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Chapter 112

An Ping's mouth twitched even more: "..."

Qiao Dong Ying walked in.

She had a puzzled expression when she heard this.

Once she knew what happened, she burst into tears from laughter.

After laughing, she didn't forget to reveal the scar, "I say An Ping, when you were young, you wanted to eat those stinky thing, I couldn't bother to govern you.

After all, the family was too poor at that time.

Now the family is getting better day by day.

Why are you still eating poo"

An Ping's expression collapsed.

He almost cried: "...Second Elder Sister, before today, who knew it was poo! When I was small, Mom told me that it was nectar and it nourishes the body more than the honey in the honeycomb.

How could I waste such a nourishing thing"

Everyone: "..."

So ...he fell into a pit dug by his mom

In the end, they couldn't help but feel some sympathy for him.

They also took the remaining bee poo left in his hand to study.

After some research, little Dong Yun looked at him like he was mentally retarded: "Elder Brother, even if Mom told you that it is nectar, can't you smell that there is no flower fragrance on it Even if you have an accident with your nose, the book said bee poo taste salty.

Is there something wrong with your sense of taste"

An Ping: "…………"

Now, he didn't know how to explain that he really didn't like eating poo!

When it was time for dinner in the evening, little Dong Yun brought this up at the dinner table.

After listening to this, everyone's expressions were a bit indescribable.

Obviously, An Ping wasn't the only one who had eaten bee poo before.

Qiao Zhen Jun and Lin Hui both blushed.

They stared at the table with their eyes slightly lowered without speaking.

However, Qiao Zhen Guo didn't care.

He foolishly laughed: "Hahaha, it turned out to be poo.

If I knew I wouldn't have fought with Second Younger Brother over it when we were small!"

Qiao Zhen Jun: "..."

Da Qiao almost burst out laughing when she saw her dad's face turning red.

Wan Chun Ju mumbled with a shocked expression: "The color is so golden, how could it be poo"

Qiao Dong Ying spoke, "Mom, sometimes human poo is golden."

Everyone: "..."

Wan Chun Ju looked at her son with an apologetic expression: "An Ping, Mom is sorry, Mom thought it was nourishment.

I even secretly stashed it for you to eat alone."

An Ping: "......"

Please stop speaking qaq.

Little Dong Yun made another shocking remark: "It turns out that it's true that parents raised their children through poo and pee.

Elder Brother, you were fed big with poo."


The crowd couldn't help but laugh.

Da Qiao pursed her lips and smiled.

She reached out and rubbed little Dong Yun's head as she pondered how little sister's mouth was really powerful.


Qiao Zhen Min brought his daughter Qiao Dong Wan to Chu Family.

Seeing Chu Sheng Mei who was taken back to her maternal house to recuperate, both of them were a little shocked.

When they met Chu Sheng Mei two years ago, she was nothing like now.

At that time, her face was ruddy, her figure was plump.

Her eyes was filled sparks of life.

At first glance, she looked like a little woman who lived a comfortable life.

But now she was so thin that she was almost out of shape.

It was not an exaggeration to describe her as a skeleton.

Her cheeks were sunken.

While her formerly dark and shiny hair had long since lost its luster.

What's more, there seem be signs of baldness.

When they went in, she didn't seem to notice.

Or she did, but didn't care.

She sat on the chair, staring at the ground in a daze.

Her eyes filled with emptiness and sadness.

It one's heart ache.

Qiao Dong Wan walked over and sat beside her.

Her hand gently clasped hers and called out, "Aunt Sheng Mei, I'm little Wan-er.

My dad and I are here to see you."

Back then, she was taken away by old woman Hua.

If she hadn't met Chu Family, she would most likely be dead now.

The kindness of Chu Family to her will forever be in her heart for the rest of her life.

And over the years, Chu Family had really treated her as their daughter.

Even when her godparents gave birth to a son and a daughter, they never forgot to gift her a share of whatever they bought.

Now that Chu Family encounters this matter, she was more anxious than anyone else.

Chu Sheng Mei hadn't yet reached the state of self-isolation.

Just her current state of mind was despair.

So she had lost interest in many things.

But now Qiao Dong Wan talking to herself, she still squeezed a forced smile in response: "...Don't worry, Dong Wan.

Aunt Sheng Mei is fine."

When this was said, the people present didn't believe it.

Chu Tian Bai sighed and walked out of his younger sister's room with Qiao Zhen Min.

Qiao Zhen Min said, "It is better for the doer to undo what he has done.

I think it's take action from Du Zhuo Cheng's side on this matter!"

Speaking of Du Zhuo Cheng, Chu Tian Bai had a gnashing expression on his face: "That lad, he walked away cleanly.

If I had known that he was such an irresponsible person, I would never have let Sheng Mei marry him! "

Qiao Zhen Min frowned and spoke, "Elder Brother Chu, don't blame me for thinking the worst.

How could such a person commit suicide out of the blue in such a tragic way.

Have you...have you investigated it in private"

These days, there were a lot of secret agents hidden within the ordinary people.

Before they were discovered, they may be no different from ordinary people.

They may be students.

They may be aunties who sell breakfast.

Or even cadres in some important positions.

These people did things that were devoid of conscience.

At the same time, they were walking on the edge of a knife every day.

If they were a little careless, they will be cut by the knife.

He felt that Du Zhuo Cheng's behavior of lying on the rails was too bizarre and overly heroic.

If it were him, he wouldn't choose this method even if he was despairing.

So he suspected that he was killed by someone else!

Chu Tian Bai understood what he meant in seconds: "As soon as this happened, I immediately asked someone to help investigate it.

So far nothing has been found."

Fortunately, there was nothing out of ordinary.

If Du Zhuo Cheng was really a spy, they will definitely be affected even if they were in the dark!

Qiao Zhen Min breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this: "It's best that it's like that!"

However, this bring them back to the starting point.

Why did he commit suicide

Many people who chose to end their lives did it due to being unable to survive anymore.

Either life was too bitter or received a hard hit.

Du Zhuo Cheng's marriage was harmonious.

His work was smooth sailing.

There was no burden from his parents and family's side, Why can't he think it through

Suddenly, he suddenly remembered what happened a good few years ago and frowned at once.

Chu Tian Bai noticed his expression change and asked, "What's wrong"

Qiao Zhen Min told him about the death of Fang You Rou from drowning eight years ago.

And then he said, "I don't know if it's my imagination.

I always feel that he didn't have much will to live at that time."

Ordinary people would lament how unfortunate it was when they witness other people's accidents.

But at that time, he remembered Du Zhuo Cheng saying something.

He said that death was a kind of relief and it took courage to live.

He remembered that he was stunned when he heard this.

It was just that the two of them weren't familiar with each other at the time.

It was the other party's first time to Qiao's house as a guest.

After that, he changed the topic and didn't take it to heart.

Now that he recalled it, maybe there were hints from that time.

After Chu Tian Bai heard these words, fury deepened within his eyes: "Since he wants to die, why didn't he die sooner Why did he still marry, have children, and harm others"

Qiao Zhen Min couldn't answer him.

He really didn't know how to answer.

Even if Du Zhuo Cheng wanted to commit suicide at that time, everyone still couldn't understand why he wanted to commit suicide.

This matter was like a headless case.

There was no answer.

But those who were alive must continue to live.


Qiao Zhen Min and Qiao Dong Wan stayed at Chu's house for three days.

During these three days, Qiao Dong Wan accompanied Chu Sheng Mei almost every day.

Qiao Dong Wan's temperament was very cold, but in front of her family and relatives who she carde about, she was as warm as a kind little angel.

She restrained her dislike of social interaction and tried to find a way to tell Chu Sheng Mei jokes and read poems to her every day.

Still, the effect was unsatisfactory.

Chu Sheng Mei's health was getting worse and worse.

She spoke less and less each day.

Everyone was very worried when they saw her situation.

However, they didn't know what to do.

On the third night.

After everyone fell asleep, Chu Sheng Mei suddenly sat up from the bed and quietly climbed out of the bed.

Qiao Dong Wan, who was sleeping with her, didn't notice it.

Chu Sheng Mei put on her clothes and silently slipped out the door.

The night was calm like water, while the sky was dotted with stars; giving such a snowy night a bit of a mysterious color.

It was zero degrees outside.

Although it wasn't cold to the point of icy, it was enough to make people shivered all over.

Chu Sheng Mei didn't seemed to be aware of it.

She walked out of the yard and stepped on the snow to the east.

After she left the yard, another figure followed and walked out.

She didn't know how long she had walked, but Chu Sheng Mei finally came to the place that occupied her mind all these days - the railroad tracks.

This wasn't the place where Du Zhuo Cheng committed suicide.

Because of the mishap, that section of the road was now guarded.

Still the railroad tracks were connected.

She walked along the rail for a long time.

Her expression sad and her brows furrowed.

The day of Du Zhuo Cheng's mishap was his twenty-eighth birthday.

Before he went to work, she smilingly arranged his clothes for him and told him to come back early in the evening as she would prepare a table of his favorite food for him.

At that time, he didn't display any abnormality.

He lowered his head and pecked her, "It will hard on you in the future."

At that time, she was immersed in happiness and didn't find anything unusual in this sentence.

Most people would say 'it's hard on you' at such a time.

Not hard on you in the future.

It can be seen that when he said this at the time, he was prepared to not come back.

But why would he do this

Was there something wrong with her

If she didn't do well, he can say it.

She could change!

Even if he didn't love her anymore, he can file for a divorce.

No matter how sad she would, she would rather choose to let him go and want him to live well when compared with his life.

Chu Sheng Mei's mind was thinking to the point of explosion.

But she still couldn't figure out why.

Suddenly, she laid down on the rail.

Her eyes stared at the quiet and mighty night sky.

Two lines of tears flowed down.

After a while, she heard the chirping of a train in the distance.

She slowly closed her eyes.

At this moment, a figure jumped up like lightning and carried her!

Startled, Chu Sheng Mei opened her eyes abruptly and saw that the person holding her was none other than Qiao Dong Wan's dad, Qiao Zhen Min.

Qiao Zhen Min carried her away from the track with a cold face.

Shortly after they left, the train roared.

Chu Sheng Mei struggled: "Let me go!"

Qiao Zhen Min stated with a stern face, "Have you ever thought about your family or your daughter when you do this Your daughter is only four years old this year.

She has already lost her dad.

If she lose her mom too, what do you want her to think"

Hearing him mentioning her daughter, Chu Sheng Mei instantly collapsed and cried: "I don't want to either, but I really don't understand.

Why he did he do this Is it because I did something wrong Is that why he punished me in this way"

Qiao Zhen Min responded: "If you don't understand, then don't think about it.

In life, how can you make sense of everything"

Chu Sheng Mei shook her head: "You don't understand!"

Qiao Zhen Min spoke: "How do you know that I don't understand When my first wife betrayed me to be with another man and wanted me to raise children for them, it didn't make sense to me.

I felt that I was an alright husband even if wasn't to the point of being obedient to her every words.

Why did she do this to me I don't get it.

I still don't understand to this day!"

Being cuckolded was a man's most humiliating pain.

After this incident, neither Qiao Family nor Chu Family would mention this matter in front of him.

Even if it was the same topic, they would try to avoid talking about it.

Now, seeing him suddenly revealing his scars, Chu Sheng Mei was stunned.

Qiao Zhen Min continued: "When I married my second wife, I told her that I hoped she would accept little Wan-er and treat her as her own daughter.

She readily promised.

Then What did she do"

"She was pushed down by her ex-husband and caused a miscarriage.

She put the blame on little Wan-er.

If little Wan-er hadn't slip out the truth, this crime would have been pinned on little Wan-er for the rest of her life! At that time, I had the same feeling.

I don't understand why she suddenly became so unfamiliar.

I don't get why she treated a child like this!"

"But if I were to be fixate on those things, I can forget about living long ago! If you can't make sense of Du Zhuo Cheng's suicide, don't then.

His action isn't your fault.

It's his own problem.

You shouldn't put all the responsibility on your own shoulder! Also, do you want your daughter to commit suicide here when she grow up after having both parents dead by the rails"

Hearing the last sentence, Chu Sheng Mei's heart trembled: "No! No! I don't want Little Mi Bao to do that..."

Little Mi Bao was her and Du Zhuo Cheng's precious treasure.

She was so fluffy and cute.

The most caring little padded jacket.

Every time she softly say 'Mommy, I love you', her heart will melt.

It was she who went crazy!

Because of her husband's death, she entered a dead end.

She was bent on figuring out why he did it and whether she was doing something wrong.

She came here tonight just to find out what her husband was thinking at the time.

But when she did all this, she never thought about her daughter.

She was a selfish mother!

Chu Sheng Mei laid in Qiao Zhen Min's arms and bitterly sobbed.

Qiao Zhen Min held her without moving.

But after half an hour had passed, Chu Sheng Mei still hadn't finished crying.

This couldn't do.

In the end, he couldn't help but move his numb arm.

With this movement, he 'woke up' Chu Sheng Mei.

Chu Sheng Mei raised her head.

A trace of embarrassment flashed across her face, "Elder Brother Zhen Min, you...you let me down.

I'm fine."

Only then, Qiao Zhen Min stiffly put her on the ground.

Afterward, he massaged his numb arm with the other hand.

Seeing his action, Chu Sheng Mei became even more embarrassed: "I'm sorry...

Would you like me to massage for you"

Qiao Zhen Min shook his head: "No! While you, are you really okay"

Chu Sheng Mei tucked her messy hair behind her ears and nodded, "I'm fine.

Although I still don't get it, I won't do such stupid things again in the future!"

Qiao Zhen Min gave her a doubtful gaze, obviously not believing her words.

Chu Sheng Mei anxiously spoke: "It's true.

Even if I don't think about myself or my family, I have to think about my little Mi Bao! You are right.

I, an adult, couldn't bear Zhuo Cheng's action.

If I do the same, how can my daughter bear it when she grow up and think of us"

She was very fortunate that Qiao Zhen Min rescued her in time!

Seeing that her eyes were no longer as empty as before, Qiao Zhen Min nodded, "It's good that you can think like this.

Don't be so impulsive in doing things in the future.

Think more about other people."

After speaking, he felt that what he said was a bit blunt and overboard.

Although Qiao Family and Chu Family have a good relationship, he and Chu Sheng Mei weren't close because of the difference between men and women.

He was about to open his mouth to ease things when he saw Chu Sheng Mei nod her head and respond: "Elder Brother Zhen Min, you're right.

I won't be so impulsive in the future."

She looked so obedient like a pupil who did something wrong in front of the teacher.

In the darkness of the night, the silver-white moonlight shone on them.

Qiao Zhen Min's heart suddenly jumped wildly.

A gust of cold wind came.

He shuddered and recovered: "Let's go.

Let's go back."

Chu Sheng Mei nodded and she followed behind him.

The two walked towards Chu's house step by step.

The rest of Chu Family didn't know that Chu Sheng Mei went out in the middle of the night, let alone that she wanted to commit suicide.

Qiao Zhen Min didn't mention this to anyone either.

Chu Sheng Mei was very moved by his behavior of keeping her secret.

Because the New Year was coming, Qiao Zhen Min took Qiao Dong Wan back to Qiao's house now Chu Sheng Mei was getting better.


This New Year, Qiao Family was very lively.

Not only Qiao Yue Ming brought a family of four, but Qiao Hong Xia's family of five returned from the army.

Besides them, Huo Family also came to celebrate the New Year with them.

Fortunately, Qiao Family bought a new house in the past two years.

If not, they won't be able to fit so many people.

This time, Dai Xiao Xue, Dai Shu Fang's own niece, came with Huo Family.

When Huo Family met with misfortune, Dai family, as capitalists, were all driven to the farm.

The family was scattered all over the place and did not get in touch until after they were vindicated.

Because Dai Shu Fang got money from Huo Zheng Chen, she became rich all of a sudden.

While most of Dai Family's property couldn't be recovered, the house they lived in was.

In this way, Dai Shu Fang became the number one person to butter up to in her maternal family.

Dai Shu Fang wasn't a bun or a holy mother when it came to her maternal family.

As long as they were hard-working people, she will help as long as she can.

If she encountered those who want to take advantage of their Huo Family, she won't even give them a glimpse.

Simply shove them out of the house.

Dai Xiao Xue was her elder brother's daughter.

She was the same age as Da Qiao.

She seemed well-behaved and looked somewhat similar to her when she was young.

So she brought her niece to Huo Family to take care of her a few months ago.

She originally didn't want to bring her niece to Qiao's house.

But in the end she couldn't win against her coquettish plead.

Qiao Family had a good relationship with the Huo family, so it was naturally no problem to bring one more person over.

Right at this moment, Dai Xiao Xue was staring at everyone's favorite Da Qiao.

Her eyes were red with jealousy, like a red-eyed rabbit.

Before she came, she knew that there was someone called Da Qiao.

Not because her aunt just talked about Da Qiao every day, but also her elder cousin brother and Grandpa Huo.

They felt uncomfortable if they didn't mention her a few times each day.

There was also a room in Huo's house that was specially prepared for Da Qiao.

It was filled with all kinds of beautiful clothes.

When she suggested wearing the clothes inside, her elder cousin brother mercilessly refused.

She was furious at the time!

She was his younger cousin sister.

What was that Da Qiao He would rather be nice to an outsider than to be nice to her!

His brain was in water!

Later, the longer she stayed at Huo's house, the more she knew and the more jealous she became.

This time, she insisted on coming, just to see how sacred this Da Qiao was!

She originally thought there was limit to a country girl's beauty.

Even if she looked beautiful, her temperament must be very old fashioned!

But right now, her heart's self-righteousness had collapsed at the sight of a fair, beautiful, long-legged girl in front of her.

The girl in front of her was not only good-looking, but also have an excellent aura.

Even if she stands there and not move or smile, everyone's eyes can't help but be attracted to her.

She was like a sparkling pearl that makes people want to take care of her in the palm of their hand.

Dai Xiao Xue clenched her fists tightly as her lips were bitten white.

Why was she so good looking!


As long as she look a little ugly or have a crude aura, she can justifiably hate her!

She had never be able to resist good-looking people!

Dai Xiao Xue, who was max appearance-con, gritted her teeth and stared at Da Qiao with countless beasts roaring in her heart.

How could she hate such a beautiful little celestial

How vexing!

The author has something to say: Dai Xiao Xue before coming to Qiao's house: I'm here to be a vicious supporting character!

Dai Xiao Xue after coming to Qiao's house: I think I want to be a licking dog...


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