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Chapter 30: The Beginning

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Looking at Edwins back, Oleg was a little worried.

Although the underground auction had announced to the public that all information was confidential, as the organizer, if they wanted to know the information of the buyers and sellers, they could trace it from the account number of the money transfer and then trace it back to the relevant person.

After getting the familiar ring yesterday, he reported it to Edwin. Edwin decided to use his own account to secretly bid for the ring, and instructed Oleg to track down the original buyer.

From the clues he had found so far, the information of the owner of this account seemed to point to a source of bad news.

The Anderson family had been able to stand strong for so many years not only because of their strength, but also because of their ability to judge the situation. Therefore, Oleg was worried that they might have touched something dangerous.

However, it was obvious that Edwin had already fallen into Carolines trap. He was afraid that if they found out that Caroline was not to be touched, and something happened, Edwin would have to pay a huge price to protect Caroline.

Just as Caroline was riding her horse freely on the racecourse, on the other side, Balor and Kelly were indeed going crazy, just as Caroline had guessed.

In the morning, after knocking on the door many times and not getting any response from Caroline, Balor lost his patience and got his bodyguards to break the door open. He found that there was no one inside.

Balor turned around and asked the guard, “Where is she”

The security guard had fallen asleep in the guard room from midnight to morning, so he was stammering and could not answer. Balor simply said, “Pack your luggage and get lost!” Then, he got someone to drag him out.

In the end, they had to check the surveillance camera at the entrance and realized that Caroline had already left at dawn.

In the surveillance footage, Caroline was holding a duffel bag in her hand and carrying a big bag on her back. Balor had a very bad feeling.

Just then, Kelly realized that Carolines room had been tidied up. All the important things were gone, and only some old clothes and worthless trinkets were left.

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All these things showed that it was very likely that Caroline would pack up and leave. Therefore, things might not be as simple as Caroline said last night.

“Lets go and find Lawyer Howard!” Balor gritted his teeth. He should not have let his guard down yesterday and had directly taken control of the person.

When they rushed to the firm, they still received news that Mr. Howard was out on a business trip.

“Dad, what should we do” Kelly thought about the 10% of shares that she was about to get and could no longer remain calm. She grabbed Balors hand and did not let go, asking him to quickly come up with an idea.

Balor glanced at the front desk of the firm, turned around, and took out an exquisitely wrapped gift box from the car. Inside it was a Burberry scarf. He had originally prepared it for his little lover, and it came in handy now.

Balors business skills were average, but he was good at coaxing girls. It did not take long for him to obtain important information from the front desk lady.

It turned out that the day before Howard went on his business trip, which was the afternoon he called the firm to find out more about the situation, Caroline had visited the firm once. The two of them had a conversation in Howards office for more than half an hour.

According to the receptionist, after Caroline left, Mr. Howard immediately went to the Mayne Trust. The Mayne Trust was the company in charge of the 40% shares.

“So, Sister lied to us that she didnt have the shares even though she had already obtained them” Kelly couldnt believe that the stupid and useless Caroline had become so scheming that she had tricked them. “She knew that she couldnt hide it from us, so she packed her things and ran away early in the morning”

“Weve really underestimated her.” Balor was so angry that he was spinning on the spot. “Since the shares are already in her hands, we dont have to wait anymore. Quickly get her back and let her sign.”

Balor made a threat and mobilized all his forces just to find Carolines tracks. On the other hand, the Taylor family, who had used a big-name celebritys scandal to divert the publics attention, now had time to think about causing trouble.

The moment both parties moved, many people could sense that a storm was brewing. At this moment, Caroline, who was at the center of the storm and should be the most anxious, acted as if nothing had happened. She carried her luggage and stood in front of an old apartment. She rang the doorbell.

“Young Miss, youve come.” Danika opened the door in surprise.

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