicines did not have a strong smell even though we sprinkled powder in them. Yes, it can be multifunctional, depending on the user. The impact of its use occurs complications in the organs and cells of the body, which sounds very dangerous. We can look at it and wait for the results from Eila. We have four enemies as casualties that we need for immediate information retrieval, and several other enemies are seriously injured in counterattack or self-destruction with the medicine."


"Their organs don appear to be perfectly shaped anymore."

Alemana sent data to William, "There are no websites that are specifically tracked, only the similarity of colors and some compositions. Likely, the main parties haven started marketing to the State freely, and their group got it when outside our territory or someone moves like a chameleon."

William read the data while listening to Alemanas explanation. His attention occasionally turned to the girl. William looked calm without any implied nervousness.

"Keep an eye on the movement of the night crowd, then find out about the neutralizer. If its a new product, they may need to make it. Even though they might not want to do that."

Alemana nodded her head understanding Williams orders. She lowered her body before turning around and walking out. Her presence vanished from behind closed doors. William loosened his shoulders. It was excruciating for a man of his age to remain upright for too long. His fingers stretched out to connect the voice call with someone.

"Just keep one," William said. Then without waiting for an answer, he decided unilaterally.

The ships engine echoed in the dark starry night sky, hands stretched out as if to touch the sky while flashing a faint smile as his brain sent commands to remember an event that made him nostalgic. He directed his full attention to the palm of his hand. He saw the memory silhouette of the movement of his hand that put sunglasses on a girl. A small chuckle came out, and a smirk was painted on. Then he chose to change his face and save his feelings before knocking on the room door.

"We will be anchored soon, Mister Yo."

Mr. Yo sighed, expelling the fog from burning tobacco. The index finger moved to drop the burn remnants on the tray, "You look happier than me, Leo."

"Just a little nostalgic feeling."

The announcement of the termination of the ship was heard. Choose public yachts instead of private ones to be chameleons among cruise officers and other passengers. As long as the objects carried by them get a safe position from the tracking of port officials or supporting systems, it will not be a problem. Having a partner who works to protect a business trip is undoubtedly an advantage. Leo pressed a button on a flat object, then simply tossed it on the road. He sent a program bug to the central controller system.

Network Disconnected.

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