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Aidens Secret Chapter 13 [Knowledge is Power]

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Dark Tower itself wasn as dark as they name suggested, the walls were made out of quartz, shinning bright, the whiteness was catching everyones eyes, however the building was like a dungeon, no windows or any outside ways, but it wasn boring at all, the tower was constructed like a snake, huge halls and pathways, closer you got smaller it became.

If someone randomly came here they would think of this tower as a castle, the light was not coming from the sun but the quartz was illuminating the entire building with a fine shade of grey.

Halls were wide with different doors, each door with a different symbol. As Ethan was walking with Zena he noticed that every door had an element as a symbol : Water sign, Blood sign, Plant, Light, Darkness, Necro. these were the symbols he could catch with his eyes before they entered a room.

The room itself was huge, huge collection of books but somehow none of them clicked for Ethan, this room was bleeding from knowledge, waiting someone to take them, used them, read them.

As Ethan looked around sharp voice reminded him where he was. " Ethan Winters, why are you really here?" Zenas voice was very delicate, every word out of his mouth was calculated, dressed in armor, unable to decode.

"Well, I got your invitation and wanted to come to see if it was legit or a scam, someone pranking me for fun, clearly I was wrong." Ethans reply was little more sarcastic but he meant what he said, as he started wondering around, checking out every books cover.

"We both know thats not true" Zena smiled and started reading, as he wanted to let Ethan know that his time valuable. "You wanted to see Aiden, in Flesh, Alive, you are still not in denial, aren you Ethan?"

Zenas words shook Ethan, his jaw tightened and his wondering spirit left him right there and there, he knew Zena was right, Ethan realized there was no way Aiden was alive but he would not believe it.

"How do you know this?" Ethan replied as he picked up a book, called Warlocks and Witches.

"You see, I can read your thoughts, control you, make you do whatever I please, but I don , you have this huge rage building up inside of you, how about you let that go and we talk about like normal human beings."

Ethans thoughts went blank, he wanted to shut him off completely, it was hard but it was somehow working.

"Oh, thats a nice one, Aiden did the exact same thing, he resisted and resisted until I figured out what his problem was"

As Zena was talking Ethans hand went to the pen in front of his desk, it was sharp, coated in silver, waiting to be filled with Zenas blood, the pen was inch away from ripping his throat.

"Tell me why I shouldn rip your throat in front of your table and leave you to rot?" Ethan replied, his whisper was strong, echoing around the room.

"Well, if you do, the guards are gonna take you three to the Towers court for murdering Head mister of Dark Tower and then you know the rest"

Zena was playing smart, his tone was still unchanged and unmatched.

Ethan threw away the pen across the room and looked directly at Zena.

"Did you kill Aiden?"

"My strongest member of the Dark Tower Clan? he was like son to me, stop being pathetic and sit down, this is getting us nowhere." Zena replied.

Ethan Obliged and sat on the chair in front of him, his jaw was still tightened, but getting more and more information about Aiden calmed him down a little bit.

" Aidens Father was one of the founders of Dark Tower by blood, after his disappearance, which by the way is death, we invited Aiden to join our Dark Tower Clan, he was the finest magic user across the clan, swift but well guided. today is his memorial day, we remember the fallen, unfortunately this day is for Aiden."

As Zena finished talking his strong and calm tone went to sad, it was rare to hear him sound like an actual human, his eyes went down to the papers.

"How did he die?, Answer me this and I will never bother you again" Ethan sounded desperate, he was clueless even if he was getting more and more information.

"Enough talking Ethan Winters, you are still our guest, not a member" Zenas reply changed back to his calm, rude tone.

"How come he never mentioned any of this to us? I was his partner, Claire and Crystal were his bestfriends" Ethan was throwing question after question, Zenas pen was sliding up and down the paper, unable to concentrate.

"Lets say this, before you leave this place, you take a vow, you cannot speak about this place to anyone, if you do the other person getting this knowledge will die, not by us of course, we are not evil, the Dark Tower knowledge is forbidden to anyone in the other world, their thoughts are not able to process anything about Dark Tower, so its your choice after that"

Ethans mouth was twitching, he was processing years of information in the matter of seconds.

"Now, as for the punishment, due to allowing two other people to come to Dark Tower gathering, putting them at the risk of death, you will be stripped 5 years of your life span"

Ethans eyes widened, first magic, now getting part of his life taken, his mind was clouded, confused, in despair.

"How do you know I have 5 years of life left even, what if this is gonna kill me" Ethan replied.

"Oh, Ethan Winters, you have a pretty long road ahead of you"

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