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Chapter 29 Miracle Doctor Gui Xiaoqi

Yuzhen lay inside the carriage padded with several layers of silk and satin, with his head resting on Emperor Yan’s knees.

Ice cold pervaded his body, and there was no trace of warmth yet Emperor Yan still continuously sent him internal power.

In the blink of an eye, his three years worth of attained skills and internal power was lost, however Yuzhen’s condition still did not improve.

What Lu Yuzhen saw through his misty eyes was Emperor Yan’s angry face.

He endured the pain similar to cutting his bones and grinding his marrow and couldn’t help laughing quietly.

Heavens, you weren’t worried about me before, but you were afraid that if I died like this, you would have lost your target of revenge.

The mission of a soldier was to serve the people.

As a front-line soldier, it was a predestined responsibility to die for the people and for the war.

He does not shrink or fear.

He only asked for the damn Emperor of Yan to accept his defeat and let him die happily.

What’s the point of tormenting him half dead.

Suddenly, a drop of something that is warm fell on his increasingly cold cheek.

Yuzhen woke up from the hazy tiredness, suppressed the extreme pain and slowly opened his eyes, looking for the source of the droplet.

Out of curiosity, he really wanted to see if the ruthless and brutal emperor at the center of the legend was moved to tears by him.

However, through the sparse and soft blue silk scattered on Emperor Yan’s temples, Yuzhen’s heart suddenly throbbed.

What hurts more than being stabbed and being hit was the picture of Emperor Yan with blood oozing from the corner of his mouth!

At this time, Emperor Yan had his eyes closed and his beautiful eyelashes were hanging on his fair face.

If he hadn’t felt the heat from the palm of his hand, he would have thought that Emperor Yan had already fallen asleep.

There’s no need to save me, I did it out of my own free will…

However, Yuzhen’s words could not be delivered.

He wanted to stop Emperor Yan from healing himself, but his hands were as heavy as lead.

As night fell outside the car, a cool breeze blew down the ground, rolling up the dusty and dead leaves along the road.

He didn’t know where the carriage was heading, and who could save him.

“Don’t move.

If you dare to die, this King will strip you off and hang you on the city wall of Liu Kingdom to show to the public.” The owner of the thigh suddenly spoke.

Liu Yuzhen was awakened by the sound, and raised his tired eyelids again, wanting to protest to Emperor Yan.

He really wanted to refute in two sentences, but sleepiness soon became involved in his world again.

In his sleep, Emperor Yan’s stern face like a knife gradually overlapped with the captain’s face.

Their appearances did not have any similarities, but they overlapped in one place.

That day was the first time Liu Yuzhen went to the front line to do a mission.

As the war continued, he and his teammates hid in the trenches, carrying rifles.

He remembered that he was injured at that time, lying in the pit and wailing.

“Captain, team doctor, it hurts so much! My arm is about to break, I’m bleeding!”

The captain only rolled his eyes at him, bit off the safety pin of the grenade, and threw it out.

The splashing of mud hit him all over his body.

His wound that time was as painful as it is now.

“Shut up!” Devil May Cry, the team doctor, fiercely said to him.

“If you are a **ing man, you should never cry in pain on the battlefield.”

Devil May Cry……

Gui Xiaoqi, the team doctor who turns into a different person when on the battlefield….

Yuzhen’s mind was full of images of Devil May Cry miraculously bandaging him to stop the bleeding at that time, and shooting with guns while setting his bones back.

Devil May Cry had a seemingly very gentle face, but once this dual personality team doctor entered a state of war, he would be like a bloodthirsty demon, wind or rain, with wicked ghost eyes and valiant appearance.

It seemed that in Devil May Cry’s hands, any patient was just a broken rag doll, and it can be re-operated by tinkering. 

Which god gave him this **ing skill, why didn’t he have it.

“Devil May Cry, if you’re not by my side, I think I’ll die soon.” Yuzhen lay in the trenches clutching his arms.

This was the most he said to him.

But every time, he would only say to him: “Get out of here.

Why are you always waiting for me to save you Won’t you love your own body Do you think you are a broken robot that can be repaired Please don’t run in front of me fearlessly all day long! What would you do if I died before you Die with me I don’t care about you.”


 Liu Yuzhen laughed at himself.

He really couldn’t live without Devil May Cry! However, how could it be possible to meet Devil May Cry in this era.

Whoosh whoosh— there were several sounds of fast figures flying outside the carriage.

Emperor Yan immediately opened his eyes and looked vigilantly through the thin curtains of the carriage.

Yuzhen was also infected by his sudden tension and woke up faintly.

After a long time, Emperor Yan took a deep breath and said in a very uneasy and repressed voice, “Wan Demon Sect!”

The carriage and the party suddenly stopped, followed by the sound of cold weapons unsheathed.

The solemn intention to kill made all the people in the entourage recoil and just waited for the Emperor of Yan to give the order.

At this time, there were footsteps approaching the carriage.

The man had such a strong internal force that Liu Yuzhen felt his internal organs were being squeezed, which made his wound even more painful.

The pain in the six internal organs almost made him want to die on the spot!

Obviously Emperor Yan could feel it, but he can’t loosen his grip.

Once the transmission stopped, Liu Yuzhen would surely die.

Looking at Yuzhen then outside the carriage curtain, Emperor Yan said coldly, “We have no intention of conflicting with the Demon Cult on this trip.

I wonder what the leader means”

The curtain of the carriage was suddenly lifted, and a young man in black clothes who looked very naughty poked his head in, looked around, and sighed regretfully.

 “Sure enough, he isn’t there.”

“Even the leader of the Demon Sect would be too rude! He dares to barge in when he sees this King” Emperor Yan was fierce, as he had always been.

This kind of status problem even made him forget that he had a wounded man around him.

“Yo, who is this, it turns out to be the Emperor of Great Yan.

I don’t know how much gold and silver I can get if I sell you to Emperor Yuling” This so-called demon sect leader was not angry and his banter was more like a joke than a provocation.

Liu Yuzhen had always been very accurate in looking at people.

He had never made a mistake.

Just like how he knew early on that Yuelan was keeping something from him, he also thought that Emperor Yan and this person must have known each other.

The leader looked down at Liu Yuzhen, who was sick in Emperor Yan’s arms.

“Your beauty is badly hurt.”

“What the hell are you doing” Emperor Yan was obviously angry.

If the sect leader continued to delay his time, he would really hate it so much to the point of wanting to kill him.

“Hehe, don’t be angry, it’s a blessing for you to meet me in this wilderness.” After the sect master said that, he turned his head and shouted to the empty forest outside.

“Xiaoqi! If you don’t come out there, a patient here will surely die!”

Emperor Yan was really angry, freed up a palm, mustered up his inner strength wanting to strike at him. 

“You’re the one who’s about to die!”


Liu Yuzhen was stunned for a while.

Apart from feeling that his body was gradually becoming paralyzed by the pain, he felt a glimmer of hope for survival.

It could even be said that he thought it might be an impossible miracle.

“Gui Xiaoqi! This sect master asks you again, can you come out”

Yu Zhen didn’t feel that this strange young man was noisy at all, even if his eardrums would be shattered by the sound.

He put two fingers into his mouth with difficulty, almost betting his last remaining strength on Gui Xiaoqi, the Devil May Cry he knew.

Although this bet looks ridiculous…..


After blowing this secret code whistle, Yuzhen seemed to see the god of death waving at him, and Yan Tenghua in front of him turned into a fog-like image.

He could no longer perceive what happened next.


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