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Becoming The Business Magnates Spoiled Wife Chapter 10 - Additional Report

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Chapter 10: Additional Report

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Why did Qu Xiao seem like a different person!

Jiang Xueer was so shocked that she could not control her emotions. However, when she thought about how Ling Chi was still suffering in the detention center, she could only swallow her pride and beg Qu Xiao.

Qu Xiaos patience was reaching its limit when she heard Jiang Xueers sharp voice.


A soft sound suddenly came from the entrance, attracting their attention.

Shang Yan steered the wheelchair into the house and looked at them calmly.

Qu Xiao noticed that his shoulders were wet from the rain, so she grabbed the towel and wanted to help him clean them.

Shang Yans dark eyes flashed with disappointment. He signaled for the butler to take the item and not let her get close.

D*mn it!

The plot lines of the novel surfaced in Qu Xiaos mind as she suddenly recalled how Jiang Xueer had tried to sabotage her relationship with Shang Yan time and again.

Shang Yan hated to see her with Jiang Xueer. Every time it happened, their relationship would soon take a turn for the worse!

Qu Xiao felt a headache and pressed between her eyebrows with her fingertips as she thought about how she could regain Shang Yans trust.

Jiang Xueer quickly detected that something was wrong between them. She hurriedly pretended to explain while actually distorting the truth.

“Mr. Shang, I mean you no harm. Qu Xiao came to me because she wanted to save Ling Chi.”

“Although you two are married, they were once in love. It must be hard for Qu Xiao to watch Ling Chi suffer in the detention center!”

“Qu Xiao was afraid that you would feel offended, so she especially asked me to come over when you were not at home. I didnt expect... to bump into you.”

Jiang Xueer was really good at making up lies. She gave Qu Xiao a smug, cunning look.

Shang Yan pursed his thin lips and stared at Qu Xiao with a dark expression, clearly on the verge of anger.

Qu Xiao glared at Jiang Xueer and wanted to rip her mouth apart!

She thought quickly and interrupted Jiang Xueer in a low voice, “Shut up! Who the hell are you to explain for me”

“Shes lying... Shang Yan, believe me!”

Shang Yans thin lips curved into a subtle smile as he said mockingly, “Are you guys trying to put on an act for me I have to admit, its very exciting!”

Qu Xiao was exasperated at the doubt and distrust in his eyes.

Seeing that Shang Yan was about to leave, Qu Xiao thought of a solution and called the police.

“Hello Police station Im Qu Xiao. I want to report another case!”

“Not only did Ling Chi trespass into my home, but he also harassed me for a long time. I can provide text and voice evidence. I hope you can give him severe punishment and warn him not to affect my personal life.”

When Jiang Xueer heard Qu Xiaos words, she wanted to stop her. “Qu Xiao, are you crazy What are you saying!”

Click! Qu Xiao hung up and did not give her any chance.

Jiang Xueer cursed as she pounced over to fight with Qu Xiao.

Qu Xiao nimbly took half a step back and dodged her attack.

She turned to look at the bodyguards who seemed to be watching a show. She yelled, “Hurry up and help!”

The bodyguards exchanged glances and looked at Shang Yan, waiting for his order.

Qu Xiao sighed silently.

As the mistress, she could not even command the bodyguards! Her status was really low!

Qu Xiao pouted her red lips and looked at Shang Yan with watery eyes as she called out to him pitifully.

“Honey, do you want to see her bully me The crazy woman is about to pull out all my hair. I feel so dizzy!”

Shang Yan looked at her pretty and lively face, his eyes flashing with excitement as he nodded.

In the next second, the bodyguards obeyed his orders and dragged Jiang Xueer out of the villa.

“Let go of me!”

Her screams echoed in the villa.


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