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Chapter 9 Young Master Ning Xiang

Alright! Just say a few words to this group of simple-minded guys.

He now understands.

This era somehow doesn’t belong to any dynasty he is familiar with, yet the ten minor kingdoms in this world have volatile ties.

However, for the time being, the people’s customs and practices stayed consistent with the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.

The Yan Kingdom, where he was imprisoned, was the third biggest kingdom, with several clans vying for the crown.

Although the new emperor, Emperor Yan Tenghua ascended the throne not long ago, the nation still remained unstable.

He (LY) fears that if he leaves the palace at this point, there would be no such pleasant days outside.

Before being escorted into the Emperor’s chamber, he was led to the bathing pool to bathe and change into new clothes before boarding the carriage and being transported to the main hall.

Going to the Emperor’s chamber proved to be more difficult than he thought.

He didn’t want to be recognized by the many people outside.

These individuals would very certainly be as bothersome as the two that came to visit him that day.

Xiao Zipei stared at his every move all the way.

Yuzhen looked at him and teased, “Little Pei, are you afraid of me running away Don’t worry.

I won’t run for your sake.”

After weighing it a few times, he knew that there was a serious problem with this body.

Not only did it lack foundation, but the constant weariness  reminded him that this body was flawed.

It’s just wishful thinking to escape away from the palace, not to mention he doesn’t even know what to do after going out.

“Prime Minister, don’t let His Majesty hear what you just said.” In consideration of where they’re heading.

  After speaking, the carriage arrived at the main hall’s door.

Zipei got off the carriage first and was about to extend his hand to lead Liu Yuzhen out of the carriage.

Yuzhen couldn’t wait any longer and hurried down before Zipei could.

Zipei was violently slapped on the head by the wind as it flashed past his side.

“He doesn’t care what I say.

Hurry up.

Let’s go, Xiao Pei.

I’m in a hurry.”

“Prime Minister, don’t be too loud.

Crown Prince Liu’s team is nearby.

If you don’t want to cause trouble for the Liu Kingdom, please listen to Zipei .”

Yuzhen didn’t care, and urged, “Don’t be so rude.

Wouldn’t it be more suspicious if you stand there for a long time”

Yan Kingdom’s imperial metropolis was magnificent, lampshades were draped in scarlet silks, and the guards were big and mighty.

Yuzhen almost hurried forward to salute them out of habit.

Everything he saw piqued his interest.

Anything he held in his hands or displayed on the wall could attract the interest of Liu Yuzhen, who’d never seen much before.

He was only 18 years old at the time.

He died at an early age for his profession.

Previously, he was always constrained by the captain.

He kept his cool and didn’t even dare to move.

Yuzhen, seeing this magnificent palace with bright lights, obviously couldn’t bear it and was overcome with childish innocence.

Xiao Zipei saw him running around everywhere.

He was so stubborn that even if he drew him to his side time and time again, he would still turn and run every quarter of an hour.

He couldn’t help but be angry, but he couldn’t threaten him with a sword in the main hall.

Zipei felt compelled to beat him half to death.

He finally managed to bring him to the garden, yet Liu Yuzhen followed those palace maids who were carrying cakes.

On the golden serving trays, pieces of crystal clear pastries shone with seductive light.

The aroma was even more intoxicating and the maids carrying them were even more enchanting.

This made Liu Yuzhen instantly drooled and followed a palace maid behind.

If I grab a piece and eat it, Emperor Yan should not be angry! He’d be having a hard time if I starved myself to death, right

Thinking like this gave him more motivation.

Without saying a word, Liu Yuzhen stretched his hand seemingly “searching”, and instantly a piece of smooth and delicious osmanthus cake slipped into his mouth.

It immediately melted and was just simply delicious.

“Ah!” The palace maid shouted sharply, mercilessly breaking the tranquility of the garden.

Yuzhen proceeded to retrieve another sweet-scented osmanthus cake by one hand and ate it while covering the palace maid’s mouth with the other.

This reminded him of something his teammates often said to him – “Where’s your integrity Liu Yuzhen.”

Whenever he’s hungry, unless there’s a clear mission instruction, or if the food was clearly poisonous, integrity or  not, he will eat.

Usually when he nabbe a meal, the captain would definitely come and beat him up.

But there’s no such nightmare now, which is very fantastic!

“This is a cake for Young Master Ning Xiang, how can you, how can you…” The palace maid in front heard her partner’s scream and turned around, but was surprised to see the obscene Liu Yuzhen licking his fingers, turning around and leaving contentedly.

The palace maid became enraged and stamped her feet.

Young Master Ning Xiang It sounded like a woman’s name.

Liu Yuzhen unhurriedly displayed a Western gentleman’s gesture to them.

“He certainly won’t mind.

When you go back, you can say it was eaten by Emperor Yan.” When he saw Zipei rush towards him, he immediately became delighted, “Come here, Xiao Pei, can you help me solve this”

“…” Xiao Zipei was taken aback on the spot.

He looked up only to see hideous features of several palace maids, then returned his gaze to Liu Yuzhen, who was wearing a hippy grin that made him feel totally terrible.

He had no idea he was doing anything wrong.

“Forget it.

I’m Xiao Zipei, the Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Guards.

Just do what this person said.

If anyone has to be blamed, report my name.”

“Yes.” The palace maid then resignedly left the garden, and looked at Liu Yuzhen with very frightening eyes as they walked away.

Liu Yuzhen was used to sneaking other people’s food to eat, and whenever this occurred, his colleagues would “clean his butt” for him.

He didn’t expect crossing over to be any different! It’s nice to have a boy as sweet as Xiao Zipei as a sidekick.

“How far is it How large is the palace Why is the palace’s design so complicated”

“Don’t change the subject!” Zipei said in a slightly sullen voice.

“Prime Minister Liu doesn’t know it but Young Master Ning Xiang is His Majesty’s servant (pet).

Although it was not ill intentioned, after you let them go back and report those words, it’s hard to say that nothing will go wrong.

If His Majesty blamed me, I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“Little Pei, as you just stated, if Young Master Ning Xiang blames him and reports your name, Emperor Yan will also blame you, so I will just report your name,” Liu Yuzhen replied cheerfully, not matching Zipei’s troubled gaze at all.

What is a servant (pet) A person who helps Emperor Yan look after his pets

Liu Yuzhen had no desire to understand unfamiliar terms, he just felt very anxious.

“Hurry up, Xiao Pei! I can’t wait any more!”

Just as Xiao Zipei almost became enraged, he was prevented by Liu Yuzhen’s stern expression.

But he was under the impression that Liu Yuzhen was already aware that Young Master Ning Xiang was a well-liked person and Emperor Yan’s favorite pet.

Because His Majesty was searching for Princess Zhijun and confronting Yun Shuang Guo at the same time, Young Master Ning Xiang was ultimately left out in the cold.

This man wielded enormous power and influence, as well as a fiery temper.

If he listens to such words, I’m not sure if the outcome will be positive or negative.

Liu Yuzhen examined Emperor Yan’s bedroom, which was vastly different from the place in which he had been reborn.

Not to mention that the chamber was full of gold as well as emerald, with beaded drapes and jade walls.

The room was also vaguely permeated with a pleasant fragrance.

Even the palace maids looked much more beautiful than the ones back at the cold palace.

 A soft tiger-skin carpet and an unmatched soft bed.

Liu Yuzhen rushed to the **** and rolled twice regardless of the filth of his wound medicine.

If it wasn’t for Emperor Yan’s order, Xiao Zipei would definitely have struck him with a sword at this time.

Yuelan took off his robe for him, served him to bed, and then carefully wiped the sweet scented osmanthus oil on his hands.

She was very serious.

After waiting for Zipei to guard the door, she asked quietly, “Prime Minister, Yuelan is shallow.

Do you have any ideas in mind”

“Idea Hmm.

Go to bed first!” Liu Yuzhen was actually tired, and at the same time he didn’t want to answer Yuelan’s strange question.

However, when he remembered Emperor Yan, Yuzhen rolled over and thought for a while.

That person was clearly not that much older than him, yet he had such a forceful and dominant demeanor.

He can be comparable to his dreadful captain…


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