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On the other hand, Mo Rao had been accompanied by Fu Ying these few days and Fu Ying was extremely concerned.

Everyone understood at a glance.

In Fu Yings heart, Mo Rao was more important than Qu Ru.

“Wheres Lin Wen” Mo Rao asked with a frown.

“Shes fine.

Her waist and legs are injured, so she needs to rest for a while,” the nurse explained.

That day, Mo Rao had heard the commotion outside and Lin Wens shouts.

She knew that Lin Wen had definitely gotten into a conflict with Yang Qiu and the others to save her.

How could she be a match for Yang Qiu and the others

At the thought of Lin Wen being injured because of her, Mo Rao felt even more guilty.

The Lin familys siblings had both gotten injured because of her.

“Is it serious” Mo Rao asked worriedly.

“She just needs to rest.

The hospital has already arranged everything,” the nurse replied patiently.

Mo Rao wanted to get up.

“I want to see her.”

The nurse quickly stopped Mo Rao.

“Young Madam Fu, you cant move around.

You have to lie down and rest well.

Your body is very weak now.

A womans body needs to recuperate after a miscarriage.

Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if there are repercussions.”

Mo Rao could only lie down again.

“Is there anyone to take care of her”

The nurse nodded.

“You dont have to worry about that.

President Fu has arranged for someone to take care of her and the medical fees.

Well use the best medicine.”

Mo Rao was relieved.

“Thats good.

If she has any requests, you must try your best to satisfy her.

If you cant do it, tell me and Ill do it.”

“Alright, Young Madam Fu, you should pay more attention to yourself.

Your condition is more serious than hers.

Im afraid you wont recover before a year or two,” the nurse reminded.

“Thank you, I know.” Mo Rao nodded.

She had some medical skills and had checked her acupuncture points.

She knew her own condition better than anyone else.

She had been in poor health since she was young.

In addition, she had been depressed for the past few years and had been worried about too many things.

Her bad mood caused her health to worsen.

Now, she had suffered a bone marrow extraction, a miscarriage, and her body had reached the worst state.

Not to mention a year or two, it would be very difficult even to recover within three to five years.

After the nurse left, Mo Rao lay quietly on the bed to rest.

However, her mind was filled with all kinds of things and she couldnt fall asleep.

Late at night.

Mo Rao suddenly felt someone standing beside her.

She, who wasnt sleeping deeply, immediately woke up and saw Fu Ying.

Fu Ying bent down and gently kissed Mo Raos forehead.

A bloody smell came, making Mo Rao want to vomit.

Could it be that he really went to cripple Qu Rus leg

“What are you doing here” Mo Rao asked.

“Im here to show you the results.” Fu Ying took out his phone and opened a video for Mo Rao.

“Take a look.”

Mo Rao took the phone and opened the video.

Qu Rus figure appeared.

She was curled up on the ground, her hair stuck to her face and she was sweating a lot.

Her legs were already badly mangled and looked like they had indeed been crippled.

Mo Rao put down her phone and didnt say anything.

Fu Ying took the phone back.

“Ive already done what I promised you.

Can you not be angry”

“Fu Ying, you dont love her anymore” Mo Rao felt puzzled.

“I love you more,” Fu Ying replied honestly.

He loved her more, but not just her.

Mo Rao found it ironic.

So one person could really love two people at the same time.

Fu Ying still had Qu Ru in his heart, but she wasnt that important for the time being.

“Ive already gotten someone to send her away.

She wont appear in front of you again.

Rao Rao, Ill protect you well in the future and make it up to you.

Nothing will make you sad again, okay” Fu Ying held Mo Raos hand and made a promise.

However, Mo Rao realized that she wasnt happy at all.

Even though she saw Qu Rus miserable state, she still felt very uncomfortable and depressed.

Seeing that Mo Rao didnt respond, Fu Ying didnt rush her and only accompanied her quietly.

After a while, Fu Ying realized that Mo Rao had fallen asleep.

The doctor had said that Mo Rao needed to rest well now.

She was very tired, so she wasnt in a good mental state.

If she didnt recover well, it would be very troublesome in the future.

Fu Ying didnt disturb Mo Rao anymore.

Instead, he went to take a shower and wash away the smell of blood on his body.

After changing into clean clothes, Fu Ying returned to the bed.

He hugged Mo Rao and felt relieved.

He could only find such a sense of security with Mo Rao.

He couldnt let Mo Rao leave him because he couldnt accept life without her.

He also knew that it was very difficult to make Mo Rao return to the past, but he would rather pester her like this than let go.

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