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Chapter 19: Falling Out at the Police Station

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In the evening, the cold wind whistled outside the window.

Qu Xiaos eyes and nose turned red as she felt wronged and sad.

She pushed the wheelchair and glared at the bodyguards who wanted to stop her. “Get out of the way!”

Out of the corner of his eye, Shang Yan saw Qu Xiaos body trembling slightly. After a moment of hesitation, he nodded and signaled for the bodyguards to move aside.

The butler got Shang Yan and his wheelchair into the car. Qu Xiao sat beside him and slammed the car door shut. She gave the address of the police station and turned her head to look out the window.

The atmosphere in the car was extremely oppressive and suffocating.

Shang Yans thin lips were pursed into a straight line as he sat in the back seat. Qu Xiao wanted to explain, but she forced herself to swallow the words that were on the tip of her tongue a few times.

Qu Xiao felt stifled. She rolled down the car window a bit, breathing heavily.

In the darkness of the night, the Mercedes-benz sped at high speed and soon arrived at the police station in the eastside.

When the police officers on duty saw Shang Yan, they hurriedly ran out to welcome him. They were fawning over him, while trying to figure out why he was here.

The deputy director had been bribed by Ling Chi. He looked at them probingly and said, “Mr. Ling is to be released in two days. Do you want us to release him ahead of time”

Qu Xiao glanced at him coldly and said on behalf of Shang Yan, “Get your director here and prepare a separate meeting room for us.”

“Bring Ling Chi out. We need to talk to him...”

Qu Xiaos attitude surprised Shang Yan. He nodded in acquiescence. The deputy director was a little hesitant, but he quickly did as he was told.

The police officer went to the detention room to call Ling Chi.

He stood up with a smug look on his face and patted the dust off his body. He kicked the iron door with an arrogant expression and raised the handcuffs, signaling the staff to untie him.

The staff looked at him with some bafflement. “What are you thinking about Someone wants to see you!”

Ling Chi stopped dead. He furrowed his brows and followed the staff to the meeting room.

Qu Xiao and Shang Yan kept their distance as they sat. When Ling Chi saw them, he was even more shocked and unsure of the situation.

The director at the police station rushed back when he received the call. The moment he opened the door, he felt something unusual. He was going to leave temporarily to give them some space, but Qu Xiao stopped him, “Director, I need you to be my witness on the spot.”

When Qu Xiao finished speaking, Shang Yan and Ling Chi both raised their heads to look at her.

“In the past two years, Ling Chi harassed me through phone calls, text messages, and meetings. Even after I politely refused, he still wanted to destroy my family. He also used his power and money to bribe prison guards while he was in detention, causing a serious impact on my life through various means.”

“Moreover, Ling Chi tricked me into stealing confidential information, project proposal, tender documents from the Shang Group...”

“I have the relevant chat records, voice recordings, and other evidence in my hands. I want to report this to the police. I hope that the director can withstand the pressure and accept the case. Please give me and my husband a safe living space. Please severely punish Ling Chi and make him pay for his crimes!”

“As long as the director is willing to accept the case, I can testify at any time!”

Qu Xiao said without a single pause. Ling Chis eyes were red as he flipped the table over. “B*tch! Are you crazy”

Shang Yan blocked in front of Qu Xiao with lightning speed. Ling Chis handcuffs landed heavily on his shoulder.

The prison guards outside the house heard the noise and quickly rushed in to control Ling Chi who went crazy.

The situation became out of control and the director felt a headache coming on.

Of course, he understood that the Ling family and the Shang family were someone he could not afford to offend.

However, Qu Xiaos words in the police station were corroborated by a video. The director could only bring her to the room next door to make a statement.

Shang Yan sat in the corridor with a faint pain in his shoulder.

He stared at the tiles on the floor and recalled Qu Xiaos firm tone. He frowned and pondered.

Qu Xiaos actions meant she had fallen out with Ling Chi. It was not like what her father said. It seemed she had no feelings for him.

Could it be that he had misunderstood

The door opened and Qu Xiao pushed Shang Yan out of the police station with a calm expression.

Silence and awkwardness filled the car.

Qu Xiao closed her eyes and leaned against the back of the chair. She bit hard on her red lips. The more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she became.

Shang Yan wanted to break the silence and say a few words to her.

But in the next second, Qu Xiao pounced on him. She bit on Shang Yans shoulder through his shirt and raised her fists to hammer his chest. That happened to be where Shang Yan was injured. He furrowed his brows and endured the pain, not making a sound.

Shang Yan held her wrist and wanted to pull her away, but he thought better of it. He just let her vent her anger instead.

Qu Xiao wiped away her tears with the back of her hand. She heold Shang Yans arm weakly and leaned her head on his shoulder. With a said tone, she sobbed, “Why dont you trust me”


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