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Chapter 23: The Art of Negotiation

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Qu Xiao played with her fingers and smiled innocently.

“Although Ling Chi has caused a serious negative impact on my life and feelings, there is still room for negotiation since you came to me personally. As long as you promise me something very easy, I can go to the police station to withdraw the lawsuit.”

Mr. Ling felt that something was wrong, but he still let her continue. He was prepared to compensate her with a huge sum of money.

Qu Xiao fiddled with her phone and turned on the recording mode. She aimed the microphone at Mr. Ling and leaned forward to stare at him.

Shang Yan focused on the document on the computer screen, the outline of his face chiseled and well-defined. He had not even looked at the Ling family since they entered the villa.

The butler stood beside him, but he found that the mouse was still on the title page of the report. It had not moved for a long time.

This was enough to show that Shang Yan was not working.

Qu Xiao folded her hands and placed them on her knees. She was mimicking Shang Yan and assumed a negotiating stance.

She tilted her head as she recalled the main plot in the novel. She said slowly, “I remember that some time ago, the Ling family stole two important projects from the Shang Group. There was a piece of land in the suburbs that the Shang Group was bidding for. You used illegal channels to obtain the Shang Groups offer and maliciously bid for the land, right”

“If you return the project and withdraw from the competition for land, I will consider anything you want.”

Qu Xiao looked at Mr. Ling lightly and said in a firm and domineering manner, “Otherwise, there wont be any deal!”

Mr. Ling was so angry that his fat belly was shaking. He really did not expect Qu Xiao to propose the companys project as compensation.

He shifted his gaze to Shang Yan, who had remained silent the entire time. He could not help but wonder if he was behind this.

Otherwise, with Qu Xiaos personality and intelligence, why would she think of such a tricky condition

Mr. Ling clenched his fists. He was struggling and could not make a decision immediately.

Qu Xiao did not rush him. She merely sipped her lemon tea and casually mentioned, “The reporters called me yesterday. If I give them all the evidence about Ling Chi deceiving married woman and interfering in someone elses marriage, and expose the evidence of the Ling familys tax evasion and violations, Im afraid your companys share price will drop drastically.”

“You should know that the media likes to exaggerate, and the public likes to see capitalists go bankrupt and fall.”

“Using two projects and a piece of land in exchange for the Ling familys stability would be a good choice. You must be a wise man, right”

Now there was no chance of negotiating. She seemed to be giving him two choices but in reality, he could only compromise.

In the eyes of the higher-ups, there was nothing wrong with what Ling Chi had done. However, if anything was exposed, the Ling family would be buried with him.

Mr. Lings eyes were filled with resentment, but he did not dare to show it. He gritted his teeth and nodded. “Okay, I promise you!”

Qu Xiao clapped her hands in satisfaction and pressed the pause button on the recording before waving it in front of Mr. Ling.

She looked at Mr. Lings livid expression and said with a smile, “Mr. Ling, please dont change your mind.”

“I have audio evidence. Tomorrow, the legal department of the Shang Group will come to your company to sign a specific contract with you to confirm the details. Then, after the project is handed over and youve withdrawn from the bidding, I will immediately go to the police station to withdraw the lawsuit!”

“However, try and do it as fast as possible. If youre late by one day, Ling Chi will stay at the police station for one more day.”

Qu Xiao pretended to be sympathetic and frowned. “Thats not a good place. Im afraid Ling Chi wont be able to take it!”

Mr. Ling was so angry that his heart was about to stop. He stood up with the help of his relatives and pointed at Qu Xiao while trembling. “Fine, you won!”

Qu Xiao waved her hand and leaned against the door with her arms crossed. She pointed outside and said, “Goodbye!”

When the bodyguards heard this, they urged the Ling family to leave.

Seeing them leave while cursing, Qu Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. She rubbed her sore cheeks and ran to Shang Yans side. She used her hand to block the computer screen that he had not touched for a long time and smiled at him.

Shang Yan looked into her bright eyes and turned his wheelchair around to face her.

Qu Xiao supported herself on the table with her elbow as her soft hair fell down. She smiled and asked, “Did I do well I got your project back!”

“Shouldnt you give me credit for this”

Qu Xiao raised her brows to indicate Shang Yan. She was making tens of millions for the Shang Group!

Shang Yan must be very proud of her.


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