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Becoming The Business Magnates Spoiled Wife Chapter 29 - Knock Out Ling Chi

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Chapter 29: Knock Out Ling Chi

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The car ride from the cafe to the hotel was very slow..

Juttman adjusted the angle of his rearview mirror to look at Qu Xiao who was curled up in the back seat and hummed a song proudly.

Qu Xiao avoided his gaze. In Juttmans blind spot, she took out a wet handkerchief covered with medicinal liquid that was hidden in her palm. Her eyes were clear and she coldly stared at the back of the drivers seat. She quietly contacted one of the companys bodyguards and shared her location with him in real time.

The car drove into an underground parking lot. Juttman leisurely took out his phone, lit a cigarette, and dialed a number.

Qu Xiao closed her eyes tightly and pretended to be unconscious, eavesdropping on the conversation between him and his employer.

Juttman blabbed, “Mr. Ling Chi, I have completed what you ordered me to do. When will I receive the rest of my payment Dont worry, I saw Qu Xiao drink the aphrodisiac with my own eyes. The drug is very potent.”

“She wont wake up for at least four to five hours. Ill take a few erotic photos and send them to you as promised, but...”

Just as Juttman was about to discuss his pay with Ling Chi, the signal in the parking lot suddenly deteriorated, and their call was temporarily cut off.

Qu Xiao looked at the contact name on Juttmans phone screen and shook her head with a sneer. It was indeed Ling Chi who was behind this!

Dong Dong Dong—

A man with a buzz cut knocked on the car window. Juttman turned his head in shock. “Who is it”

“Im a novice driver. Could I trouble you to help me back up my car This is to thank you for your kindness.”

The man with a buzz cut handed over two banknotes. Juttman turned his head to glance at Qu Xiao, who was sleeping quietly. He took the banknotes with half a cigarette in his mouth, pushed the door open and got out of the car. Looking around, he asked, “Where is the car”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man with the buzz cut suddenly elbowed his neck artery. Juttmans vision went black and he passed out.

Qu Xiao rubbed her sore and numb arm. She raised her leg to kick Juttman, who was lying on the ground, and thanked the bodyguard with a gentle smile.

The bodyguard shook his head and guarded Qu Xiao vigilantly. He was surprised at Qu Xiaos calmness and rationality when she was in danger. He even admired her handling of the situation and methods.

When the bodyguard had just received her message, he did not expect the situation to be so serious. However, at this moment, he felt worried for her.

Qu Xiao opened the passengers door and bent down to take Juttmans phone. She picked up his soft fingers and unlocked it.

She found the messages exchanged between Ling Chi and Juttman. Her fingertips tapped lightly on a line of text, “Give me another 100,000 yuan in cash. You must personally send it to the hotel. Otherwise, I will expose the fact that you hired me. Qu Xiao and Shang Yan will not let you off!”

Two seconds later, Ling Chi replied, “Do you want to die How dare you threaten me!”

Even through the screen, Qu Xiao could visualize Ling Chis irascible and brainless appearance. She leaned against the car door and continued to send messages, “Ill give you half an hour. Otherwise, youll see yourself in the media very soon! Ling Chi, give me 100,000 in cash. Wouldnt it be better if you took sexy photos of Qu Xiao yourself”

After two minutes of silence, Ling Chi sent a few words. “Address, room number.”

Qu Xiao curled her red lips and proudly threw the phone into the car. She looked at Juttman on the ground and said, “Send him to the police station.”

“Be gentle later. After all, hes the young master of the Ling family...”

The corners of the bodyguards mouth twitched as he silently nodded and followed behind Qu Xiao. He had always felt that Qu Xiao was a little scary.

In the hotel corridor, Ling Chi came over wearing a cap and a mask. He lowered his head to look at the room number and frowned as he lightly knocked on the door. He looked around and softly shouted, “Juttman”

The room was very quiet and there was no response.

Ling Chi tried to push open the door, and saw Qu Xiao lying on the bed.

He narrowed his eyes and slowly approached her. “Whos going to protect you now”

He raised his hand and wanted to tear off Qu Xiaos clothes. He took out his phone and wanted to take sexy photos and send it to Shang Yan.

Ling Chi imagined Shang Yans furious expression and could not help but feel excited.

The next second, Qu Xiao opened her eyes faintly. She waved her fingers and greeted Ling Chi, “CEO Ling, long time no see.”

Ling Chi was so shocked that he took two steps back. He said intermittently, “What, what happened”

The bodyguard who was hiding at the wardrobe door quickly ran over and gave Ling Chi a hard blow on the back of his head. He fell to the ground while howling in pain. When the bodyguard saw that Ling Chi was still conscious, he raised his leg and gave him two heavy kicks in the chest, he only stopped when he saw that Ling Chi had completely fainted.

Qu Xiao frowned and picked up the rucksack filled with cash and threw it to the bodyguard. “You hit him a little too hard.”

The bodyguard was stunned and wanted to explain himself, but Qu Xiao gave him a thumbs up and praised him. “But, well done!”


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