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Aidens Secret Chapter 15 [Memorial Day]

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" Aiden Leblanc was and forever will be one of the greatest member in the Dark Tower Clan, as long as this building stands we will honor his name, his will power and most importantly his doings."

"We are gathered here to mourn the loss of our Tower, his family is grieving horribly, so are his dear friends."

Veras hands moved to Ethan and his friends in a matter of seconds, the tension was very clear, some of these people didn really care about Aiden, they were forced to gather and give respect out of tradition.

The room was huge, in the middle there was a bright crystal illuminating everything below it, Ethans face was radiating, his soft clear skin was shinning, the sparkles from his eyes were noticeable yet vivid.

The room had at least hundred people, the table was completely full, as if the seats were exactly counted, not even a minor convenience was allowed, no uninvited guests, no surprises.

In the middle of the table there was a gem, that was very noticeable, it looked exactly like Aidens necklace that he wore almost everyday, when he was asked what it was he simply called it a one dollar necklace. now seeing it on display Ethans heart hardened.

Crystal and Claire were sitting next to each other, they couldn speak much since the guards were behind their backs almost the entire time.

" I , Vera Termont, rightful Brigadier General of Dark Tower, Kneel before his soul gem and thank him for the last time "

As Vera finished talking her necklace which was almost identical as Aidens started glowing, it was the size of a pinkie, but you could still see the role it was playing in this ceremony.

Suddenly, every members Gem starting glowing, it was a beautiful view, the room turned from bright white to neon blue and purple, each of the member had a different glow : blue, red, black, yellow. every color eye wanted to meet was there, presenting itself.

The gems went back to being blank but one thing that had Ethan gasping for air was Aidens last photo, it is said, before the owner dies the gem takes one last look at its owner.

he was standing on a cliff, with a beautiful view, his eyes were not blinking as if someone was forcing him to leave out his emotions before he did the unspeakable, Ethans face quickly changed from sad to stressed, his eyes went blank as he tried to get up to take a walk, before the memories choked him alive.

"I have to get out" Ethan said. he quickly grabbed the chair he was sitting on, trying to relay his strength not to fall down.

"We are coming with you" Crystal replied, she worriedly looked up seeing both of the guards starring at her with blank faces.

"Listen here, we cannot even escape this damn place even if we wanted to, so how about you let us go for ten minutes so we can cry in peace without hundred people watching us." Crystals tone was rude and also sarcastic, her echo spared everyones ears but nobody really cared enough to pay enough attention, just the guards.

"You three have exactly ten minutes" Guard replied, it seemed like he knew the pain they were going through especially Ethan, that was an act of kindness that really calmed Crystal down.

As Claire got up she held Crystals hand, she was still in disbelief, just two days ago they were living a normal life, now they are stuck in the middle of nowhere.

"I know where library is." said Ethan, his voice was hitting close to their hearts.

The library itself was everlasting, it was way bigger than Head misters office, beautifully carved tables were everywhere, in the middle there was a Crow symbol reminding everyone that it was watching.

"I know how this feels Ethan." Claire broke the silence. she started moving towards his chair, putting both of her hands on his ears and hugging him.

"Are we allowed to leave this place? or did they bait us into coming here?" continued Claire.

"Im not even sure, I have to have a talk with the Head mister, I don think they will keep us here forever" Ethan replied while playing with an ancient book that was probably few hundred years old.

"Did you guys notice the gems? they were glowing pretty damn bright." said Crystal.

"Those are called Dark Tower Gems, they represent members powers, I am only aware of three : Dark : Necromancy, Yellow : Light , Blue : Aqua." Ethan replied, he was so calm about it, its like he dreamed about all of this and was just reliving it for the second time.

"How do you know about the Gems"? Crystal asked, confused.

"When I was in the head misters office I stole one of the books and first sixty pages talked about those powers, then I fell asleep" Ethans proud theft really amazed Claire and Crystal, he never stole anything from anyone before, this sudden change was a big deal.

"you stole a book? impressive" Claire replied, smirking.

" Alright now. lets go before we get escorted out" said Ethan as he softly removed Claires hands off his neck and started walking towards the exit.

his sudden turn around caught Claire and Crystal by surprise, as he looked them in the eyes. "I will get Aidens Gem, even if that means I have to steal it"

Crystals face quickly became dull after hearing these words, but she knew it was the fragment of Aidens body and that would make Ethan very happy. she nodded as she followed them.

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