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“Sister-in-law, this is our family’s group.

Are you interested in joining in”

Only then did Song Jinxi give up editing the message and return from the interface of her circle of friends to see Shen Liujue’s invitation.

She hesitated for a while, and then under Shen Liujue’s piercing gaze, she agreed.

Shen Liuchen also leaned over from behind and gently hugged her waist.

Shen Liujue looked at Shen Liuchen, “Sister-in-law already agreed.

What about you”

The chat app has a function that allows new members of the group to look through a few previous message records.

Song Jinxi is looking at the information in the group at this time.

Seeing that everyone is praising Lin Xiaoxiao dancing so well, she only feels that it’s a pity that she doesn’t seem to know the people in the group at all.

She looked at it further down, and when she already slid to the end, she saw that all of them welcomed her into the group.

And after that, is the system prompt.

Shen Liuchen joined the group.

Everyone began to welcome him like the flowing water again.

Shen Liuchen did not speak in the group.

Instead, he put away his mobile phone, took Song Jinxi’s hand, and whispered in her ear: “Do you want to go catch the doll in the claw machine”

Song Jinxi’s eyes lit up and he looked at him in surprise.

Just now, she really could not help looking a few more times at the claw machine.

She also thought that after Lin Xiaoxiao was tired of playing with those small arcades later, she could ask Shen Liuchen to take her to catch the doll in the claw machine.

Unexpectedly, Shen Liuchen noticed those little movements of hers.

Although it’s still within her expectations, she also feels a little touched.

“But I don’t know how to catch it.” She said.

Shen Liuchen’s eyes were gentle as he said: “Let’s go try it”

Song Jinxi nodded sharply.

All the dolls in the claw machine are fluffy and very cute.

Song Jinxi likes the middle claw machine best.

All the dolls inside are pink in color and are so adorable.

But the claw machine happened to be played by someone, so Song Jinxi and Shen Liuchen waited in line behind.

At this moment, the one who catches the doll is also a couple and they seem to be running out of coins.

The man can’t catch the doll.

He tried several times but still catched nothing.

The girl was so angry that she pulled him to the side and tried to catch it by herself.

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As a result, they couldn’t catch even one.

Until the last coin was used up, their hands were still empty.

The girl seemed a little angry and stamped her feet.

When she turned her head to talk to the man, she saw them waiting in line.

Song Jinxi smiled at the girl.

The girl pulled her boyfriend to the side and motioned to Song Jinxi to play.

She and Shen Liuchen went to the claw machine.

After looking at the scattered dolls inside, she looked at Shen Liuchen again.

“Is it you or me who is going to catch it” She asked.

Shen Liuchen rubbed her little head.

“You try first.” He said.

Song Jinxi was originally waiting for him to say this.

Hearing Shen Liuchen said that, she immediately laughed.

It even seems a little silly.

She rubbed her hands, took a deep breath, and did a lot of preparation.

Then put a coin in, and start.

Unfortunately, her skills are so poor that sometimes her claw doesn’t even touch the doll at all.

Her claws just went down and took back the empty air.

Sometimes she managed to catch the doll but when the doll was hoisted in mid-air and was moving towards the exit, it swayed and fell directly down.

What’s even more irritating was that there were times when the cute dolls were about to reach the exit, but the claw seemed to be blocked by something, and it swayed violently from side to side.

As soon as the claw was released, the doll swayed and fell even farther away from the exit…

Song Jinxi failed to catch it more than a dozen times, and her mentality began to deteriorate.

“This thing is just tricking people.” she said angrily.

“It can’t be caught at all! I think it was deliberately done by the merchant.

I clearly dragged it above the exit several times already, but it just seems to be blocked by something and fell off again.

This is really too much!”


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