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Marvelous Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls  is a waterfall of Havasu Creek, located in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. It is within Havasupai tribal lands.Havasu Falls is known throughout the world and has appeared in numerous magazines and television shows, and is often included in calendars that feature incredible waterfalls or beautiful scenery. Visitors from all over the world make the trip to Havasupai primarily for Havasu Falls.

Marvelous Havasu Falls14 Marvelous Havasu Falls

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Top 19 Haunting Underworld Photos of Abandoned Caves

Speleology opened our wonderful world of the underworld, full of mysterious and majestic beauty. Present to you a selection of photos taken in 19 different caves of the world, each of which has its own interest and is famous among cavers world.

Fingal’s Cave, Scotland

Haunting Images of Caves19 Top 19 Haunting Underworld Photos of Abandoned Caves

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Most Beautiful River Canyons… Verdon Gorge, France

The Verdon Gorge is a river canyon that is often considered to be one of Europe’s most beautiful. It is about 25 kilometres long and up to 700 metres deep. It was formed by the Verdon River, which is named for its startling turquoise-green colour, one of the location’s distinguishing characteristics. The most impressive part lies between the towns of Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, where the river has cut a ravine to a depth of 700 metres through the limestone mass. At the end of the canyon, the Verdon River flows into the artificial lake of Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon . Enjoy 23 of some of the most beautiful photos of this magical place on Earth.

Beautiful River Canyons23 Most Beautiful River Canyons... Verdon Gorge, France

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Road tripping Top Gear style

Inspiration for that next vacation can come from almost anywhere – so why not take a few tips from the well-travelled and infamous Top Gear crew and get planning?  With plenty of episode specials covering various destinations across the world, there are many different road trips an adventurer might consider.  However, a trip around Europe is something truly special, as the presenters of the program discovered when they made a Top Gear special on the best roads in Europe (Series 10, Episode 1).

Finding the right vehicle

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26 Places of Italy, Which is Really Worth Seeing

If you are planning a trip to Italy, be sure to include these scenic spots in your itinerary!

26. Cala Dogana Levanzo

places of Italy26 26 Places of Italy, Which is Really Worth Seeing

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31 Most Beautiful Midget Villages Around The World

Here’s a whole bunch of gorgeous photographs documenting tiny but visually stunning villages around the world. Whether it’s skyscrapers or suburbia that you’re used to, there’s something so magnetic about the simple life on display.

Manarola, Italy. 

Beautiful Villages World31 31 Most Beautiful Midget Villages Around The World

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The 20 Locks on the Water or the Beautiful Castle Moats

Moat – a deep, wide ditch surrounding structure or settlement, or used as a field engineer obstacles. Typically, ditches escaped around fortresses, castles and other fortifications, as part of a defensive system and were often filled with water. They impede access to the castle walls, including siege weapons such as ram or siege tower. An important property of a water-filled ditch – to prevent undermining.

House architect Charles Seeger, Miami, Florida, USA

Locks on the water or the beautiful castle moats20 The 20 Locks on the Water or the Beautiful Castle Moats

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Picturesque Italian Cities

To start the holiday period many of our compatriots are chosen as a place to stay beautiful Italy. For those who can not be surprised bustle of the eternal city of Rome and Milan shopping our selection of the most cozy Italian cities on the coast. I think you would not refuse to live in any of these towns of Italy. There’s a calm, picturesque, sunny and these cities are near the azure sea. Simply paradise!

Picturesque Italian Cities9 Picturesque Italian Cities

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Magic Beauty Of Brilliant Beaches

A beach is a landform along the shoreline of an ocean, sea, lake, or river. It usually consists of loose particles, which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, or cobblestones. The particles comprising the beach are occasionally biological in origin, such as mollusc shells or coralline algae. Enjoy the pictures of these 20 brilliant beach!

Wineglass Bay (Tasmania, Australia)

Brilliant Beaches20 Magic Beauty Of Brilliant Beaches

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The 30 Ingenious Designs Infinity Pools

It’s a hot, dry summer right now in America, so we’ll go globetrotting to stare at mind-blowingly beautiful infinity pools. Each ultra-modern design is a soothing slice of paradise and leaves us longing. Wow, I wish, life is good, and heavenly all sum up these incredible infinity pool views that combine the best of man-made and nature. Cool off and enjoy!

Modern Mansion Design. “We all live in suspense, from day to day, from hour to hour; in other words, we are the hero of our own story,” quote by Mary McCarthy

Infinity Pools30 The 30 Ingenious Designs Infinity Pools

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