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Top 20 Deserted and Forgotten Buildings in the Middle of Nowhere

The nature of people is a constant desire for some changes, automobiles, business, city life, but in the end their own homes .. Do you ever wonder what happens to the houses and buildings in which you once lived long ago, one of the answer lies in this interesting but sad story …

 This hut was used as a base in Scott’s Terra Nova Expedition (1911-12). After the party died from extreme cold, starvation, and exhaustion on their return journey to the South Pole, the well-stocked hut they were attempting to reach has been left untouched. [Antarctica]

Forgotten Homes1 Top 20 Deserted and Forgotten Buildings in the Middle of Nowhere

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Snowfall in New York

The emergency relief workers were on their toes with thousands of sandbags filled with snow on Sunday in the area surrounding Buffalo, New York to tackle the situation of flooding as temperatures began to rise, resulting into the melting of up to seven feet (two meters) of snow. 10 people have been killed in western New York because of a heavy snowfall, because of the collapse of the roof had to be evacuated 130 residents of a nursing home in Buffalo. On many routes paralyzed traffic, weather forecasts are disappointing.

Snowfall in New York19 Snowfall in New York

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Scenic Weeny Villages Around The World

Here’s a whole bunch of gorgeous photographs documenting tiny but visually stunning villages around the world. Whether it’s skyscrapers or suburbia that you’re used to, there’s something so magnetic about the simple life on display here.

Pennan, Scotland. Photo by Jim Richardson.

Beautiful Villages Around The World115 Scenic Weeny Villages Around The World

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Stunning Installation of 888,246 Ceramic Poppies Honors Lives Lost in WWI

The stunning installation covers 16 acres, which is roughly equivalent to 250 tennis courts or 16 soccer fields. The clay models were handmade under artist Paul Cummins and the setting was designed by Tom Piper. Teams of volunteers worked day and and night to carefully assemble each flower. Ninety tons of steel was used to create the stems of the poppies, which varied in length from 1m to 50cm, and the structures which made the red flowers look like they were floating over the moat or pouring out of one of the tower’s windows.

Stunning Installation of 888246 Ceramic Poppies Honors Lives Lost in WWI9 Stunning Installation of 888,246 Ceramic Poppies Honors Lives Lost in WWI

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Top 10 Mediterranean Destinations

For the Europeans an upcoming summer usually means a trip to the Mediterranean region, which encompasses various countries and cultures. Numerous resorts will suite every taste: nightlife lovers will find their haven in Majorca, the beach lovers will retreat in Santorini or Menorca, while gourmets will be pleased with Corsican treats. Take a look at the list and pick your next vacation destination.

1. Santorini, Greece

Mediterranean Destinations10 Top 10 Mediterranean Destinations

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Amazing Photos of Abandoned Places

When you see the views from some of these rooms, you’ll be wondering why you don’t spend more time in dilapidated houses. There’s something about how the decrepitude of the walls frame the windowpanes and really make the beautiful nature scenes on the other side of them pop like a Rose Period Picasso against a boring gray backdrop. The photography is done by an Australian photographer who posts the pictures under the name Urbexography. Their eye for the perfect abandoned homes to take these photos in is truly remarkable. It’s hard to say exactly what Urbexography’s work will make you feel, but you’ll feel it, that’s for sure.

Amazin Photos of Abandoned Places19 Amazing Photos of Abandoned Places

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Top 10 Places to Celebrate Halloween

Only a week left before the All Saints’ Day, the eve of which the whole night will be the leitmotif of the horror stories, locks, lighting of pumpkins, candles and cobweb, and people in costumes of heroes and monsters of horror films will fill the streets. Halloween having Celtic and Anglo-Saxon origin, was a huge spread and is traditionally celebrated in many countries on 31 October. Bangkok or Transylvania, France, the United States or Mexico, do not forget to look to England, Germany and Italy – you have already made ​​a choice, “your money or your life?” “Help yourself, or you will regret!» Trick-or-treat.

 Evora, Portugal 

Here is one of the chapel in the world that inspire fear. Just here you can start celebrating Halloween in Portugal. Built from the bones of more than 5,000 people, Capela dos Ossos, which in Portuguese means “Chapel of Bones,” was built in the XVI century and is located near the church of St. Francis. The inscription “We bones that are here, expect your arrival” at the entrance and the phrase on the roof, “Better the day of death than the day of birth” can scare even the most fearless.

Places to celebrate Halloween10 Top 10 Places to Celebrate Halloween

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Stunning Birds-Eye Views Of Amazing Places From Around The World

Even if you travel by airplane frequently, it’s doubtful that you’ve even gotten a real birds eye view of a city. With all of the pollution, weather, looping flight paths and aisle seats, your views may have been obstructed. This Reddit user gathered together some of the most impressive aerial views of cities around the world, giving people a brand new way to look at these amazing places. They’re probably nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. Wow.

Male, Malpes

Stunning Birds Eye Views Of Amazing Places From Around The World20 Stunning Birds Eye Views Of Amazing Places From Around The World

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Top 15 Amazing Abandoned Churches Around The World

Though churches are normally places where people gather for spiritual fellowship, confession, or for quiet contemplation, these sacred spaces have been abandoned to the elements, their naves and pews standing silent and empty. Nonetheless, they still have a haunting beauty which comes through in these awesome photos.

15. Mavrovo, Macedonia

Beautiful Abandoned Churches15 Top 15 Amazing Abandoned Churches Around The World

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The most Beautiful Places on Earth

As Lonely Planet turns 40 this year, the publisher has picked the most magnificent sights across the globe to be included in a new book entitled Beautiful World, which contains more than 200 images and aims to inspire readers to see the world as they have never seen it before.

The sardine run – Eastern Cape, South Africa

The sardine run – Eastern Cape South Africa The most Beautiful Places on Earth

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