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Top 5 Best Places to play Poker

The popularity of poker games has grown rapidly and the game is familiar in al countries. It has reach in Europe, Asia and America. The popularity of poker games have even reached far flung areas. There are many places specialized for playing poker. Some poker sites are casinos where other casino type games are also offered. However there are some sites like OnlinePoker.com are specially reserved for poker and such sites is a poker player’s paradise.

The main sites in the world for playing poker are Dublin in Ireland, San Jose in Costa Rica, Los Angeles, Barcelona and Macau.

Dublin is a place which has a rich tradition for poker. The game is in the blood of the locals who live there and the city is the hoisting place to major tournaments. , any big championships are hoisted here and it is the breeding ground of many different versions of the game. The biggest band for your buck tournament is held here. There are several knocking out tournaments held and these are exciting arenas.

1 dublin gambling Top 5 Best Places to play Poker

San Jose is a destination for poker and it offers some adventure for the gamers. Gambling is approved by the government in this country. The reason is that the government gets a lot of money as income from these gambling sites. Since it is legal there are lots of casinos that offer poker games. Games with the highest of price money are hoisted in this small country and it is also an area of adventure sports. Adventure sports and poker games are what attract people to this area. The place is very beautiful with warm beaches and canopy of trees. You can go for a trekking in the forest or can do a sun bath at the beach. Besides this there are several waterfalls, gardens and volcanoes. There are many orchid gardens which have some rare species of it.

2 san joze poker Top 5 Best Places to play Poker

Los Angeles is one of the best poker sites for US players. It has the world’s largest poker room and it houses hundreds of poker sites. The area is crowded by other famous places like the Disney land Hollywood. People often come here to enjoy the freeway ride and to participate in the challenging special games that are hoisted in Los Angeles poker cafes.

3 los angeles gambling Top 5 Best Places to play Poker

Barcelona is another place which is famous for poker. In addition to this it is famous for its recipes and beautiful beaches.

4 barselona gambling Top 5 Best Places to play Poker

Macau in china is another hotspot for poker where the industry is rapidly expanding.

5 macau gambling Top 5 Best Places to play Poker

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