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All My Disciples Suck Chapter 30: The Eve Before the War

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Chapter 30: The Eve Before the War

“All players are asked to participate in this epic mission. We dont need to steal monsters, but we definitely will have to work together! After all, everybody understands the difficulty level of this game.” Star spoke.

Many players nodded. All of them indeed had a deep understanding.

After all, on the first day of playing the game, nobody knew how many players were abused by the War Hunchback Beasts.

“In this battle, all players are divided into three echelons!

“The players who died before, as well as those below the third stage of Body Forging Realm are the cannon fodder team. Your task is to be a decoy to lure the Sea Race into the dam!

“The second echelon will be the main attacking team! I will personally command them. They are those who are good at armed melee combat, and those who are good at Frost Arrow are the ranged unit! Strive to kill the Sea Race in batches!

“The third echelon is an independent team! They are mainly responsible for supporting by roaming back and forth!

“In addition, Indomitable Bear, Beef Noodle, Wang Lufei, First Ice Man will act alone! If the Foundation Establishment BOSS appears, well leave him up to you!” Star spoke slowly and laid out an extremely detailed and complete plan.

“Brother Star, well listen to you!”

“Yes, this plan is good!”

“Then I will be the cannon fodder! Brothers, its up to you us to kill the Sea Race!” The players were excited.

“Then, lets get ready!” Star waved his hand, and the players started to move.

“Place these bricks here! Yes, here. You guys, go and bring some more bricks over here!” MC Myth selected the foot of the mountain and quickly began to build the dam.

With seven old MC players as the core, there were more than a dozen players who helped, and the foundation was built in a short time.

“When a monster throws a bone spear, there will be an opening act. Everyone must open their eyes and keep an eye on this action …” Indomitable Bear explained how to dodge the bone spear to more than 20 players.

“Throw together!” Indomitable Bear waved his hand firmly and motioned for the four players to throw a bone spear to attack him.

Swish swish swish!

Four bone spears flew at once, and Indomitable Bear avoided them all by twisting his body.


“Youre worthy of being the boss!”

“66666!” When the players saw it, they all exclaimed.

“This is nothing. In the death battlefield of Black Soul VR, there is an average of more than fifty bone spear attacks. If you want to be uninjured, you have to move forward and avoid for one minute.” Indomitable Bear replied indifferently.

“This, is this the world of the experts” Many players looked at each other.

If there were really fifty bone spears attacking them, they for sure would become hedgehogs!

“Melee team, step forward!”

“Ranged team!” Star started training with more than 20 players. There were more than a dozen melee players and more than a dozen ranged players.

“After my research, I found that these Sea Race have great upper limbs strengths and are good at throwing bone spears! But their lower limbs are still fish-like. Simply put, they have poor power on the land. The most important thing is that they are very stiff and cant turn around! If we attack them in circles, these Sea Races cant fight back at all!” Evolutionary Player presented his findings to other players.

“Brother Mings Colored Arm is really awesome. No, how can my Colored Arm lose to an NPC I have to research a stronger Colored Arm! Perhaps the Azure Emperor Immortal Body can lead me to a breakthrough!” Wang Lufei continued to study the Colored Arm.

“Foundation Establishment BOSS Hehehe, these mushrooms and these grasses are all highly poisonous. Hehehe, I dont believe you can stop these!” Beef Noodle was looking at the heap of poisonous herbs in front of him while flashing a smirk.

One day passed quickly. The sky of Yan Huang Sect was filled with ominous dark clouds, and the sky gradually turned grey.

There was a smell of tides in the air.

“It is going to rain” A player looked up at the sky.

“The Sea Race attack is coming soon! Everyone, enter the fighting position!”  Star looked up and saw the changes in the sky, and then ordered loudly.

“Wait for a minute. I will go offline to go to the toilet!”

“Fuck, my friend just asked me out for a social gathering!”

“There is no game fun for girls!” The players were eagerly gearing up and taking positions.

At this time, He Yiming also walked out of the Sect Master Hall.

“It took a day to finally practice the nirvana! The rest is up to luck!” He Yiming thought secretly, and then signed in skillfully.

【Ding, the host checked in successfully!

reward: Formation, Spirit Gathering Array!

Spirit Gathering Array: It can condense the spirit energy of heaven and earth and accelerate the growth of spirit grass. The cultivators can also quickly restore their own consumption, absorb the spirit energy of heaven and earth, and speed up their cultivation.】

With the sign-in, He Yimings hands suddenly had an ambiguous array!

“Spirit Gathering Array How timely!” He Yiming secretly thanked the system.

Spirit Gathering Array could condense the aura of heaven and earth. If applied to the spiritual field, it could accelerate the growth of spirit grass.

For cultivators who were about to break through, it could help them gather the power of heaven and earth and increase their chances of breaking through!

But for the current He Yiming, the effect was even greater! Placing the Spirit Gathering Array on the battlefield, the players recovery speed could be drastically accelerated! Its like a halo that returns spilled blood!

“Place the array!!!” Without hesitation, He Yiming directly placed the Spirit Gathering Array, which then covered the entire sect.

“I dont know how the players are preparing … I hope they can last longer and wont be destroyed immediately!” He Yiming thought secretly.

“Huh Why dont they stay in the sect” He Yiming soon discovered that most of the players were running down the mountain one after another, as if they were going to do something there!

He Yiming quickly came to the foot of the mountain outside the gate of the sect.

“Hold the grass!” He Yiming was taken aback when he saw the scene before him!


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