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Assassin Champion of the Forgotten God The Tutorial II

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1- The Tutorial II




Every second, Theo got increasingly nervous. Countless thoughts passed through his mind "The sword could be good; it seems easy to use"


"But if I get close to them, they could reach me with those daggers!"


"In that case, I can take the dagger either, although its almost guaranteed to land an attack"


"If I want to protect myself, I should pick the shield, but it looks heavy. And I don see how to deal damage with it"


"The hammer looks heavy too, I can do anything without lifting it"


"That leaves me with three choices, but the staff is unreliable since I don know anything about magic"


"With the bow I can deal damage at a safe distance, unfortunately, my aim sucks"


"Finally, the spear is effective from a safer distance and is simple. Ill take the spear!"


After carefully deciding his weapon, Theo selected the spear. Out of thin air, a metal spear falls on his hands, and he looks at it astonished.

[You have selected the spear]

As his preparation time is nearing its end, Theo devises a quick plan to fight the goblins. "When they come at me, Ill wait and pierce one through its chest. Immediately after, swing at the other one and cut him down."


[Starting first trial]

The timer reached zero and the goblins ran at Theo, shouting and leaking bloodlust. Sweating from the anxiety and fear, he stood still, waiting for the goblins to get in range. "Now!"

With all his strength, Theo stabbed the nearest goblin with his spear, piercing through its chest and exiting from its back. "Yes! One down" he thought as he pulled on his spear.

"Huh? Its not coming out!"

The spear had gotten stuck in between the goblins ribs, causing Theo to lose his momentum. Realizing he could not pull it out, he turned to the other goblin and prepared for a brawl. However, it was too late, the goblin was already jumping at him with dagger in hand.

In a desperate attempt to protect himself, Theo extended his arm and stopped the dagger by letting it stab him through his hand.


Theo fell on his back with the goblin on top of him, pushing its dagger towards his neck. Tears flowed out as he cried in pain, followed by the gush of blood dripping down the tip of the dagger. Pushing with all he had to keep the blade from his neck.

[WARNING! Contenders have already died and are in soul form, by dying in Igeor they will cease to exist]


[HP: 160]

Panic started to overcome Theo as he faced permanent death. Frenetically, he looked around for a way to kill the monster on top of him. Luckily, at arms length he spotted the dagger that the first goblin dropped. "There is no way Im dying again!" He grabbed the hilt of the dagger and released all his anger, stabbing the goblin through the side of its head.

It died instantly.

Theo felt the small creature lose all its strength and become dead weight on top of him. Pushing it aside, he prepared to remove the dagger lodged in his hand. Gritting his teeth, he pulled the dagger out whilst feeling excruciating pain and dropped it on the floor.

"I should stop the bleeding" he said after rolling on the ground from the pain.

"Those bastard gods must be having a fun time while Im suffering like this. Hahah, doesn matter, Ill pay them back for this"

"I wonder how many people were killed in this sick game of theirs"


[You have passed the first trial, resetting status now]

As if was never there, the hole on Theos hand disappeared. Surprised, he inspected both sides looking for a scar, but it had healed completely. The corpses of the dead goblins had also vanished. Only the spear and the dagger he used were there.


[New talents: Inferior Bleeding Resistance lvl.1, Inferior Spearmanship lvl.1, Inferior Dagger Mastery lvl.1, Inferior Fear Resistance lvl.3]

[ 2 Strength, 1 Health, 3 Intelligence]

"I really obtained talents after experiencing different things. Have I unlocked any jobs? Status!"


[Jobs available: Spearman, Thief]

[Spearman: Those who wield the spear. Damage dealer who attacks opponents from mid-range. They are strong and fast. Job Boost: 20% of Strength Stat, 15% of Dexterity Stat, 5% of Health Stat. Job Skills: Thrust, Spearman Aura, Piercing Rain, Spear Bash.]

[Thief: Those who sneak and stab. Damage dealer who attacks from the back and fights in close-range. They are fast and quiet. Job Boost: 30% of Dexterity Stat, 5% Strength Stat, 5% Health Stat. Job Skills: Backstab, Shadow Aura, Slash Flurry, Abnormal Slash.]

Theo carefully read the job descriptions. "Both are enticing, Spearman is well balanced and simple, Thief looks harder with all that speed but that is also a strong choice. During the fight I had a problem with the spear, and because of that a goblin stabbed me. Then, even though it is a more dangerous choice Ill go with the dagger."

"Ive decided, for now, Ill be a Thief!"

[You have selected the Thief job]

[During the tutorial you may change your job whenever, but in Igeor you can only change it at the city temples]

"That is useful, I can change to the Spearman job if I need to deal a powerful blow or reach a farther opponent"

[Now applying job boost]

"Wow, I feel more nimble, but how are the skills?"

[Normal Backstab: If not detected deal a critical attack, if your health is greater than the opponents they die instantly, in the opposite case, the opponent will lose 50% of their HP and be in shock for five seconds. Cost- 100 MP, Cooldown- 2 minutes.]

[Shadow Aura: Sinister aura that increases the power of attacks when activated. The increase in power depends on the level of the [Shadow Aura] talent. When outside of combat, improves sneaking by enveloping the user in shadow. It makes the [Sneak] talent more effective. Cost- 20 MP per minute.]

"These skills are incredible! If I train my sneaking a lot and combine them, Ill have an easy time against opponents"

[Slash Flurry: A storm of slashes at twice the dexterity stat of the user. Causes [bleeding] at 5 HP per second. Affected by the level of [bleeding] talent. Cost- 100 MP, Cooldown- 2 minutes.]

[Abnormal Slash: A regular slash that causes a random stat abnormality. The skill can cause [paralyze, confuse] for 5 seconds or [poison, mana burn] at 5 points per second. Affected by the level of abnormal status talents. Cost- 100 MP, Cooldown 30 minutes]

"The last two are more suited for combat, but they are great skills too"

Theo organized his thoughts and decided to practice the [Shadow Aura] skill while waiting for the next trial.

[New talent: Inferior Shadow Aura lvl.1] [ 1 Intelligence]

Theo Ryfin

Job: Thief





Health( 5%)


Strength( 5%)


Dexterity( 30%)




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