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When Song Jinxi said that she wanted to go, Shen Liuchen naturally would not refuse.

It just so happened that the Xiyu Shopping Mall where they were now had a large Video Arcade on the fourth floor.

They don’t have to drive to another Video Arcade and can just walk there directly, which is equivalent to taking a walk after a meal.

Lin Xiaoxiao took Song Jinxi’s hand and walked in front, while Shen Liujue and Shen Liuchen slowly followed behind.

“They have such a good relationship.

My family Xiaoxiao doesn’t seem to have held my hand like that.

It seems that she really likes Sister-in-law.” Shen Liujue said.

Shen Liuchen was silent.

If it wasn’t for Lin Xiaoxiao’s presence, the person standing beside Song Jinxi would be him.

He should also be the one who takes Song Jinxi’s hand and walks forward slowly.


After entering the Video Arcade, Lin Xiaoxiao seemed to be in her own paradise.

She bought two large boxes of coins and played many small arcade games with Song Jinxi.

The BGM in the Video Arcade is very loud.

Song Jinxi was a good child in her childhood and a geek when she grew up.

Her spare time entertainment has always been just playing games, reading novels, or doing some outdoor sports.

This is the first time she is doing some activity in this kind of noisy environment.

It feels new and fun.

She was very interested in those claw machines, but Lin Xiaoxiao kept pulling her to play other machines.

Fortunately, in the end, they had played enough of all the small arcade games.

Lin Xiaoxiao stopped in front of two dance machines.

On the dance machine, two teenage boys were dancing and playing cool, surrounded by people who were watching them.

Lin Xiaoxiao pulled Song Jinxi aside and whispered in her ear, “They don’t dance well at all.

Their movements are stiff.

They always step on the wrong beat and wave their hands everywhere.

They can only deceive those passers-by who don’t even know how to get started.”

Song Jinxi: “….”

Unfortunately, she is the ‘passer-by who doesn’t even know how to get started’.

Moreover, before Lin Xiaoxiao judged these two teenage boys, she really thought they danced very well.

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“Can you dance, Sister-in-law” Lin Xiaoxiao asked.

Song Jinxi shook her head.

“I like watching other people dance, but I can’t dance.”

“I can dance.

I will show you my dance later.” As Lin Xiaoxiao said this, the two teenage boys finished their song.

Instead of choosing the next songs right away, they stood on the dance machine and chatted, laughing and talking.

Lin Xiaoxiao walked up.

Song Jinxi saw that she lifted her foot and kicked the dance machine, and then said something to the two teenage boys.

It was also at this time that Song Jinxi saw another side of Lin Xiaoxiao.

Lin Xiaoxiao has always been the image of a lovely little sister in front of her.

Whenever there’s any disagreement, she will always tell her deadly sweet words, which can always coax her into being very happy.

She is also very obedient, won’t rebelliously refuse those few brothers of hers and won’t forbid them from making up lessons for her.

She will only try to buy herself some time to breathe when making up lessons.

For example, asking her out and taking advantage of Shen Liujue’s desire to make friends with Shen Liuchen, and take the opportunity to play in her name.

But now, facing those two teenage boys, the sweet smile on Lin Xiaoxiao’s face was gone, and the beautiful little face had no smile at all.

It even looked a little cold and a little arrogant.

If she hadn’t seen Lin Xiaoxiao’s lovely side, Song Jinxi would even be amazed by Lin Xiaoxiao’s arrogant expression now and would think that this girl is elegant and cold, and her aura doesn’t seem to be inferior to boys at all.

Quite a school bully in her student days.

Not knowing what Lin Xiaoxiao said to them, the two teenage boys bowed to her and stepped back from the dance machine


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