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Chapter 1310: Chapter 1310 whose dream was it

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Wang Baole had learned of the name of the mystic dust empire from Xiao Wu many years ago.

He had searched for it for a long time.

To be more precise, the mystic dust empire had once existed in the stone tablet realm, but the mystic dust empire was not this mystic dust empire.

He had taken a long detour and arrived in the real mystic dust empire in this manner.

He looked at the totems of the imperial palace in the distance, and at the bustling crowds on the streets, even in the rain.

Wang Baole felt a wave of emotions in his heart.

He saw people in the crowd, some of them alone, some men and women leaning against an umbrella, there were people hurrying on their way, and there were also people who seemed to be enjoying their stroll.

He saw the peddlers who were still doing their business, holding up their tents.

He saw the singer in the pavilion window, covering her mouth with a fan and looking at the passersby.

He saw the mother in the courtyard in the distance, tugging on the ears of the naughty child, he also saw a team of guards walking past in the distance.

There were also people lying in the alleyway, awakened by the rain but not getting up.

Instead, they were muttering to themselves as they turned around and went back to sleep.

There were also people in the crowd with shifty eyes, thieves who were stealthily stealing, and even further away.., there was a wealthy merchant who walked out from the place where the singer was dressed luxuriously.

His face was flushed red.


All of this was reflected in Wang Baoles eyes, and he closed his eyes.

A cacophony of voices gradually filled his mind.

There were footsteps, the sound of rain falling to the ground, the cries of vendors, and the laughter of children playing in the rain.

Life was like a painting.

At that moment, a corner of Wang Baoles heart was revealed.

All sorts of voices and all sorts of things he saw weaved together into this world.

When they entered Wang Baoles mind, he, who was holding the oil-paper umbrella, opened his eyes and looked at the child in front of him, who had a braid that soared into the sky.

He was filled with emotion.

The child was chasing his Playmate and running past Wang Baole.

Even though his body was drenched by the rain, he was still happy.

Even though he slipped and fell, splashing the rain on the ground, he immediately got up, he continued to run forward with a laugh.

However, after running a few steps, he seemed to have noticed Wang Baole.

Perhaps it was because he felt that a person who seemed to be standing still had appeared in this dynamic world.

It was a little abrupt, so he turned his head to look at Wang Baole.

The childs gaze was clear, and there was curiosity on his face.

After meeting Wang Baoles gaze, he stuck out his tongue at him and ran into the distance.

Wang Baole watched the childs back disappear into the corner of the street.

He smiled.

He knew that everything here was a dream of someone who lived in the Origin Universe Dao space.

The dream was very real, even in the world of the dream, there was only this city, but every brick and tile, and every pedestrian in the city were vivid and lifelike.

Only a deep obsession can form such a real dream, Wang Baole murmured.

He raised his head to look at the Imperial Palace.

To be able to weave such a dream, one must not only have an obsession, but also possess astonishing strength.

Only in this way could a city that contained the imperial palace be molded into a dream that was no different from reality.

It was so easy to lose oneself in the dream that one could not tell if it was real or fake.

There werent many people in the mystic dust empire who could do that.

Wang Baole scanned the palace with his divine thoughts.

There was only a sleeping aura in the imperial palace.

The Aura was very strong.

Even with Wang Baoles current cultivation, he still felt that it was powerful.

It wasnt difficult to guess its identity.

It was Little Fives father, the mystic dust grand emperor!

Is this the mystic Dust Grand Emperors dream Wang Baole was a little uncertain.

Based on his understanding, the mystic dust grand emperor could indeed create a vivid dream in a city that contained the imperial palace, however, this was not his limit.

Based on Wang Baoles perception of the fifth step, if the mystic dust grand emperor wanted to, he could easily weave a starry sky.

Therefore, Wang Baole, who was holding the oil-paper umbrella, walked forward.

His pace was not fast.

He walked through the rain toward the imperial palace.

On the way, he appeared before the eyes of countless people.

However, in the blink of an eye, no one remembered him at all.

It was as if everything in this dream world had a fixed logic.

Wang Baoles arrival wasnt enough to disrupt it.

The dream world continued to revolve regardless of whether he was there or not.

Just like that, Wang Baole walked through the rain.

He walked through the streets, walked through the main road, and finally appeared in front of the imperial palace.

He stood there and raised his head to look at the gigantic parrot totem above him.

Vaguely, he felt as if the parrot was looking down at him as well.

After staring at it for a long time, Wang Baole seemed to be deep in thought.

He retracted his gaze and raised his feet.

When he landed, he had already disappeared outside the imperial palace and appeared in a large hall within the imperial palace.

This place seemed to be the study room of the Great Emperor Xuan Chen.

It was filled with bamboo slips.

Behind the large, luxurious long table that was carved with Jade, Wang Baole saw the Great Emperor Xuan Chen sitting there like a huge mountain.

He was tall and muscular.

His expression was dignified.

He wore a simple green robe and was sitting there.

He lowered his head to look at the bamboo slip in his hand.

It seemed quiet, but within his body, there seemed to be a storm that could destroy everything, even if his gaze landed on it, it would cause his body to collapse as if he was looking at something that couldnt be seen.

It was as if the Dao of this figure was too terrifying, and the rules contained within it were too shocking.

It was like a huge whirlpool that could devour everything.

Compared to him, Wang Baole himself was also a whirlpool, but he was still slightly lacking.

However, he was still able to maintain his body unaffected.

At that moment, other than the mystic dust grand emperor and Wang Baole, there were no other figures in the entire hall.

It was completely silent.

Wang Baole didnt say anything.

He looked at the mystic dust grand emperor and felt the immense power emanating from him.

As he observed silently, the mystic dust grand emperor, who was sitting there, suddenly spoke.

“You shouldnt have come.”

As soon as he spoke, thunder rumbled in the sky outside.

Bolts of lightning streaked across the sky, causing the dark clouds that covered the setting sun to flicker.

Wang Baole narrowed his eyes and remained silent.

He turned his head and looked outside the palace hall.

There was a young man dressed in a luxurious robe.

He had already stepped into the palace hall with one foot, but he was hesitant.

He spoke cautiously and softly.

“Father, I…”

This young man was the little five from Wang Baoles memories.

His aura was different from that of the living beings in the city.

He seemed to be more agile.

“Stand down.”Before Little Five could finish speaking, he was interrupted by the mystic dust grand emperor.

He didnt raise his head and spoke coldly.

“Father, I… I want to leave.

I dont want to be here.


“Scram!”The mystic dust grand emperors voice grew louder, and the Thunder in the sky grew even more violent.

Xiaowu was so frightened that his face turned pale.

He instinctively retracted one of his feet that had stepped into the grand hall.

He acted submissively, as if he was suppressing his anger and frustration, his face flushed red.

He glanced at Wang Baole before turning to leave.

Wang baole furrowed his brows slightly.

He stared at Xiaowus back.

He had a feeling that his existence in the dream was a little strange.

“Fellow Daoist, no matter what your intentions are in your dream, you are not welcome here.

Are you leaving or not”The moment Wang Baole turned to look at Little Fives back, a cold voice filled with killing intent rang out from behind him.

Sitting there, the Great Emperor Xuan Chen, who had his head lowered, slowly raised his head.

His gaze seemed to contain thunder as he stared coldly at Wang Baole.

Wang Baole turned his head and looked at Emperor Xuanchen.

He furrowed his brows again.

He had thought that this was Emperor Xuanchens dream.

What he saw now was indeed in line with his guess.

However… little five just now.., he was more agile than the other living beings.

Whose Dream Is This Wang Baole narrowed his eyes.

He thought for a moment, then cupped his fists and bowed to Emperor Xuanchen.

“Sorry to disturb you.”With that, he turned and left.

The mystic dust grand emperors gaze was fixed on Wang Baole.

It was only after Wang Baole had completely disappeared that he slowly retracted his gaze.

He lowered his head again and stared at the bamboo slip in his hand, not moving an inch.

At that moment, outside the imperial palace, in the alleyway that few people noticed, the hungover middle-aged man, who had been woken up by the rain and turned to sleep, was muttering.

“Why is it raining again, disturbing your grandfathers beautiful dream…”

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