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DMAF Chapter 17 – Moonlight Novels

Liu Yuzhen stared blankly at Emperor Yan’s naked body in a daze and was even about to drool. 

At that time, when they were doing it, Liu Yuzhen hardly opened his eyes to look at him because of the pain.

However now, as the clothes were peeled layer by layer, he couldn’t fathom the magnificent figure he was seeing.

Emperor Yan noticed that his eyes were filled with admiration, and his heart became increasingly delighted.

The beauty was only less than an arm’s length away yet he couldn’t hug him.

It was quite torturous for him.

He instead leaned close to Yuzhen’s ear and murmured, “Cough….Liu Yuzhen.

Continue looking at this King like that and this King will not be able to resist eating you.

Liu Yuzhen was instantly pulled back to his senses, his whole body trembled.

How could he admire such a bastard Emperor Yan was a lunatic who should be taken away to an asylum! “Go away, I was not staring at you.” Liu Yuzhen remarked. 

He turned and hurriedly followed the maids out of the room, as if fleeing for his life.

He didn’t even close the door and just ran all the way down the corridor.

Emperor Yan secretly laughed as he watched Liu Yuzhen’s disappearing figure.

Isn’t this what he’s aiming for Why was he so thrilled and excited to be seen by Liu Yuzhen He really hoped they were inside his own chamber instead.

Then Liu Yuzhen would not have been able to escape.

Outside the Anning Pavilion, Zipei was waiting by the carriage.

When he saw Liu Yuzhen run out like a ghost, he immediately stepped forward and asked, “What’s wrong!”

Liu Yuzhen shouted back, “Ah! Your injury is not healed yet, why are you here to pick me up”

“Yuelan told me about your plan Prime Minister Liu.

It would be nice if you didn’t cause any trouble.

Zipei doesn’t really need your help.” 

“Nonsense!” Liu Yuzhen forgot that he was still dressed as a palace maid, and without any scruples about his elegant image,  pointed at the wound on Zipei’s body that was covered up by fresh clothes, “Xiao Zipei, you are now my person and I will save you no matter how many times it is! Next time, if I do anything wrong, just push me out.

Anyways, I just deliberately messed with him, I can’t stand his attitude.

What’s wrong with that!” 

Xiao Zipei was speechless yet his words warmed his heart.

He shook his head and reached out his hand rubbing his eyebrows while simultaneously blocking the smile that crept on his lips.

“Prime Minister, pay attention to your image…”

“The image is now ugly.

Hurry, let’s just go back.” Liu Yuzhen was actually emboldening himself.

He would absolutely never tell others that he was drooling at Emperor Yan’s body just now, but he couldn’t control himself that time and as a result, he became shy.

When he returned to Emperor Yan’s chamber, night had already completely fallen, and the faint candlelight swayed gently.

In this huge Imperial Palace, he was the only guest.

But even so, only Yuelan, his maidservant, could get close to him, and Zipei, who was guarding outside the door.

This made him feel extremely dull.

Liu Yuzhen turned over and over again, always imagining the trauma that the body had suffered.

When even counting sheeps was ineffective and he couldn’t still fall asleep, Liu Yuzhen got out of bed.

He laid flat with his face facing the ground and suddenly started doing push-ups.

In the past, their 2203 team had to do 300 one hand push-ups together every night before nightfall.

Because he was the youngest and the weakest among them, he did 200 with both hands.

Now, only reaching thirty counts, and he was already panting for breath.

His mind became empty and immediately lay down on his side.

Xiao Zipei outside the door heard the sound and hurriedly led Yuelan, who was carrying snacks, in, thinking that the room had somehow been raided.

“Prime Minister, who hurt you!” Xiao Zipei was more agitated than usual.

Yuzhen didn’t know why he was so anxious.

Except for Emperor Yan, he really didn’t know who would hurt him.

“Xiao Pei, come and give me a hand.”

“What’s the matter Are you all right”

Liu Yuzhen was hoisted up and was dusted off from nonexistent dust.

Seeing the white porridge in Yuelan’s hand, he couldn’t help frowning, “I’m fine.

I just wanted to restore my former physical strength.

By the way, Yuelan, can I order you to secretly boil some tonic for me Also, cook meat for me.

I want to eat meat.

I will go crazy if I only drink porridge.”

“You’re finally willing to mend your body!” Yuelan was so excited, as if seeing a new world.

It seems that this Prime Minister Liu had not always been frail and sickly, but just deliberately wanted to starve himself to death.

Anyway, his body was given by his parents, and asking for death is a form of unfilial piety.

The Prime Minister should understand this!

“I won’t seek death casually, you can get something delicious, by the way, it’s better to have sweet-scented osmanthus cake! Well, go quickly… Xiao Pei, practice with me.

I’m not used to doing it alone.” 

Liu Yuzhen was being sincere with what he said.

He’d been away from his family for so long that it’d be natural if they hadn’t even heard of his death.

No matter how cruel the war was and how independent his life was, his teammates will never let him suffer alone.

Always accompanying him by his side, eating together, training together, bathing together and sleeping together.

He was just still a child who had not grown up.

He was afraid of dreaming about his dead teammates again, and he was afraid of falling into loneliness.

That island mission was something he would never want to accept a second time in his life.

Therefore, having Xiao Pei with him at this time made him very satisfied.

 Xiao Zipei cooperated very well and did training with him that he had never done before.

Push-ups with both hands had a great impact on Prime Minister Liu’s body, and Xiao Zipei, who was doing push-ups with one hand, was sweating profusely.

“Prime… Prime Minister, where did you…..where did you learn this…”

“Don’t…don’t use that..unpleasant voice…to talk to me!”

Both their faces were flushed.

They agreed that Liu Yuzhen would not stop until he shouted that he couldn’t take it anymore.

As a result, panting noises were heard inside the Emperor’s chamber that would make anyone passing by blush.

Xiao Zipei mastered the movement after 70 to 80 push ups, and it was when he was about to do the 81st count that Liu Yuzhen couldn’t hold it any longer.

Zipei helped him sit down, wiped his sweat with the corner of his sleeve, and came over with a cold face and said, “You’re not actually Prime Minister Liu, are you”

“Xioa Pei, I’m Prime Minister Liu, you should remember that.” Liu Yuzhen stared at him and said sternly.

 He wanted to make a few more jokes, but his body really couldn’t take it anymore.

He leaned to the side into Zipei’s arms and fell asleep.

Zipei hugged Liu Yuzhen.

He stroked his soft long black hair, smiled and nodded lightly.

“Well, no matter who you are, Zipei will still be willing to follow.”

Liu Yuzhen woke up the next morning.

Xiao Zipei knows that he must never let Liu Yuzhen be frightened in his sleep again.

Any approach with malicious intent could wake him up instantly.

If he had nightmares, he would let Yuelan bring out Zui’an incense, which was originally a tribute from the Yuling Kingdom.

This incense was a kind of ***, but it was also quite effective for insomnia and dreaminess.

This was usually used to train new recruits to kill for the first time. 

Prime Minister Liu stopped talking in his sleep and he appeared to have stopped having nightmares.

Not like the last time when he got hurt.

He was always mumbling and had even awoken himself up from a nightmare.

For three consecutive days, Emperor Yan did not return, and the border was still in a state of emergency.

It was said that Emperor Yan stayed in the Anning Pavilion all this time.

Liu Yuzhen was overeating every day while also working out vigorously.

At the moment, with this weak body alone, he can now gradually do 100 push-ups, a handstand walk, 100-meter speed running, horizontal bars and parallel bars, and various exercises that can rebuild physical fitness.

Of course, this will not compensate for the ten years of lost time.

There is a big difference between training since childhood and retraining after adulthood.

“Prime Minister.

Yuelan brought you a present.” Yuelan walked through the jujube forest and came to the small lawn where he trained, holding a snow-white rabbit in her arms.

“Rabbit What are you doing with a rabbit Is it for me Ah! Do you want to add it for dinner” Liu Yuzhen asked in confusion.

Yuelan’s pretty face froze.

“Prime Minister, stop joking, this is Bao’er.”

Liu Yuzhen was stunned and asked incredulously, “BoA…that Korean singer”

(t/n pronunciation of bao (treasure) and boa (BoA) is the same in chinese)

Yuelan looked pale, seeing Liu Yuzhen’s urge to eat Bao’er, she couldn’t help but take a step back.

“Although I don’t know who sent it into the palace, this was the Prime Minister’s favorite pet when you were still in Liu Kingdom.

You gave it the name Bao’er.”

“Oh, so it was like that.” Liu Yuzhen sighed.  In his past life, he did not have any pets.

In addition to just being eaten in a meal, such animals often brought various germs to try and break into their defenses.

That’s why he doesn’t like rabbits either.

But in ancient times, no one should inject bacteria into such a cute creature, right

Liu Yuzhen took the rabbit and suddenly heard some noise in the main hall.

He didn’t know what occurred, so he hugged the rabbit and went over to watch.

“Prime Minister, please remember not to make trouble.” Yuelan warned until Liu Yuzhen agreed.

After he left, she then pulled out a snow-white silk scarf, which was densely inscribed with small characters.


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